My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 508

The doors and windows of the house were still intact, but somehow, someone broke in and kidnapped his father. There were only two possibilities. One, his father opened the door and let the kidnappers in. Two, the kidnappers had the keys with them and let themselves in As he was thinking. George Ken looked up at the pinhole camera inserted in the wall. His father had asked him to install the camera. It was aimed to record Karen Daly when she came over to visit. He didn’t expect this camera to come in handy in such a special situation. George rushed to his study and turned on his computer, The surveillance camera recorded every second of footage when he was not at home. At 8:13pm, two men who were disguised as plumbing workers rang the doorbell. Because of his father’s appearance, they had agreed that Herbert Ken wouldn’t answer the door although George was not at home. Herbert heard the doorbell. He walked towards the door and looked through the peephole. He didn’t recognize the men at the door. So, he returned silently to the study. The two men waited at the door for a while, and when the door wasn’t answered, they took out a key and unlocked the door. As he heard the door open, Herbert thought that George had returned. He walked out of the study and shouted “George’. As soon as he said that, he realized that it wasn’t George who was at the door. He became nervous and wanted to return to the study, but before he could move, he was captured by the two men already “Who are you? What do you want?” He asked, struggling. “Why do you ask so much?” One of the men asked while knocking him unconscious. Herbert fainted. One of the men became worried and asked in a panic, “You hit him so hard. What if he’s hurt? Assistant Black gave us special instructions. He’s the father of the master’s wife! We can’t go too far.” Assistant Black? Was it Nick Black? The master’s wife? These clues pointed directly to Nick and Karen Daly. Could it be them? Nick had been by Kevin’s side for more than ten years. He was loyal to Kevin. Everything he did was under Kevin’s instructions. Does this mean that the mastermind behind all this was Kevin? Could it really be Kevin? Would Kevin pretend to be a good person while secretly ordering people to kidnap their father? George didn’t know. He wasn’t sure, but he also did not have the courage to call Kevin up. If he really did this, he couldn’t let him know that there was a surveillance camera here. His father would definitely be killed. Time was running out. In the short period of time, George was in a state of chaos. He didn’t know what to do. He can’t find someone else to help. Calling the police would be worse! In short, he couldn’t tell anyone before he was sure who had kidnapped his father. Just then, his cell phone rang. It was Karen calling. George was excited as he thought he had one last hope. He answered immediately, “Karen..” He wanted her to question Kevin on his behalf, but he swallowed his words. For now, he was just guessing. He had no definite evidence that Kevin was involved in anything. As Karen’s brother, he still hoped that the person who was always around her could be relied on and loved her sincerely He hoped that after experiencing so many hardships, she could live a happy and peaceful life. “Brother, have you reached home?” Karen’s voice was very soft. He guessed that she had just put Little Karen to sleep and did not want to wake her up. “Yes, I’m home. You…” He paused for a moment, but he could not bring himself to ask about his situation. Instead, he changed the topic. “It’s getting late. You should rest early too.” “Brother, you’re older than Kevin is, right?” “Huh, why this question?” “You see, Kevin is younger than you are, but our child is already more than four years old. Look at you, you are still an old bachelor.” Karen said playfully. “We lead different lives. Don’t compare us to each other.” George replied simply. “Brother, every time I see you alone, I feel like stealing a beautiful woman on the street to be my sister-in-law. Once there’s someone accompanying you, taking care of you, don’t have to worry about you anymore.” “You just need to take care of your family right now. Don’t worry about me.” “Brother, find me a sister-in-law quickly. I’m serious, Father and Aunt would be happy in heaven once you’ve settled down.” George was speechless. He really wanted to tell her that their father wasn’t dead, but at this moment, he didn’t know who had taken him away. And he couldn’t admit anything either. He took a deep breath and said, “Well, after this, you can find someone for me then.” As long as he could save his father, he could take his father abroad for plastic surgery soon, so the family could reunite after. After that, he would try to find a girlfriend, so that Karen would not have to worry about him anymore. “Brother, you have to do your best. I am waiting for your wedding. By then, Little Karen can be your flower girl. Free of charge.” George nodded. “Yes, that day will come.” After he hung up, he dialled Herbert’s phone number again. The call was answered shortly and the man’s cold voice emerged, “So George, have you made up your mind?” “I’ve made up my mind. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” With his father in their hands, he had to compromise with them for his father’s safety. “I warn you, don’t play tricks with me. Unless you want to bear the consequences.” “Can I have a word with my father?” George pleaded. “George, don’t you worry about me. Go and beg Karen, ask here to stay away from that devil.” Herbert’s pained voice came from the phone. “Dad, what do you mean? George wanted more information, but someone had covered Herbert’s mouth. “Ask Karen to stay away from the devil?” What was his father telling him? His father had said that the person with Karen was a devil. Had he been kidnapped by the devil’s men? “George, take your passports and rush to the Kingston Cargo Wharf. Someone will meet you there.” After that, the man hung up again. George was just listening to the beeping sound after the call. He immediately grabbed his documents and wallet, and set off immediately Even if it was a dangerous place, he would still go for his father’s sake. His father had suffered for more than 20 years. Now, he still lived a life with no basic rights… He must save his father and let him enjoy life again.

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