My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 494

Kevin took a few steps forward and held Karen. He said worriedly, “Karen, what’s wrong? Let’s go to the hospital to get a check-up.” “Don’t worry, I’m fine..” As soon as she spoke, Karen’s stomach churned again. She covered her mouth and wanted to vomit again. However, when she did, nothing came out. “Have some water.” Kevin took a bottle of mineral water and opened it before handing it to Karen. After taking two sips of water, her stomach got a little better, but the nausea didn’t disappear. After a few seconds of rest, she wanted to vomit again. “I’m fine.” Looking at Kevin’s worried eyes, she tried her best to hold her pain back and gave him a reassuring smile. She didn’t want him to worry about her. However, she felt really unwell. She began to vomit again and broke out in cold sweat. “Let’s go to the hospital.” Kevin did not care if Karen agreed or not, so he grabbed her by the waist and picked her up. After getting into the car, he ordered the driver to rush to the hospital. She could no longer smell the gasoline inside the car, since the air conditioning was switched on, and hence she felt much better. However, as she had vomited too much just now, she had no strength at all. She lay softly in Kevin’s arms. She rubbed Kevin’s arms like a child and whispered, “It was just an upset stomach, but now I’m feeling much better. I don’t need to go to the hospital.” “It’s okay. Let’s go to the hospital anyway.” Kevin kissed her forehead and lifted her face to look at her. He added, “Karen, I know you’re worried about Little Karen, but you can’t be in a rush to adopt a brother for her. Adoption is a tricky and long process that takes time and some luck.” He touched her heart gently and spoke in a soft voice, “Put down your worries, and concentrate on your design work.” “I know.” Karen knew this, but Little Karen was her daughter. How could she not worry about her? “Don’t think so much. You should take care of your own work, and leave the rest to me.” Kevin’s voice sounded gentle, but he was also assertive. “I will try not to think too much then.” Karen nestled in Kevin’s arms once again, with her ears close to his heart as she listened to his rhythmic heartbeat. With him by her side and being held tightly in his arms, it was like they were one. What a blessing this was! Soon, they arrived at Rovio Hospital. The hospital was under the main Rovio umbrella. On the way here, Kevin had already contacted the hospital management. As soon as they reached, medical staff were already on standby. They knew that Karen presented symptoms of nausea and vomiting, so they took her to the Gastrointestinal department for a check-up, but the doctor said there was nothing wrong. The doctor was just letting Kevin know that Karen was fine. At the same time, Karen was triggered by a sudden scent and she vomited again. Kevin quickly patted on Karen’s back to calm her down. At the same time, they looked at each other and thought about something else. Karen was pregnant! In the past, when Karen was pregnant with Little Karen, she had vomited a lot too. She seemed to be in the same condition as she was today. However, it had been a long time since that happened, so they couldn’t remember it, and associate the symptoms. Kevin’s first reaction when she saw that Karen was unwell was that she was too worried and too tired, hence she vomited out of fatigue and anxiety. Now, the doctor said that there was no problem with her stomach, which meant that her symptoms were very likely to be caused by something else. Kevin and Karen thought about the possibility of being pregnant at the same time. After Kevin and Karen agreed to have another child, they did not use any contraceptives when they had sex, so there was a very high chance that she was pregnant. The two of them looked at each other and did not speak for a while. They both felt a mix of emotions. Karen had always wanted another child with Kevin. She wanted to raise the child with Kevin and not miss any moment in their child’s growth anymore. When she thought that she might be pregnant, she was so excited that she didn’t know how to react. She just looked at Kevin quietly, hoping that he could confirm that she was really pregnant with their child again. However, Kevin did not answer her. He was looking at her quietly, and she could not even understand what he was thinking about Kevin was also happy and excited, but it was different from Karen’s emotions. There were some mixed feelings in his happiness. He was happy that Karen could bear their child again, but he was worried because he didn’t want her to suffer again while he watched helplessly. “I..” After the symptoms subsided, Karen took Kevin’s hand and touched her lower abdomen. She asked carefully, “Kevin, do you think so?” Karen was so worried that this was just an illusion. She was so worried that this was a false alarm. She really wanted to have another child. “Let’s go to the Gynaecology department and check it out.” Kevin’s hand gently stroked over Karen’s lower abdomen, then he lowered his head to kiss her forehead. “Whatever the outcome, we’ll be ready.” Karen looked at him with anticipation. “I hope it’s true.” “Even if it is not true now, it will be true in the future.” Although they did not know the results, Kevin needed to assure Karen first “I think it’s true this time,” Karen repeated. However, Kevin did not answer and hugged her tightly In the early stages of pregnancy, the simplest, most convenient and accurate way to find out was to have a urine test. Karen had done such a pregnancy test before, and she still remembered the process a little, but she had forgotten the specific details. But it did not matter. They were in a hospital and the doctor would help The doctor briefed them both on the process. Because Kevin was by her side, Karen’s cheeks were flushed, and she didn’t pay attention to what the doctor said. However, Kevin was listening very carefully. Not only did he remember every detail of what the doctor had told him, he also wanted to accompany Karen to the bathroom. Karen shook her head. “It’s just a piece of cake. I can go by myself. I don’t need your help, I really don’t.” “T’ll come with you.” Kevin was firm. “But it’s a ladies’ restroom. How can you accompany me in?” Karen found an excuse. “York, seal the ladies!. No one is allowed to enter.” Kevin turned around and ordered his assistant promptly. How could the president of Rovio make everything such a big deal?

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