My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 496

Looking at the DNA report in his hand, Kevin asked with his deep voice, “Have you found out where Herbert Ken is?” Nick Black explained, “We found out that Wilis had worked with him before, but we couldn’t find any proofs of contact between them currently, so we don’t know where he is now.” Kevin put the report down and spoke seriously. “Keep looking for him. The sooner, the better. And I need him safe, so don’t let anything happen to him.” Nick added, “Director Kevin, I’m still a little worried.” Kevin asked, “What are you worried about?” Nick looked at him and responded cautiously, “Previously, when Wilis set a trap for you, you went to the island because you thought that it was Herbert” Nick paid close attention to Kevin’s expression and he continued, “Director Kevin, so many years have passed, but suddenly a dead person appeared. I am worried that there is something fishy in this matter. It’s been 20 years. Perhaps Herbert was no longer the same Herbert anymore. He may be a tool that someone is using to deal with you.” How could Kevin not already have thought of this? However, he had been so caught up with the idea of possibly searching for Karen’s father, Herbert. Karen had never received her father’s love since she was a child. Kevin really wanted to help her find her father and let them reunite. Kevin frowned and did not say anything. His slender fingers gently tapped on the desk rhythmically. Nick did not know if he had heard what he said earlier. Nick added, “Director Kevin, I think you know what I meant earlier. If he remembers Karen, how could he gang up with others to hurt you?” Kevin raised his eyebrows and shot a sharp glance at Nick. “What on earth do you want to say?” “Director Kevin, I just want to say that they may have plotted together to lure you to the uninhabited island and they wanted to kill you. There may be another trap set by them. Please be careful.” Nick was still scarred from the last incident. There were so many people besieging Director Kevin. Their Director Kevin was on the verge of death, and he almost couldn’t come back alive. He couldn’t even imagine what would happen to Rovio if Kevin wasn’t around. Kevin responded coldly, “I have my own plan. No matter what, you’d better find him first. The most important thing is to find him.” “Yes.” Nick nodded respectfully. He had already said what he had to say. He could only hope that Director Kevin would think about his plans carefully. After leaving Rovio, Kevin thought about a lot of things. He called George Ken up and invited him out for a chat. However, just as George was about to leave his house, he opened his door and saw Kevin right in front of him. “Matt- Matthew, why are you here?” George was very surprised. Didn’t they agree to have coffee outside? Why did he suddenly come to his house? “The place we’re heading is not far from here. I just thought of popping by for a visit.” Kevin looked at George and spoke casually “I, ‘ll go tidy up a little first.” George slammed the door shut and immediately rushed back to the study room. “Dad, Kevin is here. Please hide.” Herbert was confused. “Kevin? Why is he here?” “I don’t know. Maybe he found something out.” George turned off all the switches in the room and said, “Dad, don’t make a sound, or he will find you out. He is more powerful than that Old Master Kyle.” “Is he really that scary?” His dad asked. “Dad, you’ve been studying the Kyle family secretly for so many years. Don’t you know what kind of person he is? I’m guessing that he’s here because he heard something from Karen.” George didn’t know why he was afraid of Kevin. He just couldn’t let anyone find out about his father. No matter which side Kevin was on, they were no match for him at all. They needed to play safe. “Dad, I’ll go out first, and please lock the door.” George took a few deep breaths and then went to open the door for Kevin. He smiled and said, “My brother-in-law, I didn’t expect that the powerful director of Rovio would come and visit my humble abode. I am really flattered.” Kevin adjusted his posture and let out a subtle smile, then he said, “Let’s go.” George was confused, “Are you not coming in to sit for a while?” “No. I’d rather go to a cafe.” George’s reaction earlier had already given Kevin the answer he wanted. His purpose of coming here had been achieved, so he didn’t have to enter his house anymore. George heaved a huge sigh of relief when he heard of Kevin’s change of plan. He turned around to look at the study room before he followed Kevin out. George liked coffee but Kevin didn’t, hence they agreed to meet at a coffee house that served both great coffee and tea. The place looked fancy and exquisite. There were not much people around but they reserved a private corner. It was very quiet and it was a great place for a good chat. George said, “Kevin, why did you ask me to come here? What do you want to tell me?” Kevin was emotionless, “Didn’t you have something to say to me?” George’s face was full of confusion. “You asked me out. What do I have to say to you?” Kevin smiled faintly and said, “Really? You can answer me after thinking about it properly.” George was a little uncertain when he saw Kevin’s cold look as he couldn’t even read through his face. Did Kevin look for him today because he knew about his father? George tried hard to read through Kevin’s facial expressions and body language. As a well-known psychiatrist, he could see always through many people’s thoughts, however, he could never see through Kevin’s thoughts, Kevin broke the silence first, “He is Karen’s father, and also my father-in-law. He is my family. I would also want to protect him.” George continued to play dumb, “Matthew, what are you talking about? I don’t understand at all.” Kevin added, “He has been wandering around all these years, so he must have suffered a lot. He must have caused some trouble too. If you want to take care of him, are you sure you can protect his safety?” Kevin did not beat around the bush. George was sure that Kevin knew that his father was in his house. If he had invited Kevin inside without any hesitation, Kevin might not have found out. However, he did not think so much when Kevin arrived. It’s no wonder that Kevin was the leader of Rovio. He was much more observant and careful than everyone else. George knew that Kevin had found out the truth, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it. If he continued to hide it, Kevin couldn’t find any evidence against him. He knew Kevin was not dumb, he was a formidable opponent.

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