My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 510

Everything was fine when George Ken left home earlier that day. His father was busy cooking Karen Daly’s favorite meat dish. When he went out, his father told him, “George, remember to get Karen’s feedback. I’ll try to do better in the future.” His father’s words still echoed clearly in his mind, but when he returned home, his father was gone. More surprisingly, his father was… “Dad, wake up, please wake up… You haven’t gone back to Karen yet, how can you leave like this… Dad, do you want to leave like this? You haven’t reconcile with Karen yet, and you haven’t hugged your little granddaughter. How can you just leave like this?” “Dad, you have a new ID card and passport. We can go abroad for a surgery any time.” George took out Herbert Ken’s documents and said, “Dad, look, open your eyes. After you complete the operation, you can see Karen again.” “Dad, wake up. Please wake up?” He shouted and screamed, but he couldn’t wake his father up, who was already “sleeping” for eternity. He could feel his father’s body gradually becoming stiff and cold in his arms. Soon, any other signs of life would disappear They thought their father had passed away twenty years ago, and they accepted the news. Suddenly, he had unexpectedly found his father back again. Before he could give his father the life he deserved, his father left him again. Yesterday, he was discussing with his father about how their lives would be after the operation. His father had said he wanted to return to Beaford City and pay his respects to his deceased friends. He wanted to go back and walk around his old hometown. These were all planned out for the next year, but now these plans had turned to dust. “George, you must save Karen! Kevin is not a good person!” His father’s final words lingered in his mind. How could Kevin do that? What on earth was Kevin’s heart made of? Why would he do that? George couldn’t understand. He couldn’t even cry. All he could do was hug his father’s stiff, cold body as he screamed in agony. He wanted everything to just be a dream. He wanted to wake up, and everything would be back to normal. The rain spattered on the ground. However, the rain gradually turned bright red, and the entire earth seemed to be soaked in blood. “Karen! Run!” George was running towards her through the blood rain, shouting at her to run. “Brother She didn’t want to run away alone. She reached out to grab George. Just as she was about to catch him, he was swallowed up by a sea of blood. She watched helplessly as George was devoured by the monster. She could only watch on helplessly. There was nothing else she could do despite her desperation. “Brother” Karen Daly jolted awake from the nightmare, her body covered in cold sweat. “Karen, what’s wrong?” Kevin Kyle was also shaken awake. He reached out to pat her back, trying to comfort her. “I just had a terrible nightmare.” Karen wiped the cold sweat off her forehead and whispered. She hadn’t had a nightmare for a long time. She didn’t know why she had such a terrible nightmare tonight. After talking to George in the evening, she felt uneasy. Then, she dreamed of him. She dreamed that he was covered in blood and being eaten by a monster. Perhaps she had watched too many horror movies recently. Her dream did look like a movie scene, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here!” Kevin’s deep voice calmed Karen down. Suddenly, she wasn’t as afraid anymore “I’m not scared anymore.” She said while reaching out for the mobile phone on the bedside table. She quickly dialled George’s number. Nobody answered the phone. She became anxious and asked, “What could George be doing? I’ve called him twice, but there was still no answer. I’m so worried for him.” Kevin took her mobile phone away. “He will be fine. Don’t think about it too much. If you’re really worried, I’ll ask someone to check on him.” “It should be fine.” She twirled her hair. She tried hard to assure herself and that she was just overreacting. “Well, maybe he’s asleep and didn’t hear the phone ring.” This had happened before, so Kevin didn’t suspect anything weird. “Tll call him when I get up in the morning then.” She nestled into Kevin’s arms and curled up like a kitten. Kevin rubbed her back gently and comforted her to sleep. The second half of the night, Karen didn’t sleep very well either. As soon as she closed her eyes, she saw George standing in the blood rain again. She couldn’t fall asleep, and naturally, Kevin couldn’t either. He conceded, “I’ll ask someone to check up on him.” Kevin knew she was worrying about George. By now, they understood each other inside out. “Ok, send someone to check up on him. I need to know that he’s safe at home.” She had never had such a strange dream before but tonight, her dreams were consuming her. She couldn’t calm down. Kevin immediately called Nick Black and asked him to send someone to George’s residence to check on him and make sure he was safe. But, before Kevin could say anything, Nick interrupted, “Director Kevin, Old Mr. Ken is dead!” “What?” Hearing the news, even the calm and collected Kevin shouted. He eventually managed to compose himself quickly after and he asked calmly, “Tell me what’s going on.” Kevin had asked Nick to send someone to George’s house in case something happened. However, he didn’t want to disturb their lives so they watched them from afar. That night, Nick’s men noticed George was acting weirdly, so they followed him and discovered what George had found. Herbert Ken, his father, had been kidnapped and killed. After hearing Nick’s explanation, Kevin’s face darkened. Karen asked cautiously, “Kevin, don’t scare me. My brother is fine, right?” “George is fine. But there’s something urgent in the company that need to deal with it right away.” He held Karen’s face and kissed her, and immediately jumped out of bed. “Karen, don’t think too much about it. It’s okay.” “Is it really okay?” For once, Karen didn’t believe him. His face didn’t exactly look like George was as safe as he said. “Have I ever lied to you?” He rubbed her head. “Go rest. Ill need to attend to something.”

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