My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 507

 On the way back, George clenched the paper bag in his hands. When he arrived home, he sat in the car and slowly opened the bag. There was a brand-new ID card and a brand-new passport in the bag. The photos were of his father from when he was younger. It looked like he was about 50 years old. In addition, there were a few official documents in the paper bag. The documents were issued by a hospital, proving that Herbert Ken’s face had been burned in fire, until he was unrecognizable. There were also a few other documents issued by the government that could be useful while going past immigration control. George didn’t expect such details in these documents. He thought a passport was enough to go anywhere he wanted, but he underestimated his father’s special circumstances. Now that he had Kevin Kyle’s help, he could take his father abroad and wouldn’t be stopped again. Looking at the ID card, passport, and the documents, his emotions were muddled together. He didn’t know if he should breathe a sigh of relief, or be more cautious. Kevin lived up to his reputation as the head of Rovio. He had known about the fact that George’s father’s face wash disfigured long ago and was ready to resolve the situation. Two days ago, Kevin had probably confirmed that George’s father was still alive. The reason why he had come to look for him was only to get a final confirmation by seeing George’s reaction. However, George didn’t think too deeply about that. No matter what, as for now, the most important thing was to take his father abroad for surgery. As long as the surgery was successful, when they returned to Chatterton Town, their father would be able to reunite with Karen. The whole family would be together again. George put the bag away and got out of his car. He locked his car and walked towards his place. While walking, George took out his mobile phone and watched his videos that he had taken earlier. When he played the videos, he saw his niece’s pink face. She pursed her lips and said unhappily, “Uncle, you’ve been naughty!” He had playfully snatched the strawberries that she liked. The little kid was unhappy and complained that her uncle was not obedient and was very angry with him. Seeing her adorable face, George smiled. He said to himself, “She really inherited the good traits from Karen and Kevin.” That night, George took several videos with his mobile phone, including Little Karen, Karen, and even Kevin Holding his mobile phone, he was excited about showing the videos to his father and how happy these will make him. Ding The elevator door opened. Because he was in a good mood, George whistled while unlocking his door. “Dad, I’m back!” George said as he changed his shoes, “I recorded a lot of videos of Karen and her daughter today. You would like them.” In the past, when George returned home, Herbert would come out to ask him about his day. The two of them would chat casually about their daily happenings. George noticed that Herbert didn’t come out of the room. “Dad, I’m back!” He said it again, but there was no response. He rushed to the study, but found it to be empty. He searched the two bedrooms and then every corner of the house, but he couldn’t find his father. “Dad, where are you?” He immediately dialled Herbert’s number on his phone. Someone else answered the call. He said in a panic, “Dad “I’m not your father. Don’t call me that.” A strange male voice came from the other end. “Who are you? Why do you have my father’s phone?” George was anxious and almost yelled out loud. “Because I have your father.” A cold, eerie voice answered him. “What are you going to do to him?” George asked, clenching his fists. “What am I going to do? I don’t know.” The man said in a strange tone, “I just obey my master’s orders. We take people away so they will never appear and disturb the lives of others again.” George demanded angrily, “Who is your master?” The voice answered immediately. “You don’t have to worry about my master. You can’t possibly do anything to him.” “Who the hell is it?” George roared angrily. “Even if I tell you, what can you possibly do?” The man was still unwilling to concede any information. Someone he couldn’t deal with? Who could it be? George held his head in his hands and thought about it again. He ran through all the people he knew over and over again. “Kevin?” George thought of Kevin and immediately shook his head. “Impossible. It can’t be him.” Kevin was so good to Karen, he practically surrendered himself to caring for her. He couldn’t be a bad person behind the scenes. If it wasn’t him could it be Neil Brown? Neil? “Could it be him?” George thought about it carefully again and he cleared his suspicions. If Neil wanted to deal with him, he could do it in broad daylight. People like him did not play dirty tricks. He tried, but he couldn’t think of anybody else besides these two. His father spent all his energy dealing with the Kyle family in recent years, until he finally kidnapped Mia. The only person he had offended was the Kyle family. Just as George was hesitating, the man spoke again, “George, we will not hurt your father, as long as you send him away, as far away as possible and never appear again. We will guarantee he will have nothing to worry about for the rest of his life.” George said angrily, “What do you mean?” The man replied, “This is what my master wants. As long as your father stay away from Chatterton Town in future, he will give you a lot of money for his future.” George was furious. “Don’t even think about it!” The man laughed eerily. “If you don’t send him away, don’t blame us if you never see your father again. He should have died more than twenty years ago but he’s managed to live this long, isn’t that good enough already?” “You.” George gnashed his teeth and growled. He held his phone even tighter. The blue veins on the back of his hand became more prominent. “I’ll give you half an hour. When you make your decision, just call us. Remember, don’t think too much, or you and your father may be separated from each other forever.” After that, he hung up the phone. George listened to the beeping sound and was so angry that he wanted to smash the phone on the floor. Who could it be? He had just left for a little while, and yet his father had been taken away. The doors and windows of the house had not been broken into, so that left only two possibilities…

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