My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 495

As soon as Director Kevin spoke, York followed his words. He really sealed off the ladies’ restroom and stood guard outside. Karen Daly pouted her lips helplessly She couldn’t speak anymore. She knew Kevin Kyle was stubborn and persistent with his words. Kevin won the fight and went into the ladies’ room with Karen. There was a big sign letters “LADIES” by the door, but Kevin was not embarrassed at all. He was shameless, but Karen was shy. She stood at the door, bashful, unwilling to go in. “Well, wait for me out here then. I can go in alone.” Kevin looked at her and said casually, “Do you want me to help you?” Karen, “..” “Ah! Ah! Ah!” What kind of man was he. She really wanted to teach him a lesson on boundaries and have him understand her embarassment. It was just a urine test. It’s such a menial task. Karen stared at him fiercely. She was helpless. Normally, Kevin would give way to Karen’s requests, but not today. Karen entered the cubicle, and Kevin followed behind. He really wanted to help her. However, she couldn’t object. Karen wasn’t even sure if she was pregnant yet but Kevin was already so nervous. Karen could only imagine how would he be after this. If she was really pregnant, he might even feed her in future. She would be like a baby. In the end, Kevin really did help Karen. Karen was so shy that she blushed but Kevin could still act oblivious. He held her urine sample and cleaned the tube thoroughly for her. He really did not mind. The doctor was extremely surprised. “I’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, and I really haven’t seen anyone taking the initiative to help the wife before.” She had seen a lot of men come to the hospital with their wives for a check-up, but they were only accompanying them and paying bills. She had never seen anyone willing to help with the wife’s urine test before. Karen lowered her head and didn’t even want to look up at the doctor. Kevin said, “Doctor, please help us with the examination first.” The doctor said with a smile, “You both can wait here for a while. The results will soon come out.” “Karen, don’t worry.” Kevin took her to the side and sat down. Knowing that she was nervous, he kept holding her hand tightly “I’m not worried as long as you’re here.” Karen leaned against Kevin’s arms as they sat and wait. With him by her side and her hands in his, she felt at ease. The test results were ready shortly after. The doctor smiled and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Kyle, congratulations. You’re pregnant.” After a long while, Karen could not believe what she had just heard. She knew that she might pregnant before the results came out, but when the doctor confirmed the news, she was still shocked. She still remembered that when she found out that she was pregnant with Little Karen, she was worried that she had made a mistake. She used a pregnancy stick first to check, then she went to the hospital to confirm it. She was alone throughout the process. Kevin didn’t know, so he didn’t accompany her. Just as she was basking in the joy of pregnancy, the fake Grandpa Kyle had asked her to leave Kevin. She was shocked. She hasn’t even relayed the good news to Kevin yet at that time Today was different. Throughout the entire process, Kevin had been holding her hand. When the doctor announced the results, she was excited and Kevin immediately held her in his arms. They were having a baby again. No matter what, Kevin was by her side. They were both looking forward to the arrival of the child. She looked up and met Kevin’s gentle eyes. Karen moved her lips and wanted to say something, but Kevin spoke first, “Karen, this time, please trust me!” Karen nodded, “I’ve always believed in you.” She had never doubted Kevin’s ability. She always believed in him. What happened in the past was a ploy by others. It was hard for Kevin to defend her since they were in the dark. After confirming that she was pregnant, the doctor did a regular examination on Karen and asked some personal questions. Karen couldn’t answer most of those personal questions, but Kevin could. Whatever the doctor asked, he answered effortlessly. On the way back, Karen kept looking out of the window and was too shy to look back at Kevin. She had always thought that Kevin was the one who was not observant, hence she didn’t expect that he would remember her menstrual cycle well. When the doctor asked about the day when they last had sex, Kevin could report the specific date. Karen was so embarrassed that she wanted to hide in a shell. When Karen was lost in thought, Kevin reached out and put his arm around her waist. He spoke softly, “Turn around and look at me.” She pretended that she didn’t hear him. Kevin touched her belly, “Baby, tell me, what’s your mother so shy about?” “I’m not shy!” Karen did not want him to look down on her. But as soon as she spoke, her face turned even redder. Kevin added, “Baby, mom is lying. You can’t learn this from her.” Karen said, “..” Kevin grinned playfully at Karen, “You are a mother of two children. Why are you still so shy?” Karen muttered, “You think everybody should be as open and shameless as you?” Kevin said, “That is good, right?” Karen stopped bickering with him. “Kevin, don’t tell your family about this yet.” “Don’t worry, Little Karen will accept another baby.” Kevin knew what Karen was worried about. “No matter what, let’s not talk about it first.” Little Karen had just lost her Brother Lionel. If she knew that there was another brother or sister that was going to compete for her parent’s attention, she would be in distraught. Karen must first assure Little Karen that her parent’s love for her would not decrease at all despite the number of children they have As soon as the car stopped at their gate, Kevin received a call from Nick Black Kevin asked Karen to go in first, and then he rushed to Rovio Nick had been leading his team of men to investigate the Mystery Person recently, so when Kevin received a call from him, he knew that there was new information about him. As Kevin expected, Nick found a strand of hair from the place where the Mystery Person lived before, and sent it for DNA testing. Now they could confirm that the Mystery Man was indeed George’s and Karen’s father – Herbert Ken.

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