My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 492

 Karen Daly called Kevin Kyle in the afternoon. After he said that he was busy with his work, she did not call him again. She didn’t call him again because she didn’t want to distract his work, not because she didn’t care. However, every time she would wait for him to return at home. It was like this every time, there was no exception. Therefore, Kevin would go home no matter how late it was. How could he bear to let Karen wait for him the whole night? When he saw the lights in the bedroom, the tiredness he felt from a whole day of work disappeared in an instant. The corners of his mouth turned upwards slightly, and his pace quickened. He wished to appear in front of Karen quickly When Kevin walked to the door of the main building, Karen was also walking towards him. She was wearing some pink cartoon pajamas, which was matching with Little Karen’s. The dim light shone on her face, making her look alluring. “Why aren’t you sleeping yet?” He asked with a doting smile on his face. Karen did not answer him. Instead, she hooked on his arm and said, “You’ve been busy for the whole day, please sleep in a hotel if you can in the future.” Kevin rubbed her head, smiled gently and said, “If I were to sleep in a hotel for the night, you would wait for me for the whole night.” Karen glared at him, “I’m not a fool. If you call and inform me that you can’t come back, I won’t wait for you then.” Kevin suddenly stopped, held her face and said earnestly, “But without you by my side, I can’t fall asleep.” He didn’t know when he had developed such a habit. Without Karen sleeping next to him, and if he couldn’t see her the first thing in the morning, he couldn’t sleep soundly anymore. Looking at Kevin’s affectionate eyes, Karen blushed again. She lowered her gaze and asked, “Have you had dinner?’ “I didn’t eat.” Moments after he sat down at the dining table, his appetite was ruined, so he didn’t eat anything just now, and left with his men. “What do you want to eat? I’ll prepare for you.” “Noodles.” Kevin still remembered when they just got married, Karen had cooked noodles for him once, and it tasted good “Then you go upstairs and take a shower first. When you’re done, the meal should be ready.” “Let’s do it together.” Kevin would not be hungry even if he did not have a meal. He just missed the days when they made meals together. “Okay then, you wash the vegetables.” “Okay.” So the couple, one in charge of washing the vegetables and the other in charge of boiling water and preparing the seasoning. Not long after, a bowl of delicious noodles was ready Karen looked at Kevin expectantly and said, “I haven’t cooked this for a long time. I don’t know how it will taste like.” Kevin said, “The dishes made by my wife must be delicious.” Karen smiled and said, “Then you should eat more.” Kevin was eating the noodles while Karen sat opposite him, watching him quietly. No matter how long had passed, even if this man was already a father to a four-year-old kid, his lifestyle habits had not changed. Every morning when she opened her eyes, she would see him sitting by the window and reading the newspaper, just like the morning after they got married. Watching him, Karen’s mind wandered into the distant past. When she was almost lost in her thoughts, she heard Kevin’s voice, “Karen, you went to George’s place today. Is there anything wrong?” Karen shook her head in a daze. “Nothing.” “If you need my help, just tell me.” He was worried that Karen was too shy to ask him for help. Karen blinked her eyes and said with a smile, “He didn’t say anything. He just made a dish for me.” Kevin asked, “He cooked?” Karen said, “You also think it’s incredible, don’t you? I think so too. This lazy man suddenly became diligent. If I hadn’t seen him as healthy as a bull, I would have thought that he was ill.” Kevin had been investigating the Mystery Person for a while now. As soon as he heard about George’s abnormal behaviour, he immediately linked it to the Mystery Person A person who hated cooking before, had suddenly cooked for Karen. This had triggered Kevin’s suspicion. “Kevin, what are you thinking about?” Karen raised her hand and waved it in front of him. “Did he tell you anything else?” Kevin grabbed her hand and asked. “We didn’t talk much. Just chatting about daily life.” “Invite him over more often when he has time. Little Karen likes him.” Kevin did not ask anymore questions. If he asked too much, Karen would be suspicious. He had some doubts and he just needed to ask someone to check them out. Karen returned to the bedroom with Kevin. Little Karen, who had been asleep, sat up, and her big eyes filled with fear. “Baby!” Karen hurried over and hugged the insecure Little Karen. She patted her back gently. “Don’t be afraid. Mom and dad are both here.” “Mommy…” It took Little Karen some time to react. She plunged into her mother’s arms and clutched her mother’s clothes tightly with her small hands. “Little Karen, daddy is here too.” Kevin hugged them both, and reached out a hand to rub Little Karen’s head. Little Karen raised her head, blinked her big teary eyes, and said softly, “Dad, don’t leave me alone.” Perhaps it was because Brother Lionel had suddenly left, therefore she had no sense of security. She felt as if people would leave her at any time. “Little Karen, you are our most precious baby. How could we abandon you?” Kevin picked her up and kissed her little face. “I was only working. After work, I will definitely come back to accompany you.” Little Karen blinked her big eyes but she was a bit skeptical. It was because Brother Lionel had said the same thing to her too, but he had left in the end. She was really scared. She was afraid that her father and mother would also be like Brother Lionel. When she opened her eyes one day, she would never see them again. “Little Karen, trust me.” Kevin hugged his daughter tightly while gently patted her on the back to try and give her some strengths and a sense of security. Little Karen pouted and said, “Dad, you can’t lie to me.” Kevin nodded firmly and said, “I won’t lie to you.” It took a long while to coax Little Karen back to sleep. Karen looked at Kevin with a sudden look of concern and said, “I’m sorry!” Kevin said, “Are you silly? Why did you apologize?” “You were so busy at work, yet you still have to coax out child when you get home.” Karen sniffled and blamed herself, “I can’t even take good care of our child at home.”

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