My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 491

In the past, he had hovered at the edge of life and death for more than once. A wrong step, would send him into the abyss and he would be doomed forever. In order to survive and to see his child again, Herbert Ken gritted his teeth and found his way back step by step. He had suffered for so many years but the moment he saw his own child and heard her voice, all the past sufferings became worthwhile. He had asked himself before, if this was really worth it. At the same time, he gave himself a very firm answer. It’s worth it! “Dad, as long as we don’t say anything about Mia’s kidnapping, no one will know about it.” For the sake of his family, George decided to be selfish and conceal the crime. Karen was now a member of the Kyle family. If she knew that Mia’s kidnapper was her own father, how could she face the Kyle family? Therefore, he had to find a good cosmetic surgeon as soon as possible and help his father restore his face, so that his father could reconcile with Karen. “George, I.” Not saying anything and pretending that nothing had happened, this was something Herbert didn’t want to do. He did not want to lie to Karen as George had suggested. “Dad, please listen to me just this once. You are not doing it for yourself, but for Karen. She loves Kevin very much, and she will live with the Kyle family for the rest of her life. We will be relieved after telling her the truth, but what about her?” This time, George did not let Herbert finish his words. “I… Herbert admitted that George was right. “Dad, you don’t have to think about anything now. Just recuperate at home. I’ll find you a doctor. Once I find a suitable one, I’ll find ways to get you a passport.” “Okay.” Herbert couldn’t refute George. He sighed and nodded. It was alright if he couldn’t restore his original appearance. He only hoped that he could go out to meet the others without scaring them away, especially his daughter, Karen and his granddaughter, Little Karen. George added, “Dad, don’t call Karen and send her gifts anymore. You’ve called her but didn’t speak to her. She doesn’t know who you are and this will only scare her.” “I won’t do that again.” Previously, he had missed his daughter so much that he only thought of hearing her voice. He didn’t realize that his action would frighten her. George added, “Dad, you rest for a while now. You can watch these videos any time you want, whenever you miss Karen. No one can take her away from you.” “I still want to watch for a while.” As he looked at Karen’s face on the computer screen, Herbert reached out and gently stroked her face with his rough fingers. “Karen, daddy loves you so much.” Upon hearing this, George was overcome with emotions. His father had nightmares every night. In his dream, he would shout their names – George and Karen, asking them to run away.. Thinking of this, George took a deep breath and suppressed his emotions. Then he turned around and went out. Rovio had grown rapidly over the past few years. Its businesses were expanding. Although Rovio had many talented employees to lessen Kevin Kyle’s workload, there were still some matters which required his attention and decisions. As the top executive in Rovio, Kevin could really be caught up in projects from the beginning to the end of the year. However, no matter how busy he was, he would find time for his child. Now, Karen Daly, whom he had been waiting for so many years, had returned. In order to have more time with her, Kevin would rush home at any chance when he had a break from his work and appointments. Today, he had a business discussion for an important project in a neighbouring city. After the work was done, the partners invited him to a dinner at the best restaurant in the city Kevin didn’t like to eat out, but he still had to entertain his partners occasionally, so he decided to attend this dinner. At the table, the leader of the other company picked up a glass of wine and stood up. He said with a smile, “Director Kevin, I would like to propose a toast to you first. I look forward to a good collaboration with you.” Kevin did not say a word. It was York Tanner, who was next to him, who stood up and said respectfully, “Director Landford, Director Kevin doesn’t drink. Kevin would drink a little occasionally, but he still had to rush home tonight. He didn’t want to smell like alcohol in front of Karen and Little Karen “We have also heard that Director Kevin doesn’t drink. I’ll ask someone to change get a cup of tea for you instead.” The man said as he gave a wink to a young and beautiful woman who was standing a few steps behind Kevin. The woman received the signal and nodded slightly. She immediately approached Kevin. After taking a few steps, she seemed to be tripped by something and plunged straight towards Kevin. York, who was next to Kevin, reacted quickly. He turned around swiftly, reached out and caught the woman firmly before she could touch Kevin. Seeing that York had ruined the plan, the man called Director Landford was furious. But he maintained his smile and said, “Look at you, you are too careless. Fortunately, Assistant Tanner reacted quickly, or you would have crashed onto Director Kevin, then…” “Director Landford!” Kevin, who had been silent all this while, had finally spoken, but his voice was cold. Director Landford bowed and said, “Director Kevin, tell me if you need anything.” Kevin waved. He took a wet towel from his assistant and wiped his hands. Then he said, “Go back and tell your old man. If he really wants to do business with me, come to me personally.” How could Kevin not know Director Landford’s tricks? He hated people who used this tactic to forge an alliance between two companies. “Director Kevin, I… …” When Landford came to his senses, Kevin had already walked away elegantly with his men. Those who were familiar with Kevin should know that this was his baseline, of which one should not cross. The Langford family had been planning for this project for a long time. They had almost completed the preliminary work, and what was left was some details to be sorted out before signing the contract. However, Director Landford managed to create a scene… “Director Kevin, are you going to stay in the hotel or return to Chatterton Town?” York asked as he followed Kevin closely from behind. Kevin did not answer, but York had already known the answer. He ordered the others, “I’ll head back to Chatterton Town.” Even if they had booked a hotel here, if their director said that they would go back to Chatterton Town, then they had to obey This was because Kevin’s home was in Chatterton Town. No matter where he had gone to, he would miss his special one at home, and he knew that she would be waiting for his return. When he got home, it was almost dawn. When Kevin entered the yard and looked up, he saw that the lights in their bedroom were still on. He knew that Karen was waiting for him.

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