My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 505

Kevin Kyle had found out most of the things about Herbert Ken, but he had yet to confirm the news with his own eyes. However, Kevin couldn’t tell Karen Daly the truth about her father. He understood that Herbert must have his own reasons for not reconciling with Karen. As a bystander, Kevin couldn’t sell Herbert and George out just because Karen longed for kinship. Although Kevin was never one to think much about other’s feelings, the Kens were Karen’s family, so was kinder towards them too. At the dining table, Karen and Little Karen were gobbling up the special meat dish that George brought with satisfaction on their faces After staring for some time, Kevin finally walked towards them. He glanced at George and greeted him, “You’re here.” “Yes, I’m here.” George was busy taking the video, so he didn’t even look up at Kevin, “You don’t welcome me?” Kevin replied grumpily: “Even if I don’t welcome you, you’ve still come here.” “I’m here to see them, not you.” George gave Kevin a glare, “If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have come even if you begged me.” Kevin said coldly, “No one will beg you.” George gritted his teeth. What kind of person was he? He couldn’t even respect his brother-in-law. Kevin glanced over at big Karen, who had her mouth all dirtied by the sauce like Little Karen. He wiped Karen’s mouth with a tissue, “Eat slowly, no one’s fighting with you for it.” “Little Karen is fighting with me for it!” Karen’s opponent was Little Karen. Little Karen looked up at her mother, blinking her big, Innocent eyes. Kevin rubbed both of them on their heads, and shook his head helplessly Their Little Karen usually only adored strawberry and nothing else. Seeing her excitement over the special meat dish, maybe she could feel the love and kinship in the dish. “Look at your wife and daughter. If people didn’t know better, they will think that you’ve been starving them.” George jokes while recording the two of them. “No matter how awful they look while eating, they are still my wife and children.” Kevin grabbed Karen’s bowl and said, “Eat lesser, you still need to take your planned meals later.” Karen tried to grab the bowl back, “But I just want to eat this.” Kevin raised his eyebrows, “Don’t you know your own health condition?” “Okay, then I won’t eat anymore.” Karen replied with a pout. She wasn’t alone now, she had a new baby in her stomach. She must be considerate for the baby, and listen to Kevin obediently. If not he wouldn’t allow her to get pregnant again in the future. Seeing Karen act as if she was robbed of her happiness, Kevin thought she looked so funny. How did he fall in love with such a silly girl? “What’s wrong with Karen?” George was confused. What kind of planned meals must she take? “What could be wrong with me?” For now, Karen still did not want to tell others about her pregnancy. Besides, Little Karen was there, what if she couldn’t take the news? George responded nervously, “That’s why I’m asking you if anything’s wrong. If there’s anything with your health, you must tell Matthew, don’t keep everything to yourself.” “I’m just feeling a little unwell now, so I can’t take heavy meals. Kevin, being caring as usual, has asked Sarabelle to make me some light and nutritious food.” Karen looked at her caring husband and smiled, “Thank you, Mr. Kyle!” Karen’s pregnancy this time was a lot smoother than the last one. She felt nauseated for a few days but the symptoms disappeared. Now, she had the appetite to eat anything. It was as if the baby in her stomach also knew to take care of her and not torture her. “As long as you take good care of yourself, that will be the best ‘thanks for me.” Kevin said lightly. He didn’t need Karen to thank him, he only wanted her to give birth safely! At the same time, in the Grey Apartments, Neil Brown and Mia Kyle weren’t just sitting around doing nothing. Neil stood before Mia’s door, glaring at the door between them as if he wanted to burn it down. Mia was playing her antics again. How dare she reject him out the door twice! If he didn’t teach her a lesson this time, she might even act worse next time. “Mia, I’ll count from three. If you don’t open the door, you’ll suffer the consequences!” Neil was still wearing his military uniform, but because of his frustration, he looked like a crazy hooligan. “If you’re so good, then kick the door open! Let’s see how cool Captain Brown is,” Mia said arrogantly “Three, two.” Neil couldn’t figure out what he had done to her that she wouldn’t let him enter the house “One!”, Neil raised his leg high. Boom! After a loud bang, the door still stood firmly without even shaking a bit “Captain Brown, is that all you have? You can’t even kick a door open!” Once again, Mia spoke arrogantly and full of sarcasm this time. Just by hearing that, Neil could tell how arrogant she must look right now, which made him even more irritated. Neil clenched his fists. That girl was asking for it. He would let her know that if he gave her his full strength, he could make her stay in bed for a few days. The door was a security-enhanced door, so it was naturally very sturdy. No one could ever kick it open. Although Neil spent most of his time in the military, he’s not all muscles and no brains. Since he knew this door could not be kicked down, he would not try it anymore, but he immediately thought of another way. In a short while, Neil found an electrical chainsaw and sawed the door apart. As soon as he opened the door and lifted his head up, what came into his sight was exceptional. In a second, his anger was displaced by something else. Seeing Mia wearing a set of sexy pajamas, Neil felt all his blood rush through his veins and down his nose. When he came to his senses, Neil lifted his hands to touch his nose, and sensed a warm, red liquid running down his nostrils. He roared, “Mia, you god-d*mned woman!” “Neil, you look so cute. I like to see you like this.” Mia was so happy to see how Neil’s nose bleed at the sight of her that she just laughed from her seat at the sofa. She had already forgotten that she was wearing a sexy outfit trying to seduce him.

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