My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 503

Silently, a man was watching the loving couple through a pair of binoculars from the building. Seeing Karen Daly lie in Kevin Kyle’s arms happily, seeing her smile so sweetly together with him… Henry narrowed his eyes. “Karen-” His mouth opened lightly, calling out Karen’s name with affection. He looked and admired her like she was a shining star She had completely forgotten him. There was no trace of his existence in her memory, but it didn’t matter that she didn’t remember him, as long as he remembered her. Staring at Henry for a long time, Hector Cheng asked, “There are so many women in the world. There are women better looking than her. With your current status, you could get any woman you want. Why must you go for Kevin’s woman?” Hector admitted that Karen was very good-looking. When he saw her, he was attracted to her as well But compared to the desire to claim her, he valued his own life more The treasure belonged with Kevin. If he found out that anyone wanted to take her from him… Hector couldn’t even imagine what he would do if he found out. When he first learnt that Henry wanted to go after Kevin’s woman, he was surprised. His first reaction was to advise him against it, but he had an evil thought. He hoped that someone would challenge Kevin’s authority. Of course, this person could only be someone else. It could not be him. He just needed to stand in a corner and watch the show. But unknowingly, Henry dragged him into a lot of things, and he felt compelled to help him. There was no way out. Perhaps the reason he agreed to help Henry secretly was because he was thrown off by how Rovio bought over PM Corporation out of nowhere, and majority of the shares of the company was even transferred to Karen’s name. Which meant that Karen, his employee, became his boss inadvertently without even doing much work. He had worked hard for many years, and finally became the managing director of PM Corporation in Asia. But in the blink of an eye, it all turned to dust. He couldn’t accept the sudden drastic change, so he couldn’t hold himself back from helping Henry. “She’s unique, and irreplaceable.” Henry commented. He was still looking at Karen, who was walking further away. “As long as you’re happy!” After a pause, Hector added, “I’ve already told you everything between PM Corporation and Rovio. I can’t help anymore than this.” He was probably the only man in the world who dared to go for the woman he knew belonged to Kevin. Hector was going to be a spectator, watching by the sidelines to see who would emerge victorious. Karen and Kevin walked farther, then they entered a building. Henry took off the binoculars after he couldn’t see them anymore. He looked at Hector coldly, “I’ll ask my people to transfer the money to your account.” Monetary trade was the easiest way to ask for help. Hector helped him out, and he gave Hector the money he wanted. They both benefit from this relationship, and they did not owe each other anything. In fact, he had hoped Hector wouldn’t help him unconditionally, all only because they were schoolmates years ago “Henry, you don’t have to give me the money, just…” Just in case you fail, don’t drag me down with you. Hector finished silently. He was clear that he was no match for Kevin. “I’ll give you the money. And even if I fail, I would bear all consequences, and this will have nothing to do with you.” Henry turned around and left the office gracefully. Autumn was coming. The weather in Chatterton Town was getting cooler day by day. Outside PM Corporation’s building, a bright red Ferrari parked right in front of the entrance. It attracted a lot of attention “Young Master!” Seeing Henry exiting the building, the chauffeur came out from the car immediately and greeted him politely “You can go on with your day, you’re dismissed for today.” Henry got in the car, fastened his seat belt, stepped on the gas pedal and was gone in seconds. The charming man and his expensive car left the crowd in awe. After lunch, just as Kevin stepped into the office, his assistant, York Tanner came to report in a hurry, “Director Kevin, the wedding preparations are almost ready. The details have been sent to your email. Please have a look at them. If there is anything you are not satisfied with, they will redo it again. Kevin had long planned to hold a wedding ceremony with Karen in the Aegean Sea, and had already arranged his employees to make the preparations. He had already made a detailed floor plan of the wedding venue and asked the professionals to take care of it, but none of the photos they sent back have been satisfactory Seeing Kevin’s gloomy face, York knew that the preparation, decoration, and other details of the wedding had not reached his expectations. “Director” York was about to explain further when Kevin interrupted him, “Book a ticket right away. I’m going over.” In the past, Kevin would never spend his time on things like this, but now things were different. If he wanted to compensate Karen with a splendid wedding, then it had to be a perfect one. He was not going to allow any mistakes. “Wait a minute.” Just as he finished speaking, Kevin thought of something more important. Karen was pregnant now, so he could never leave Chatterton Town. What happened four years ago was still vivid in his mind. He was only away from Chatterton Town for a few days, and when he came back, his Karen was gone. For an experience like that, once was already enough. He would never let history repeat itself again. At the thought of Karen, Kevin immediately changed his mind. It would still be better for him to give instructions remotely to the wedding planners at the other end…….During this period, Herbert Ken had already contacted a number of people, and found a suitable plastic surgeon. Although he had found the surgeon, there was a bigger problem that he could not handle. They wanted to perform the surgery outside the country, but Herbert didn’t have a passport to exit the country. Besides, he didn’t even have any identification documents, so there was no way for him to leave Chatterton Town. George Ken had tried asking for help from everyone he knew, but everyone told him it was impossible to create a new identity for him. If there was no way to get the documents for Herbert, then the other things they planned to do were definitely impossible too.

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