My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 509

Karen Daly felt oddly uneasy. During the phone call, George Ken sounded nervous and panicky. She thought for a moment and picked up the phone to call George back, but the line was occupied. Who else would he be calling? If only she had a sister-in-law, there would be someone to take care of George. She didn’t have to worry about him so much. She wanted to talk to Kevin Kyle about George, but Kevin was busy working in the study, so he probably had no time to pay attention to her. She took a deep breath and looked at Little Karen lying beside her. The little kid was not sleeping very well. It seemed that she was thinking of her Brother Lionel Over the past few days, Kevin tried to arrange for someone to accompany Little Karen. However, at the moment, they couldn’t find a suitable playmate for her. They could only let Little Karen wait They hoped that when the new child arrives, Little Karen would return to her old, lively, happy self. After a while, Karen was still uneasy. She wanted to talk to Kevin to pass the time. She walked to the study and saw that Kevin was making a phone call. He seemed to be talking about scenery, or background, or something. After a while, he ended the call. He looked up at Karen and asked, “Why aren’t you asleep yet?” She walked over to him, massaged his back and shoulders, and asked, “What did you say to my brother today?” Kevin answered, “Oh it’s just some men talk.” She quickly asked, “Can’t I know about it?” Kevin held her hand and kissed her. He smiled and said, “You’ll know soon.” She rolled her eyes at him and said, “Kevin, let me tell you something. If you ruin my brother’s life, I will never forgive you.” “Me? Ruin his life?” Kevin raised his eyebrows. “You may not know this, but a long time ago your brother used to frequent the nightclubs. He would be there on most nights. To this day, no one knows how many women he has had sex with So, who’s the one ruining him?” “Mr. Kyle, what was that? Are you telling me how messy my brother’s private life is, or how innocent yours is?” Karen suppressed the joy in her heart and questioned further. Kevin led a very routine lifestyle. He had the same routine for almost his entire adult life, and it would be the same five years down the road. Karen would often suspected if he was a real human being. For all she knew, he could just be a robot acting like a human. The type of robot who never burnt out or failed in anything. Now, he looked at Karen and smiled, “Up to you to interpret it.” She pouted and said, “in future, you are not allowed to speak ill of my brother.” “Okay, I’ll do whatever my wife says.” Kevin raised his hand to pinch her face and said, “I still have a small meeting to attend to. Go sleep with Little Karen. I’ll come later.” She nodded and said, “Then get busy already. Go to bed right after you’re done.” Kevin agreed, “Yes.” In reality, he wasn’t busy with his work. He was communicating with the wedding planners over in Santorini, on the Aegean Sea. The wedding venue, her wedding dress, and all the preparations were going smoothly. Soon he would be able to take Karen and their daughter to visit the Aegean Sea together. He was going to marry Karen officially after so long. He would finally announce to the world that she was his wife, Mrs. Kyle! He couldn’t stop smiling as he tried to imagine how surprised would Karen be later. His Karen was going to be very happy. George got in the car and drove quickly to the location given by the kidnappers. However, when he arrived at Kingston Wharf, there was nobody around. The dock was busy during the day, but it was empty in the middle of the night. Besides the sound of the waves, there was no other sound. George had goosebumps all over his body. This place looked like a pathway to hell. In the darkness, he couldn’t see much. He turned on the flashlight on his mobile phone and shone it around him, but he still didn’t see anything. “I’m here, guys. Come out!” He shouted a few times, but got no reply. However, he could smell blood in the midst of the salty sea breeze. The smell of blood instantly heightened his senses. He had a panic attack and it was difficult for him to breathe. His hands trembled as he raised his phone and shone it in front of him. Suddenly, he saw a figure of a body lying on the ground. George rushed over immediately. When he could see more clearly, he fell to his knees with a thud. “Dad-” His voice broke. His father’s body was covered in cuts and scars, and blood was still flowing out from the cuts. It looked like most of the blood in his body had already drained out. “G..George…” Herbert managed to utter, using what little energy he had left. “Dad, don’t be afraid. I’ll take you to the hospital now. It’s okay. It’ll be okay.” He wanted to pick his father up, but his father was covered with wounds. He didn’t know how to hold his father to avoid injuring him more. “George…” Herbert grabbed his hand, and said with a weak breath, “George, I hurt Mia. I deserve to die. I have no complaints… But Karen is innocent. Don’t let her get hurt..” “Dad, don’t talk. Let’s go to the hospital first. We’ll talk about it when you get well.” He helped Herbert up from the ground. “No. If I don’t say this now, I won’t have a chance later.” Herbert held his hand tightly and said, “George, save them. Find some way to save them. Kevin is not a good person He…” “Dad, was it really Kevin who did all this?” This new information left him dumbfounded. “George, save Karen… With that, Herbert breathed his last breath. His eyes and mouth were wide open… He had too many unfulfilled wishes, too many things left behind. He was willing to suffer for the sins he committed, but he had not seen his daughter yet. He didn’t get to hear his daughter call him “Dad”. This time, he really was gone. He was at at a point of no return, and he could never see his children again. “Dad, no… Dad, don’t leave… Dad, no, please..” His father had just returned to him, and just as quickly, he was killed. George held his father’s hand tightly. In a heartbreaking voice, he called out to his father again and again.

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