My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 514

Kristine Daly refused to give in, so Mr. Wilis increased his force. Every time, he would exhaust all his energy in order to subdue her completely. However, it was useless no matter what he did. Kristine bit her lips and silently shed her tears. She just didn’t want to submit herself “Kristine Mr. Willis forced in again and shouted her name at the same time, “Answer me, call my name!” Kristine bit her lips that were already bleeding and put on a melancholic smile. “Director Willis, I have been responding to you.” Mr. Willis punished her chin and forced her to look at him. He then yelled at her fiercely, “Damn you woman, I asked you to call my name!” “Your name?” Kristine clenched her fists and smiled again. I’m really sorry! They had known each other for many years. She had always addressed him as Mr. Willis or Director Willis, but she had never called him by his name. For a moment she really couldn’t recall his name. “I asked you to call my name. Can’t you hear me?” Without Kristine’s response, Mr. Willis went completely berserk. He grabbed her neck and wanted to strangle her. Mr. Willis exerted so much force that Kristine started to find it difficult to breathe. Her mind was clouded. She clenched her fists tightly. There was a tenacious and stubborn look in her eyes. Even though she had been badly injured by Mr. Willis, Kristine did not beg for mercy. Even when she could not stand it any further, all she did was sob quietly. “Why are you so reluctant to call my name?” Mr. Wilis let go of her, pushed her to the desk, and continued to torture her. Kristine didn’t know when this torment would end, so all she could do was to endure it through gritted teeth. Everyone looked down on her and thought that she was a cheap whore. But she shouldn’t look down on herself! She was a human too. And she had her own thinking. She had longed to live a peaceful and quiet life, yet she never had the chance. Events in her everyday life would change dramatically Growing up, Samuel Daly was the one controlling her life. And when she grew up, it was Charlie Gook. Later on, she beat up Charlie and killed him. She thought she would be free from then on. Whether she was alive or dead, she would be set free. Who would have thought that fate would once again push her to Mr. Wilis who led her to a path of no return. What was the path of no return? Offending Kevin Kyle of Rovio was the path of no return. Long afterwards, not knowing how long it had been Kristine’s consciousness was slowly diminished by the pain. She slowly lost track of her surrounding, as if her soul had separated from her body. She couldn’t see or feel anything. She couldn’t see how the man in front of her was degrading her, and she couldn’t feel the torment on her body. It seemed like she would die! “Did you guys see the post on Twitter this morning about the homicide at Kingston Wharf?” “The homicide at Kingston Wharf was big news this morning. How could we miss it?” “Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen it too.” “The strange thing is, after being on the trending list for two hours, the tweet was deleted all of a sudden. There are no traces found about the news on the Internet too.” “Yes, this is really strange indeed. How could it be deleted so quickly?” “Does this mean the murderer is someone influential? Otherwise, who would have the ability to suppress such a big news almost instantly?” Karen Daly could hear her colleagues discussing about the homicide at Kingston Wharf when she went to the pantry and the washroom. When she returned to her office, her colleagues were still discussing about the topic. Everyone was gossiping as if they had seen it with their own eyes, how the victim was killed and then thrown at the beach last night Karen didn’t read about this news from Twitter, but she got it in her company’s group chat. Someone had saved the photos they saw this morning and posted them in the chat. From the three photos, the wounds on the victim’s body could be seen very clearly. Every scar was deep, and any one of them could be deadly. Karen took a glance at the photos and was about to delete them when, something strange happened. The pictures were deleted by the network police. The only explanation given was that they were too bloody and violent. As soon as the photos were deleted, everyone in the company started to discuss about it enthusiastically. All of them wanted to know who the victim and the murderer was. And who could suppress such a big news? Karen was never the type who gossiped, yet she was also curious about this case. It was a person’s life after all, gone just like that. Yet people were not allowed to talk about it on the Internet. So it was pretty obvious that something was fishy about the case. When Karen was deep in thoughts, she suddenly felt a hot stare in her direction. She looked up and saw the burning gaze of Henry When Henry saw her looking over, he waved to her and smiled frivolously. The way he looked at Karen made her feel uneasy. Karen felt sick when she saw his smile. She almost threw up her breakfast from earlier. There was another churn in her stomach, which made her retch again. The baby in her belly had not bothered her for many days. It seemed that the baby was disgusted by this guy too. When the baby’s father kissed them, the baby would be kind to her. Even though the baby was still tiny, the baby could already recognize the father and only acknowledged his kisses. “Karen!” Henry walked up to Karen noiselessly. When Karen heard him calling her name, it gave her goosebumps again. Karen got up immediately and instinctively took two steps backwards to keep the distance between them. Henry smiled and said, “Director Cheng had asked both of us to lead the design of the wind-love series of dresses. Now that all the team members are here, let’s discuss it together.” Henry’s attitude was serious and his words were decent, there was nothing wrong about him, as if he had not hinted anything to Karen earlier. Henry was showing a proper work ethic. If Karen was being calculative now, then it would be her mismanagement instead. Karen pursed her lips and nodded. “Okay.” During work, Henry was extremely serious, and his designs were not bad. In fact, they were exceptional. Every point that he brought up was all on fleck. The team members were quite pleased with this designer who had appeared out of nowhere. Personal conflicts aside, Karen would be willing to work with this kind of person who was responsible and talented. However, when she first met Henry, he had kissed her forcefully in the elevator. The grudge towards him would be quite impossible to get rid of for the rest of her life.

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