My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 512

George Ken had never practised any form of self defence or martial arts before, but he was tall. That punch almost used up all the strength in his body. That was a hard blow to Kevin Kyle’s face. Almost immediately, Kevin’s perfect face bruised up. But George was not satisfied. He wanted to kill Kevin. How could he be satisfied with just some superficial bruising? George steadied himself and punched out again, but this time Kevin didn’t give in. Kevin grabbed George’s wrist in mid-air. He twisted it with great force and held it firmly. He said in a deep voice, “George, what the hell do you think you’re doing? He’s dead. Even if you hit me, he won’t come back to life.” Kevin had a very cold, rational character. The man was dead, so we should focus on a proper send off so that he can rest in peace. The right thing to do was to find the murderer and bring him to justice. It was the right thing to do for Herbert. “Bastard! How dare you say such nonsense. You’ll die with him.” George kicked and screamed, but none of his kicks and hits hurt Kevin. He could only watch helplessly as his father’s murderer stood in front of him, yet he couldn’t do anything to him. Kevin roared, “George, what’s wrong with you? Are you crazy?” George sneered, “Crazy? Yes, why didn’t I realize sooner. If you, Director Kevin, say that I’m crazy, I’m definitely a psycho.” When he saw his father drenched in blood, George lost all sense of reason. He could no longer think clearly. He could only believe what he had heard and seen. His father’s last words meant that he knew something about Kevin. He must have known Kevin’s deepest darkest secrets, hence Kevin had him killed. “George, calm down. If you calm down, we can start looking for the murderer. Only then can Old Mr. Ken rest in peace.” Kevin wished that he could knock George out, so that he would not make cause any fuss anymore. Ugh! George sneered in his heart. How could Kevin, a two-faced pretender, ask him to calm down? And of all people, Kevin suggested to track down the murderer? Kevin probably didn’t know that he had installed cameras that recorded the whole process of his father’s abduction. And he didn’t know his father’s last words to him. Therefore, Kevin could still be trying to play the role of a good son-in-law, brother-in-law, husband, and father. George was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. He wanted nothing more than to tear Kevin into pieces. If Kevin knew what he knew, they would kill him too. Then, Kevin would continue lying to Karen for the rest of her life. Even worse, she would be living with the person who killed her father. No! He and his father wouldn’t want that to happen. He couldn’t be impulsive anymore. He had to deal with it calmly. He had to find a way to expose Kevin and rescue Karen and her daughter. After figuring out his own situation, George calmed down a lot. He couldn’t confront Kevin head-on because he was no match for Kevin at all. He looked at Kevin, slowly covering the hatred and anger in his eyes. He said, “If I find the murderer, I will definitely destroy his family.” As he spoke, he fixed his eyes on Kevin, trying to read Kevin’s facial expressions and see if he could find anything different. Once again, like many times in the past, George tried, and failed, to read Kevin’s mind. Kevin was always so calm and composed. He was always so deep in thought that George would never understand and interpret him. Kevin was the real murderer, but he still had no expression on his face. Kevin nodded and said, “Let’s move Old Mr Ken’s body back first. As for the other matters, leave them to me. I promise I’ll get back to you with answers.” Kevin would go investigate and give him an answer. Apparently, Kevin had already prepared for this. He had prepared a fake “truth” that could be used to fool him. Kevin appeared to be thoughtful. Well then, he should be too. So he would let Kevin investigate and see what tricks he would conjure up next. George was immersed in his own thoughts and did not respond to Kevin. Kevin said, “I hope we can deal with this matter in secret. Let’s not tell Karen anything for now.” “Are you so afraid of letting Karen know about this?” George asked coldly. Indeed! Kevin must be feeling guilty, so he wanted to hide this from Karen However, the truth must be unraveled somehow. Karen would know about it sooner or later. He would definitely let Karen know the true Kevin Kyle. “Just promise me that you won’t let her know.” Kevin was not afraid of Karen knowing, but since Herbert’s death was now a reality, Karen would be devastated. Moreover, Karen was pregnant and was still in the first trimester, which was a vulnerable period. The doctor said that she shouldn’t be triggered emotionally, so Kevin didn’t want to take the risk. George asked, “Do you mean you don’t want her to see father for the last time?” Kevin nodded and said, “In her heart, Old Mr. Ken had already passed away. She has already accepted that fact. Now that he is truly gone, knowing would only make things worse.” “You’re right. Il follow your orders.” George nodded, but his thoughts had long left him. Kevin had always been very efficient. His men quickly sent Herbert’s body to the nearest funeral home. Seeing Kevin doing all this for his father, George suspected that he had made a mistake. He couldn’t figure out why Kevin would want to kill his father. Did he do it just to help Mia take revenge? So he killed his father-in-law and then frame some other guy? Every time he doubted himself, he found himself admiring Kevin’s acting. His acting was so realistic and seamless. He almost looked like he wasn’t acting at all. After everything was done, Kevin looked at George, who had remained silent all this while, and said, “Let’s go find the murderer.” George nodded honestly. “Okay.” What they didn’t know was that as soon as they sent Herbert’s body to the funeral home, news that someone was killed at Kingston Wharf last night had been spreading. Last night, someone had taken a photo of the murder at Kingston Wharf and uploaded it online. It was now trending news.

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