My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 504

As for Herbert Ken’s new identity, George Ken had been searching all around for reliable help, but to no avail. Actually, he was the closest to Kevin Kyle. If only he asked, Kevin would definitely settle the matter in minutes. However, he was considering other people, except for Kevin. Kevin was capable of helping him, but that also made him capable of finishing him off. Herbert just didn’t trust Kevin. He still wasn’t sure whether the most important person for Kevin was his sister or his wife’s father. Just as George was troubled in his thoughts, his phone rang George’s spirits lifted when he saw the caller name and he immediately picked up, “Karen?” “Brother, Little Karen has been thinking about her uncle all morning. You should come over for dinner tonight,” her gentle voice came from the other end of the phone. “Sure,” George replied as he looked towards the study room. Their poor father would probably really want to see his daughter and granddaughter. But with his looks now, he wouldn’t even dare to stand in the daylight, let alone see his children Therefore, George decided to continue working hard to find a way for his father to get a new identity as soon as possible. The sooner he could get his plastic surgery, the sooner he could meet who he longed to meet. “That was Karen?” As soon as George hung up, Herbert came over from the study. George nodded. Herbert immediately rolled up his sleeves. While walking to the kitchen, he said, “George, Karen likes to eat this dish, I’ll make another one and you can bring it to her.” “Dad, you don’t have to trouble yourself. Karen can get whatever she wants to eat. Herbert’s face darkened, “As her father, I can only do these small things for her. “..” George was rendered speechless. How could George forget how hard it was for his father to make a meal for his own children? George felt his heart ache, “It’s still early. Please take your time. I’ll bring it over when you’re done.” “Okay, then you must ask Karen whether she likes it. If she has any suggestions, feel free to let me know, and I’ll improve next time.” The thought that he could cook for his daughter made Herbert look like an excited child. For a man like him who had led the worst life for so many years, to be able to stay at his son’s house and cook for his own children, it was something he could never imagined. In the evening, George got to Secret Garden as soon as he could. This was the first time he came with something in his hands When he arrived, Little Karen was home, but Kevin and Karen had not returned yet. When Little Karen saw her uncle, whom she had not seen for a long time, she was so excited that she rushed into his arms and said softly, “I missed you, uncle.” George caught her small figure and rubbed her tiny head. “I missed you too.” Little Karen looked at her uncle, and said seriously “Uncle..missing!” George smiled, “I’m here. How could I go missing” Little Karen said sadly, “My Brother Lionel is gone.” George had heard about what happened to Lionel. What could he do besides sighing sadly with Little Karen? He rubbed Little Karen’s head gently, “One day, Brother Lionel will come and pick you up again.” “Brother Lionel will really come for me!” There was another person who said Brother Lionel would come back, which strengthened her belief that Brother Lionel would really return to her one day. George continued, “I brought some delicious food, do you want to try it?” “Of course!” Speaking of delicious food, Little Karen patted her stomach, “I’m so hungry. I want to eat a lot.” “Okay, then you can eat as much as you want.” George carried Little Karen to the dining room and asked the servant to help serve the dish on a plate. When the lid of the container was opened, the smell filled the room. “It smells so good! I want to eat it!” Little Karen licked her lips. The smell increased her appetite. Sarabelle served the dish to Little Karen and asked, “Mr. Ken, which restaurant was this from? Although it looked so common, but it smells very good.” George said proudly, “I’m afraid you can’t get this outside. This is a special dish I specially learned for our big and little Karens. It’s only available for the mother and daughter.” Little Karen didn’t care which restaurant it came from. It smelled nice, and it tasted nice. That was all that matters. She ate it up so quickly and made a mess. “Dear, eat slowly. I won’t steal it from you.” George said that, but he didn’t wipe her mouth. Instead, he picked up his mobile phone and took a video. “Little Karen, is it delicious?” “It’s delicious!” Little Karen had her mouth full and her voice was muffled But without even hearing what she said, one could already tell how good the dish was just by seeing how she ate. Seeing how happy Little Karen was, George felt happy for his father. His hard work did not go to waste. He wanted to show his father the video later. He must be so happy to see his granddaughter like this. “Brother, you cooked this again?” When he heard Karen’s voice, she was already by the entrance of the dining room. She could smell the aroma as soon as she entered the house, and came searching for it. When she found the source of the smell, she saw Little Karen gobbling up her favorite dish. “Can’t 1?” “Then I’ll have to trouble you to make another one for me.” Karen’s heart after ached seeing Little Karen clearing off everything on the plate. This was the taste only her mother could make in the past, and now Little Karen was finishing it all up. “I knew you were going to ask, so I made a lot of it.” He took the remaining food from his container and served it on a plate. “Here you go. Have it while it’s hot.” “Thanks!” Karen felt that having a brother was pure happiness. He could tolerate her attitude, and even make the dish only her late mother could make. How Karen wished she had more brothers that were as gentle and caring like him. “Mom, uncle is a good uncle! I like him!” Little Karen didn’t forget to praise her favorite uncle despite gobbling down her food. “He’s my brother. Of course he’s the best.” Karen wiped Little Karen’s mouth and said proudly. “The two of you really flatter me. If you want more next time, just let me know.” George recorded the mother and daughter eating happily away on his phone. Outside the dining room, Kevin observed the meat dish carefully. He knew that the dish was definitely made by Herbert, who had asked George to bring it over.

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