My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 493

 “Right, you’re useless!” Instead of persuading Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle played along with her. Karen pressed her lips together and was about to cry “I have just coaxed Little Karen to sleep. Do you want me to coax you too?” Kevin held her in his arms and said gently, “You’re silly, you don’t even know that you’re the source of my strength.” There was no need for her to do anything. All she needed to do was to stay by his side, and this would give him the strength to do anything. “No, I’m not!” She thought she often childish in front of Kevin, yet Kevin saw her with such significance, Karen felt a little embarrassed. Kevin smiled and said, “Yes or no, it’s up to me.” Karen got even more embarrassed. She escaped from his arms and went to fetch his clothes. “Go take a shower. I’ll get your pajamas.” Kevin pulled her back and said, “You can rest first. I’ll do it myself.” Karen insisted, “I’ll help you.” Kevin raised his eyebrows and said while smiling, “Are you waiting to shower together? Karen was speechless She just wanted to take care of him seeing that he was exhausted. What was he even thinking? She suddenly felt quite annoyed by him! What should she do? “Well, you stay with Little Karen so that she feels safe.” Kevin hugged and kissed her. Then he turned to get his pajamas. All his employees had the weekends to rest, but not for Kevin. He arrived home late last night and went to bed very late. But he still got up very early the next morning. After having breakfast with his family, he proceeded to the study room to work. He had non-stop phone calls, and then video conferences. He stayed in the study room for two hours, and did not stop for a moment. He was like a robot, not knowing what tiredness meant. Little Karen’s Taekwondo class was still on-going, and Karen continued to accompany her for the training. Both mother and daughter made great progress. The coach would always praise Little Karen for her talent. Even though she was small, she could master each move very quickly. With her talent, she would definitely become a master of Taekwondo in the future. Upon hearing the coach’s compliment on Little Karen, Karen was so happy that she hugged Little Karen and kissed her again and again. However, Little Karen was still down. She rarely spoke, and it was difficult to see her smile. “Little Karen..” Karen wanted to ask if she was thinking about Brother Lionel, but she swallowed back what she was about to say What if Little Karen wasn’t thinking about Brother Lionel then her words would trigger Little Karen to think of him and be sad again. Karen picked the sweaty Little Karen up and said, “Let me bathe you first. After that, I’ll take you and your little sister, Momo, out to play, okay?” “No.” Little Karen shook her little head. It seemed that she was not interested in going out to play at all. There was nothing Karen could do. After bathing Little Karen, she let her play with Momo on her own. Then, Karen came to Kevin for a discussion. “Kevin, didn’t you mention about child adoption before?” Kevin raised his head from a pile of documents and asked, “What’s wrong?” Karen said, “Let’s adopt a child to keep Little Karen company.” Kevin said, “Have you thought about it?” Karen nodded and said, “If she has a companion, she may forget Brother Lionel, and she won’t be unhappy all day.” Kevin thought for a moment and said, “Okay, I’ll ask someone to scout for a suitable child.” Karen said with dissatisfaction, “Kevin, if we are going to adopt a brother for Little Karen, shouldn’t we go to the welfare home personally?” Kevin said, “My people will find a suitable child and check all details of his background. Little Karen is our daughter, I won’t just get anyone to be her companion.” In Kevin’s mind, they were only looking for a playmate for Little Karen, he felt that there was no need to go to the welfare home to look for the child personally. Karen glared at him and turned to leave. For the first time, she found that she couldn’t communicate properly with this man. In her opinion, they should personally meet the potential child up for adoption. First of all, she had to see the child’s character. She had to know whether he was easy to get along with or not, and at the same time, let the child know that they were serious about the adoption. However, Kevin saw it as work, he treated it as one of his projects at the office which he could delegate to his staff. How could she not be angry with him? Karen walked to the door, she was about to reach for the doorknob when she was dragged into Kevin’s arms. He rubbed her head, “Are you angry?” Karen punched him hard on the chest and pushed him away. “Kevin, I don’t want to talk to you now. Let go of me.” She was really angry. Kevin said, “Okay, I’ll go to the welfare home with you. But I have just sent an email to Assistant Tanner. Let’s give them some time to arrange. We’ll go after lunch.” It was like this every time, when Karen was so angry that she planned to ignore him, he would coax her back to happiness like this. He had such a melodious and charming voice. Back then, the reason why she agreed to marry him so quickly was not only his good looks, but a big part of the reason was his voice too. She felt blessed to share the same bed with this dream man of hers, both good-looking and pleasant sounding! After lunch, Kevin accompanied Karen to the welfare home. Because they had made an appointment, the dean of the welfare home and a group of staff had been waiting for their arrival at the entrance. The welcome Kevin and Karen received was very grand! It was grander than what the welfare home inspection leaders would even receive. “Director Kevin, the children are taking a nap now. Why don’t we go and have a look at their details first? If you’re satisfied, we’ll bring them to you when they wake up after their nap.” Kevin did not answer. Instead, he looked at Karen, and she said, “Dean, do you have any boys, around ten years of age in your welfare home?” Karen had taken all aspects into consideration in order to find Little Karen a brother. The age gap shouldn’t be too big, as not every child would treat Little Karen like how Brother Lionel did. If the age gap was too close, they might fight with each other often for attention. That would not do. Karen thought that a child at ten years old was the most suitable. He should be able to understand a lot of things and could take care of Little Karen. They should be able to get along well with each other. “There are only two children around ten years old here. Unfortunately, one of the children is a deaf-mute, and the other has learning disabilities.” The dean didn’t know of Karen’s identity, so he didn’t dare to address her. He just spoke to her with a smile. Most people who came to adopt a child, would choose those who were younger in age. The younger the children, the easier it was for them to be adopted. Generally, the older children were not top choices for adoptive parents. The dean wasn’t sure if the ultra-rich Kevin might have a different view, as they wanted to adopt an older child. Since they didn’t find a suitable child in the first welfare home, Kevin accompanied Karen to the second, and then the third one… After visiting the fourth welfare home, they still hadn’t found the right child. When Karen left the welfare home, she walked glumly in front of Kevin. Kevin called her name, but she didn’t reply When the driver pulled over to pick them up, there was a strong smell of gasoline coming from the car. She suddenly felt a churn in her stomach and it was so uncomfortable that it made her gag. She was about to vomit.

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