My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 499

“Kristine, if you betray me..” Mr. Wilis grabbed Kristine Daly’s chin and raised her head towards him to make her look at him. He spoke slowly. “I will bring you down to hell with me.” “Then I’ll have to thank you in advance. Thank you for not abandoning me!” Kristine raised her hand and patted on Mr. Wilis’ shoulder. She smiled slightly and said, “You are still the kindest of person to me. You won’t even forget to take me with you even if you die. Unlike Charlie, that damned man.” At the mention of Charlie Gook’s name, Kristine shook her head sadly. “In the blink of an eye, he has been dead for so many years.” As she spoke, Kristine’s frown turned into a smile. “I have been thinking, when I was hitting him to death, what was he thinking at his last moment? Did he also thinking about dragging me with him? If he told me, I will surely accompany him.” Mr. Wilis suddenly used his hand to lift Kristine’s skirt. He forced his way in aggressively. Before Kristine shouted, he lowered his head and blocked her mouth to prevent her from screaming. After some time, he let go of her and whispered close to her ear, “Kristine, aren’t you just a f*cking whore? What rights do you have to be arrogant with me?” “Director Wilis, you think too highly of me. I will never be arrogant in front of you.” Kristine endured the pain and discomfort of her body by forcing a smile. This was not the first time this happened. What can she do… Mr. Wilis was right. She was a whore. The difference between her and a whore would probably be how she did not even choose this client or set a price for herself. Seeing how Kristine did not display her emotions, Mr. Wilis suddenly increased his thrusting strength. He wanted to go deeper to hurt her and to make her cry… However, no matter how he tortured her, there was always a faint smile on Kristine’s face, as if no one could hurt her. Mr. Wilis grabbed her face and forced her to look at him. He gritted his teeth and said, “Do you still love that dead Charlie so much?” “Love?” Kristine laughed. “What is love? You and I both will never understand love, so don’t act so noble.” For Kristine, Charlie was a person who she had been admiring since she was a child. However, after so many years of hard work, he did not even bat an eye at her, hence she tried harder to get his attention and wanted to get a hold of him To justify Mr. Wilis’ actions, his ego probably took a hit because he thought that she should be in love with him and be infatuated with him, but it did not happen. Human beings are like this by nature. They want things they can’t have. They often neglect the things that they already have. Sure enough, as Karen Daly guessed, as soon as Kevin Kyle knew that she was pregnant, he did not allow her to do anything When she walked slightly faster, he would stand up and intervene, as if she had done something unforgivable. The food on the dining table were all specially tailored for pregnant women. Every dish was delicious although they were cooked healthily and slightly bland. Kevin had always been efficient, Karen knew this. However, sometimes she was still amazed by how fast he gets things done. “Mr. Kyle, it’s just a pregnancy. You don’t have to be so anxious.” Karen said this to Kevin for the fifth time. Every time, Kevin patiently answered, “If being pregnant is not important, what else is important?” He was not worried about the child, but about Karen’s body. Little Karen was delivered via a C-section. So far, five years have not passed yet. This would mean that Karen would need to go through a natural birth for this child. Kevin needed to be cautious, in case of any emergency Alright Karen would just listen to Kevin and not argue. Fortunately, Kevin did not stop Karen from going to work, or she would be bored to death at home alone. As usual, Kevin sent her to the ground floor of PM Corporation and watched her get into the elevator safely before he left Today, Karen was running a little late, so there wasn’t much crowd waiting for the elevator. It was not as crowded as it usually was She walked into the elevator and pressed the button. When the elevator door was about to close, a pleasant male voice suddenly came from outside the elevator, “Please hold it!” Karen pressed the button to hold the door quickly. The door opened, and a tall and handsome man appeared in front of Karen. Ever since she knew Kevin, she had barely used the words “tall and handsome” to describe other men. It was not because other men were not good-looking, but because her Kevin was so good-looking that other men would lose in comparison. When she saw this man, the word “tall and handsome” appeared in Karen’s mind. The man wore a pair of sunglasses yet she could notice his beautiful facial features… When Karen glanced at him, the man was also looking at her. Even though he was wearing sunglasses, Karen could still sense that his eyes were staring straight at her. When two strangers met, it would be common to look at each other, but not to stare. Thus, Karen simply turned her head away and put on a poker face. “Karen Daly? Suddenly, the man spoke out and called for her. Karen turned around and smiled awkwardly, “Hello!” Karen did not recognize this man no matter how hard she tried to recall her past. Maybe he recognized her from somewhere. “It’s me.” The man took off his sunglasses, revealing his attractive eyes, and even winked at Karen. Karen felt even more embarrassed, because even after she could see the man’s facial features clearly, she still had no impression of him at all. He was such a handsome man that she would definitely remember him. Especially since he could call out her name accurately. However, Karen tried hard to search for the memory of this face in her mind. She didn’t know if her memory had failed her, or if she really had not met him before. “Beaford City High School, we were in the same senior class.” The man helped ease her confusion, then he looked at Karen with a faint smile. Beaford City High School was founded by the Gook family and some big companies in Beaford City. It was an expensive school, mainly for the rich. Anyone would be proud to call themselves an alumni. With the Daly family’s background, they were not qualified to enrol in Beaford City High School. But because of Charlie, they had an easier way in. Both Kristine and Karen graduated from Beaford City High School back then.

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