My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 497

After deciding not to admit to it, George Ken felt much more relaxed. He picked his cup up and drank slowly. He shrugged and said, “Matthew, I really don’t understand what you’re talking about.” “I want to find your father, I don’t have any other ways to do it. I don’t want anyone else to use him as a bait to hurt Karen.” Kevin Kyle leaned against the chair comfortably as he crossed his legs, and he tapped his fingertips habitually on the table. Herbert Ken did not really mean much to Kevin. Whether he was alive or dead, he didn’t care at all. He was now trying so hard to find Herbert and didn’t want him to get hurt solely because of Karen Daly. He didn’t want to see Karen sad again. If something happened to Herbert and Karen finds out about it… Well, Kevin would not allow that to happen. He always took extra precautions when matters involved Karen “Matthew, our father has passed away for more than 20 years. It’s not like you don’t know about it. George understood what Kevin meant. Kevin was not a nosy person He was only concerned because this person was related to Karen. “If you don’t want to say anything, I won’t make things difficult for you. If you need help, call me up any time.” After speaking, Kevin got up and strode away. As he walked to the door, Kevin stopped for a while and looked back,” trust you have my number.” He said enigmatically. George nodded, then he watched as Kevin left the coffee house. George fell deeply into his thoughts after Kevin left. He knew that it would be much easier for Kevin to help his father get a new identity and to arrange for plastic surgery abroad for him. But Herbert’s heart was not at ease. Kevin was not an easy person to deal with. George could never see through Kevin, so he never knew what he was thinking How could he be rest assured to hand his father over to someone he could never see through? It was already incredible for him that his father, who had allegedly passed away for more than 20 years, showed up alive. This surprised him and made him worried at the same time. George stroked his forehead and heaved a long sigh. He shook his head and told himself not to think too much. No matter what, he would help his father with his new identity and get the surgery done. When Karen Daly got home, she saw that the servants at home were busy packing things up and carrying a few boxes out. She didn’t know what they were doing, Mia Kyle and Little Karen were having fun in the living room. The two of them were having a good time. Karen finally saw a long-lost smile on Little Karen’s face. “Little Aunt, give me the money!” Little Karen’s laughter sounded like music in Karen’s ears. It sounded like she was very happy at this time. Mia responded, “I have not been filming recently. I have no money. When your father comes back, you can ask him for money.” Little Karen shook her little head and said, “I don’t want Daddy’s money!” Mia didn’t understand. “Your father has so much money, Why don’t you want to take his money?” Little Karen said seriously, “Daddy’s money is for me to use when I grow up.” “Hey, you Money- Minded Baby, you’re so little but you already thought of spending Daddy’s money in the future.” Mia pinched Little Karen’s face and held her in his arms. “I’m not a Money-Minded Baby. I’m a little princess.” Little Karen pouted her little mouth and retorted softly. “You are a Money-Minded Baby!” Mia said. “Am not!” “You are!” “No!” The two of them sounded like they were about to fight. Helplessly, Karen shook her head and walked over with a smile. “Little Aunt is messing around with you. You are definitely the treasure of our family!” “Mommy – Seeing her mother, Little Karen threw herself into her mother’s arms and acted like a cute kitten. Karen caught Little Karen’s tiny body. But she was not that that tiny anymore. When she rushed over to Karen, Karen almost couldn’t grab hold of her.. Karen brushed away the flyaway hair on Little Karen’s forehead and said, “Little Karen, you had a good time with Little Aunt, haven’t you?” Little Karen nodded and said, “Little Aunt played games with me. She didn’t pay up!” Karen smiled and said, “Well, so Little Aunt lost but she didn’t pay up. Was she trying to go back on her words?” Mia shouted, “Sister-in-law, how can you talk to Little Karen about me like this?” Although it was true that she did not fulfil her part, but she didn’t deserve to be bashed up in front of Little Karen. Karen looked at Mia. She had experienced so many changes lately, but her character did not change at all. She was still the life of the family and she still remained resilient. Little Karen nodded vigorously, indicating that her mother was right. Mia pretended to cry and said, “Little Karen is bullying me, 1 will leave like Grandpa and Grandma. I don’t want to live with you guys anymore if I get bullied everyday.” “Mom and Dad are leaving? Where are they going?” Karen did not know that they were moving away, so she was very surprised. Mia immediately put on a serious face and said, “Mom’s health is poor, so it’s not suitable for her to live in the city Dad has already asked someone to clean up the villa on Rana Mountain. They will move over there today.” Rana Mountain was also in Chatterton Town. It would take an hour or two to get there by driving. If they needed help, it would be convenient for everyone too. Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle were going to move to the villa there. But Karen didn’t even know about this major change. She blamed herself in her heart. As a daughter-in-law, she was really not doing her part. Karen asked again, “Mia, does your brother know that your parents are going to move?” Mia replied, “Don’t think so. He is so busy and my parents were busy planning too. They didn’t want to trouble him so they probably didn’t say anything.” “Karen, you’re back.” Suddenly, they heard Mama Kyle’s voice, Karen stood up immediately and said, “Mom, are you going to move to the villa on Rana Mountain today?” Mama Kyle nodded, “My health is not a good fit here. Dad will accompany me to live on the mountain.” Mia rushed over and hugged Mama Kyle. “Mom, I’ll go to Rana Mountain with you and Dad.” Mama Kyle pinched the tip of her nose dotingly and said, “You’re a sweet talker. If you live with two old people, you will feel so bored.” “You know me best. Mom.” With Mia’s character, it was indeed impossible for her to stay on the mountain with them. She was just being polite. Mama Kyle hugged Little Karen again and said, “Baby Karen, Grandpa and I will live in the villa on the mountain. Remember to ask your mom and dad to take you there during the weekends.” “Grandma, I will miss you and Grandpa.” Little Karen spoke so sweetly, she could make a heart melt. “Well, good girl!” If it wasn’t for her physical condition, Mama Kyle would absolutely not leave. If she could see her granddaughter everyday and give her all her love, how great would that be.

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