My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 500

Karen Daly had not thought about Beaford City High School for a long time. It seemed that memories from those years were about to be removed from her memory. Suddenly, a person came to remind her about high school. Karen tried hard to recall the classmates she met in the school. None of the classmates that she remembered in the past were attractive. Faye Reed would definitely mention a former classmate that was so attractive, but she didn’t “It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember. I promise that from now on, you will never forget me.” As soon as he finished speaking, the man stretched out his arm and pressed Karen against the wall. Karen wanted to move away, but he was too fast. Just as she was about to escape, the man stood in front of her and Karen was stuck between the wall and him. “Who are you? What do you want?” Karen looked at the man cautiously and subconsciously reached out to protect her lower abdomen. She was so nervous that she stuttered. The man lowered his head and touched Karen’s ear with his lips, which made Karen tremble with goosebumps. “I remembered you so clearly, but you don’t remember me at all. Tell me, how should I punish you?” He spoke so near Karen’s ear that she could feel his breath “Get out!” Karen tried to push him away hard, but the man was so strong and tall and he stood still like a brick wall. “Hmm..” The man ignored her. He lowered his head and kissed her lips. His tongue slid into her mouth and he was persistent. Her hands were pressed down strongly by the man, but Karen’s legs could still move. She tried to kick the man with her legs, but the man clamped her with his legs after. Karen could not move at all as her limbs were being grasped by him. She could only move her head now. She wanted to push the man away, but the man suddenly opened his mouth and bit her lips hard. The red blood oozed out and filled their mouths with the smell of blood. Ding-dong At this time, the elevator arrived at the floor where Karen’s company was located. The elevator sound rang, the door opened, and everyone outside could see what was going on in the elevator. The man let go of Karen graciously. He shamelessly let out a sly smile, “This is my welcome gift to you! All because you said that you didn’t remember me.” After breaking free, Karen did not hesitate to slap the man in the face. “Get out!” After hitting him, Karen could no longer hold her nausea in. She rushed to the bathroom and retched for a long time before she felt better After vomiting, she turned on the tap and rinsed her mouth with water. Her fingertips touched the lips that had just been bitten, and she gasped in pain. As she looked up, she saw herself in the mirror in a miserable state. Who was that man? She had no impression of him. Why did he do something so disgusting to her? There were a lot of questions in Karen’s mind, but no one could answer them for her. “Karen, aren’t you with Director Kevin? Who was that man?” Kevin sent Karen to work every day, so everyone knew that she was in a relationship with Kevin. Today, she was seen kissing and hugging another strange man in the elevator. If this matter was spread out, it would be very terrible on her end. Karen didn’t want to be misunderstood by others or get judged. However, she tried to explain the situation but she didn’t know how either. No one would believe that she didn’t know the man at all. Although the truth was that she was assault by the man. If she said that, she would definitely be laughed at “Karen, tell me, I will never tell anyone.” The colleague who asked Karen was her new colleague, Junie Zarra. Those who wouldn’t tell anyone, would never ask about the private lives of others in the first place. If she did tell others, it would be like adding oil to fire. Karen and Junie were not familiar with each other, so she didn’t need to tell her about her private life. Therefore, Karen just smiled and didn’t say anything. Karen did not speak. When she saw Junie’s eyes, she knew that Junie must have thought that she was guilty Junie said with some contempt, “Karen, don’t tell me you don’t know what kind of person is Director Kevin? If you can get close to him, you can live so well for the rest of your life.” Karen washed her face with water and washed the blood off her lips. After that, the bite marks on her lips were particularly obvious. She looked at herself in the mirror, and she could vaguely see the evil man who just kissed her in the mirror. Being reminded of him again, her body trembled. Junie was still talking, “Karen, now you are still young and still beautiful. You can still charm a man. But don’t forget that no matter how good looking you are, you will get old one day. What will you do to trap a man by then?” Junie was about 30 years old. She was still single despite going on a few dates before. She never had a relationship that lasted longer than 2 weeks. In the words of their other colleague, Lori, Junie was having her internal struggles. She couldn’t find a suitable man to marry her, so she generalized that all the men in the world were bad. Usually at work, Karen barely spoke with other colleagues. Everyone only knew each other’s names. Karen didn’t know why she would attract this person’s attention. Junie snorted and said, “Karen, as an experienced and kind person, let me give you some advices. Don’t be too selfish and think of short-term goals. It will not end well for you.” “Thank you for your kindness. My private life is my business. You don’t have to worry about it.” Karen smiled at her and turned to leave. Karen had just returned to her office when Lori rushed over and said, “Karen, Director Cheng is looking for you and asked for you to go to his office.” Just as Lori was speaking, she saw Junie behind Karen, she showed a look of disgust and said softly, “Karen, stay away from that woman. She has intentions.” “Whatever it is, let’s just focus on our jobs.” Karen smiled. “I’ll go to Director Cheng’s office first.” Karen arrived at Hector Cheng’s office. Besides Hector, another man was also sitting in the office. It was the man who just kissed her in the elevator. When Karen entered the office, his eyes fell on her. When he looked at her, it was like the excitement of a cheetah when it saw its prey.

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