My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 502

What is love? Karen Daly used to think that she understood love, then she gradually thought otherwise. However, what she knew was that Kevin was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. But what did that have to do with this guy? Why should she answer him? Henry stared at her immensely, like he was demanding for an answer. Karen did not have a good feeling about this guy. She felt like Henry wasn’t just who he seemed to be, and even his identity as a designer could be fake. Karen turned around to leave. Henry quickly caught up to her, “Karen, are you not answering because you’re running away from your true feelings?” Karen stopped walking, “Who on earth are you? Why are you pestering me? I do not remember meeting you.” She didn’t believe that he was just an ordinary designer, and she didn’t believe that he came to PM Corporation just to work. This man reeked with dangerous vibes, mysterious and veiled. “I just introduced myself not long ago, and you have forgotten my name so quickly.” Henry shook his head and sighed, “Miss Daly, you make me a little angry.” “It’s none of my business if you are angry!” Karen did not want to waste her time on this person anymore, so she turned around and left. “The consequences will be serious if I get angry,” Henry said as if he was joking, but people could tell that he was serious “The consequences will also be serious if I get angry.” Karen wasn’t scared. If he did anything inappropriate to her again, she wouldn’t let him bully her just like that. “I am curious to see how you look when you’re angry.” Henry smiled evilly. “You look so cute when you’re angry. I like that very much!” “Pervert!” Karen scolded and walked away. Behind her came his voice. “Miss Daly, we would have a great time working.” Hearing his voice, Karen clenched her fists in disgust. She thought to herself, “As if.” Because of this guy’s disturbance, Karen couldn’t focus on working the whole morning. She felt very uncomfortable. In the past, she would be so focused in her work that she often forgot to rest. This was the first time she was looking forward to getting off work. Noon finally came and Karen darted out of the office, trying to avoid that weird man. After going downstairs, she immediately saw Kevin Kyle in the crowd. As usual, he was dressed in black and white. As usual, he looked dazzling. Just as Karen looked towards him, Kevin saw her as well. Kevin’s cold face brightened up after seeing her, and he walked over to her swiftly, “Tired?” Karen shook her head, “Not at all.” Kevin noticed the scar on her lip. He frowned slightly and asked, “What’s wrong with your lips?” Karen had been angry all morning, and she had been avoiding the dangerous person. She completely forgot that there was a scar on her lip. Now that Kevin asked about it, she stammered as she thought of an excuse. “When I entered the office in the morning, I accidentally hit the wall and I bit my lip.” “Why were you so careless?” Kevin’s face immediately sank and his voice became colder. “Stop going to work, Just stay at home.” Kevin was worried about her since she was still working despite her pregnancy. He was afraid she would hurt herself by accident. Sure enough, she knocked into the wall and bit her own lip. “No! I still have to go to work. I will take good care of myself. This won’t happen again.” By this, Karen meant getting kissed forcefully, but Kevin didn’t know that. He thought that she meant she wouldn’t knock into the wall and bite her lip again. He rubbed her head and said, “Be more careful in the future.” “Don’t worry, I know.” Karen grabbed his arm and said, “Mr. Kyle, let’s walk around. We can eat together later.” Karen wanted to go for a walk to forget about all the annoying things and people around her. She only wanted to think about the child in her stomach, Kevin, and Little Karen who’s at her kindergarten. “If you’re feeling unwell, you should get more rest. Work can wait. It won’t be too late to work after you give birth, you know.” Karen looked very tired, and Kevin was worried. “I can’t do that, PM Corporation just happened to be starting a new collection, and they need manpower. That’s why Hector thought of me. If I just stay at home for a few months doing nothing, I may lose all my skills.” Karen took her work very seriously. Besides, she just got pregnant not long ago. There were many pregnant ladies who worked diligently even into late pregnancy. If other women could do it, so could she. Her man was just too anxious about her. Kevin smiled, “As long as you want it, PM Corporation will always welcome you.” Karen gave him a glance, “You talk as if I am the boss of PM Corporation.” Actually, she was indeed the boss of PM Corporation. Kevin had already secretly bought over the company and transferred it to Karen’s name a few months ago And that was just for PM Corporation. Even in Rovio, Karen was a big shareholder. However, Kevin didn’t tell her any of that. Judging by her personality, she wouldn’t like him paving her way for her. Kevin stood up straight and tidied Karen’s hair gently. All of a sudden, he said seriously, “Karen, marry me!” Karen was slightly stunned. “What…?” Hasn’t she already married him long ago? Their child was a few years old now and she was pregnant with their second child already. Why was he saying that now? Even if he thought that he didn’t propose properly the last time and wanted to do it again, he should at least do it nicely this time. She didn’t want him to kneel down and propose romantically, but at least he should have gotten some flowers? What he just did seemed so insincere. So she wouldn’t agree. She definitely wouldn’t agree. That’s what Karen thought in her head, but she couldn’t stop herself from nodding. Ah! She hated herself so much. Why didn’t she have the heart to reject him and demand for more? “That’s set then, you can’t take it back after agreeing!” Kevin looked at her and said gently. Karen said under her breath, “I have long locked onto you already. I never thought of taking back my words.” “Then are you willing to let everyone know that you are now Mrs. Kyle, my rightful wife?” In the past few years, Kevin remembered that she refused to make their marriage public. So before he announced it, he must ask for her opinion first If she was willing to make it public, he would make it public. She didn’t want to make it public, he would respect her opinion “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time,” Karen replied. She had been waiting for him to hold her hand, and announce to everyone that she was his wife. She was the person who would hold his hand forever.

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