My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 501

Seeing this dangerous man, Karen Daly instinctively wanted to turn and run away, but she stayed after giving some thought They were in the office now. She didn’t think that the man would dare to do anything to her there or her boss would sell her out She ignored the invasive gaze from the guy beside Hector, and asked: “Director Cheng, you asked for me?” Hector waved at her and said with a smile, “Karen, this is Henry, who just came back from Milan. The company wants to produce a series of outfits called ‘Love in the Winds’. The two of you will take lead for that.” A designer who came back from Milan? He kissed her against her will the first time they met in the elevator. Now her boss was asking her to work with this disgusting man? Karen opened her mouth and wanted to turn down the job, but the frivolous man spoke first. He said with a smile, “Director Cheng, I had a little misunderstanding with Miss Daly on my way to the office today. She may still be angry with me. Turning his gaze from Hector to Karen, he said seriously and sincerely, “Miss Daly, I’m sorry for what happened earlier.” Was he expecting her to act as if it didn’t happen just by saying ‘sorry? If saying ‘sorry’ was enough, then those rapists should just say ‘sorry’ to their victims for their crime. And policemen could all quit their jobs. Hector spoke up, “Henry, Karen is well-known for her professionalism. She will definitely not be angry at you at work because of any personal matter.” Henry replied, “I’ve also heard that she is a responsible person, and likes taking on challenging tasks.” As the two of them carried on, Karen swallowed her words back. If she didn’t refuse, she’d have to work with this guy unwillingly If she refused, it was indeed not her work style. Hector was right. She never mixed personal affairs with work. What that guy did to her was indeed a personal matter, and he looked quite sincere when he was apologizing. Karen bit her lips and swallowed the grudge she was holding. She had to prioritize her work first. Just as Karen was hesitating, Hector spoke again, “Then I shall wish you two the best. Both of you are the best designers out there. I believe you guys must be capable of designing a popular ‘Romance of the Wind’ collection Since her boss had already finalized the deal, Karen could not reject him. Besides, she would never hold personal grudges at work. Her private life was her private life, and her job was her job. She was very clear about it. She didn’t want to reject the job her boss arranged for her just because she didn’t like this man “Director Cheng, I am still quite unfamiliar with the office actually. Can I request for Karen to give me a tour?” Karen refused, “I’m sorry! I still have work to do. You can ask some other colleagues.” Hector responded, “Karen, I’ll arrange for someone to take over the tasks you currently have on hand. From now on, you and Henry will be working solely on the ‘Romance of the Wind’ collection.” “What the hell?” Life always gives us what we hate the most. “Nice to meet you, Miss Daly!” Henry looked at Karen with a smile and formally greeted her for the first time. “My name is Henry, your new colleague. I’m excited to learn more from you.” “Nice to meet you!” Karen did not intend to shake his hand, so she didn’t extend hers. However, he took a step towards her and grabbed her hand by himself. He smiled innocently, “Miss Daly, it’s a basic courtesy to shake hands. Don’t tell me you have forgotten this.” “Let me go!” Karen shook off his hand and turned around to rush out of the office. Only Henry and Hector Cheng were left in the office. Hector shrugged and said, “That’s as far as I can help you, Henry It’s up to you now.” Henry clenched his right hand that had just held Karen’s hand. He could still feel her warmth in his palm. He wanted to keep that warmth. “Henry?” Hector waved his hand in front of his eyes. “That’s enough.” Henry’s eyes squinted slightly, “I’ll do the next part myself. Of course, ‘ll get her too.” Hector added, “Don’t forget that she still has Kevin by her side. The director of Rovio. You’re just a little designer, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to attract her attention.” “You don’t have to worry about that. I have my own way.” After saying that, Henry turned around and left. They finally meet again after such a long time, and he had already managed to get her attention. What else could be impossible? Henry quickly caught up with Karen, matching her pace closely, “Director Cheng told me that you’re a very exceptional designer, and he never had to worry about any tasks he gave you before. I just started working here, so there’s still many things I have to learn from you, Miss Daly.” He was taking advantage of Karen’s principle. He knew she never involved her personal affairs at work. Karen couldn’t refuse the job no matter how much she hated him. Henry said it with a sincere attitude and he wasn’t doing anything inappropriate to Karen anymore. He knew the importance of having a respectful attitude. Karen took a deep breath and pushed away the hatred she had for this man. She started to explain the company’s culture and concepts to him. Karen explained very seriously, and Henry was listening intently, raising a few questions every now and then The questions he asked were very specific and challenging, and Karen could not answer immediately. “Karen, do you have any special opinions about the “Romance of the Wind’ collection?” The first things that came to Karen’s mind was free, unconditional, and romantic love. Love was sacred and beautiful, it was not tied down to conditions. A free and happy relationship will not be easily affected by any external factors, including time. PM Corporation mainly sold fashionable lingerie. They had always designed with fashion and comfort as their objectives. PM Corporation once had a popular advertisement for the best-selling bra – If you love her, give her the best, PM fashion bra. When Karen did not answer him, Henry continued, “Romance of the Wind’, means that falling in love with a person is like falling in love with the wind. You can clearly feel her existence and touch her, but you will never see her.” Karen turned her head to look at Henry. In his eyes, she saw affection, but only for a brief moment. Karen thought she had saw that mistakenly, plus she didn’t want his affection. Henry stared at Karen and suddenly asked very seriously, “Karen, do you really know what is it like loving someone? Are you really sure that the person by your side is the one you really love?”

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