My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 490

“You don’t understand.” Herbert Ken shook his head, still reluctant to come out from under the desk. Instead of letting his daughter see his ghastly face now, he would rather die alone. Let her continue to believe that he had died many years ago, so that she would always remember the positive, heroic image of him. He wanted to be her eternal hero! He was a coward now. The thought of his daughter’s possibly frightened look, and her contempt if she were to see him this way, made him afraid of confronting her. Just like in the recent days, he had watched her from a distance and guarded her. He was contented as long as she was safe and healthy. But that wasn’t enough for him after all. When he watched her from afar, he wanted to hear her voice. When he heard her voice, he wanted to hug her. It was part of being human, we would never be satisfied with the status quo. Whenever a wish gets fulfilled, we would immediately create a new wish to hope for. Seeing his father like this, George Ken was overcome with despair. He continued, “Dad, please come out first and please believe in me. Now, with such advancement in medical technology, we shall go overseas where I will find you a good cosmetic surgeon to restore your face. “George, can I really regain my original appearance? Is it really possible?” Herbert repeated the question several times. If it weren’t for the fact that he wanted to reconcile with his daughter, his current appearance didn’t really matter to him. However, he yearned to see his daughter. He wanted to hear his daughter call him ‘dad’ in her pleasant voice. He wanted to hold his daughter in his arms and tell her that she was his daughter. His enemy was now dead, and now his daughter was his only reason to live. “Dad, it’s definitely possible.” George helped Herbert up and said, “When your face is restored, we will tell Karen.” “Can I really reunite with Karen? Will she be willing to accept me?” Herbert was still not confident. “Dad, you should know, she has often asked me about you. She always said how good it would be if she could meet you.” After a pause, George continued, “She grew up in the Daly family, and Samuel didn’t treat them well. Had it not for Charlie’s protection, I’m afraid Samuel would have sent Karen away long ago.” “I feel guilty for them, I failed to rescue them from that misery. If I had come back then and took them away, her mother would not be forced to jump off a building to commit suicide. Karen would not be treated as a traitor and be used as a pawn.” Herbert was furious when mentioned about this matter. He had known that Karna was his own child, but for years, he didn’t come to rescue them because he didn’t want to be controlled by Samuel Daly. When he finally made up his mind to take them home, someone plotted against him. “Dad, it’s not your fault. We all know that you loved them. If you hadn’t encountered that car accident and become disfigured, you would have exhausted all means to bring them home.” George was still young that time, but he remembered vividly about his father’s demeanour. Herbert continued sadly, “That’s not an excuse. In short, it’s I who made them suffer because I was useless then. If I were capable, I wouldn’t have let her mother suffer for so many years. I couldn’t save them.” Herbert had always known that Karna was his daughter. It was Samuel and the Gook family who had sent Karen’s mother to him, in hopes of using her to threaten him to work for them. He was still too young that time. For his reputation and ideals, he refused to be threatened by them and went on his own way After that, Samuel had helped the fake Old Master of Kyle family get rid of Herbert, all because he didn’t cooperate with them to do their dirty work. But he didn’t know who had wanted to get rid of him that time. After years of investigation, he found that the real person who had wanted to kill him was not the Gook family or the Daly family, but the Old Master of Kyle family, who was hiding in the shadows. It took him many years to assemble the evidence to prove that the Old Master of the Kyle family was the one who wanted to get rid of him. After that, he began to plan for revenge. Who would have thought that when everything was ready and he could use his methods to get rid of the old man, the old master turned out to be an impostor. There was no need for him to take action. The identity of his enemy had been exposed. Just as he was trying to find a way to meet his enemy in the prison of Chatterton Town’s military base, he heard the news that his enemy had died. He couldn’t do anything in time. The person who had made his life miserable had died so easily. In a fit of anger, he captured the most innocent Mia to take revenge. At that time, he was blinded by hatred. He only wanted to avenge himself and his daughter, but he had forgotten that his action was no difference from Warren Silas’s. Every time he thought of the injuries he had inflicted on Mia and how she had nearly died, Herbert was worried and scared. He stammered worriedly, “George, I have done something so terrible. If Karen were to find out, she would never forgive me. So it’s better not to tell her, I don’t want to ruin my heroic image in her mind.” “Dad, do you understand or not? No matter how you look like, you’re still her father. As the saying goes, we learn from our mistakes and repent… she won’t blame you.” However, George was also unsure when it came to this. “No, no, no… Don’t tell her. As long as you ask her to come home regularly, I will secretly watch her and listen to her voice, that’s enough for me.” Herbert backed off once more. He was contented just to be able to listen to his beloved daughter’s voice and secretly watch her. He had once thought that in this life, he could only live in darkness. He had never thought that he could see his own son again and watch his daughter in close proximity. He was contented to know that his daughter regarded him as a hero in her heart Once, he had also felt that he was a hero. He used to work in the government. Many people wanted to bribe him, but he had never accepted any of them. Through his actions, he wanted to lead by example, In the past, he could proudly regard himself as a hero. But that car accident destroyed everything. In order to survive, he had drunk from sewage, eaten rotten food from the trash cans, and slept in dark, haunted houses He even battled with the rats for a home…

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