My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 513

The Kingston Wharf murder incident was trending online, and more and more people knew about it. The incident was being discussed everywhere. When Kevin Kyle heard about it, it was already two or three hours later. He had just finished dealing with Herbert’s arrangements when he found out that the news was already trending on the Internet. He made a quick decision and immediately asked his people to suppress the search and to delete all the messages and news articles. Anyone who spoke about it again would be reported. People would start asking questions about the identity of the deceased. Sooner or later, someone would find the answer. Kevin had to take drastic measures, just in case. George Ken was also keeping busy. He had tried to contact the person who had taken those photos of his father and posted them on the Internet. That person was there. It was very likely that he had seen the murderer. He could have seen everything that happened before George reached his father. He sent his message, but instead, the number had been blocked. The other accounts involved in the discussion were either deleted or muted too. Suddenly, the Kingston Wharf murder had disappeared from the Internet without a trace. George sighed. Kevin was quick. Kevin’s men had already done so many things before he could do anything.When racing with Kevin, most people lose from the start. If George couldn’t use the Internet, then he would go offline. He would definitely find proof that Kevin was behind all this. Although the news on the Kingston Wharf incident had been taken down, many people had already seen the photos. The discussions continued just as much offline as it did online. Everyone was guessing who the murderer was. Before that, who had taken down everything about the incident online? In a short period of time, there were all kinds of conspiracy theories, which made people anxious. Hearing the news, Mr. Wilis couldn’t contain his excitement. Herbert Ken was dead. Kevin Kyle was framed. Now that Kevin was facing an uphill battle, he should be running to him for help any second now. Just then, a familiar phone number appeared on his phone. He answered it after some time. He said, “You really are one of Master Yaleman’s people. You guys act fast. Just two days ago, you said that you would kill Herbert and frame Kevin and you’ve succeeded.” “Director Wilis, you kidnapped and killed a man, and you somehow made it go viral. Are you stupid or what? A male voice mocked him through the mobile phone, “What the hell do you mean? When did I kill him? You killed him.” Mr. Wilis roared. The man added, “What do I mean? You still don’t understand?” Mr. Wilis sneered and said, “You killed someone, and you want to run away now?” The man snorted and said, “It’s not that I want to run away. I just don’t want to work with people like you. With you, I don’t even know my own fate.” After that, the man hung up the phone. When Mr. Wilis called again, the number was already out of service. Mr. Wilis threw his mobile phone onto the ground and scolded, “F*ck, you think you can run away that easily. The head of the Yaleman Family is still there. He’ll eventually catch you.” “That’s not necessarily true!” Kristine Daly, who had been sitting there silently, suddenly chimed in. “What do you mean?” Mr. Wilis raised his eyebrows and looked at her. Kristine was playing her phone while she spoke, “You only talked to that person on the phone, and you don’t even know what he looks like. He said he was one of Chace Yaleman’s people, but who knows if he was telling the truth.” Mr. Wilis suddenly understood. Yes, the man said on the phone that he was Chace’s man, but he couldn’t confirm it. Who knew if the man was telling the truth? It was that man who said he wanted to kidnap Herbert… but now he was acting innocent. Perhaps that person did not want to help him, but just wanted to use him. Chase and Kevin had no grudge against each other. LAY Corporation had even worked with Rovio on several occasions. There was no bad blood between the Kyles and the Yalemans. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that Chace wouldn’t have suddenly asked him to help mess Kevin up The person who spoke to him was very likely to be pretending. He didn’t know what that person wanted to do. “Director Wilis, I also sent for someone to check on Chase. I’ll send you the information I received.” Kristine tapped repeatedly on her phone screen. “Chace has just returned to China a few days ago, and he has always been surrounded by female assistants and secretaries. Even his driver is a woman. He only hires women to work for him.” Although this revelation couldn’t prove anything, Director Wilis had a bad feeling that the man on the phone wasn’t who he said he was. Mr. Wilis said angrily, “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” Kristine said, “I just got the information. I barely glanced at it. I haven’t finished reading it yet, and I thought that I would send it to you first.” Mr. Wilis opened the file that Kristine had sent to him. The more he read, the darker his face became. How had he offended that person? Why would he hurt him like this? Kevin had already forced his company to a deadlock. If Kevin got wind that Mr. Wilis had something to do with Herbert’s death, who knew what Kevin would do to him and his company Kristine continued, “Director Wilis, that man didn’t want to harm you, he just took advantage of you. Maybe he had planned to kill Herbert, but he needed a scapegoat, so he didn’t take any action until he found you. He told you his plan. He dragged you into this mess.” The more he listened, the angrier Mr. Wilis became. He gritted his teeth and said, “I planned everything so nicely, but I didn’t know I was being set up myself.” Kristine listened silently. Mr. Willis suddenly smiled and said, “Kristine, is this it? Have I reached the end? Kristine quipped, “Every road has to end somewhere. It’s not about how you start, but how you finish. Some go out quietly, some go out with a bang.” Mr. Willis waved his hand and said, “Come here.” Kristine looked up at him and smiled charmingly. “Director Willis, in such a tense situation, you still want me?” Mr. Willis said impatiently, “Just come. Don’t talk so much.”

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