My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 514

“Director Wilis, this is your workplace and it’s for official work. I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Kristine Daly remained in her seat. She wasn’t going to listen to Mr. Wilis. “You’re not coming over, right?” She did not move, so Mr. Wilis got up and took a good few strides to reach her side. He grabbed Kristine into his arms. Mr. Wilis was a head taller than Kristine. He gazed down at her with complicated emotions that Kristine couldn’t comprehend. She didn’t like it and turned away from him purposely, refusing to meet his eyes. Mr. Wilis reached out and turned Kristine’s head towards him. Then he said in an overbearing and rough tone, “Oh Kristine, my Kristine, tell me, what should I do with you?” When he first met this woman, he didn’t think highly of her. He considered her to be just a beauty with no brain, who only knew how to use her beauty to seduce others. But later on, he realized that people who knew how to make use of their strengths, were actually very smart. Kristine was that kind of woman. She knew her strengths very well and had definitely made good use of them And then, he found out more sides of Kristine. Many people would have chosen to end their lives in such cruel adversity. But for Kristine, she chose to live, and make a come back after she left the mental hospital. After the plastic surgery, she started a brand new life. He had thought that she would take revenge after she embarked on a new life journey, but she didn’t. She just settled down and carried on with her own life. This made him see a brand new and completely different side of her. Even he himself hadn’t realized that his eyes would somehow follow her, and her every move would affect him. He only had eyes for her but it surely wasn’t the case the other way round. It seemed that she had never truly looked at him at all. Not only in this aspect, in his eyes, Kristine also completely amazed him. There were still a lot of things about her that he had never seen in the past. There were many things that he didn’t think of or couldn’t make sense of, but this woman would get them all figured out quickly. Each time, a lot of things that he couldn’t think through would come to senses immediately after her reminder. So he didn’t know what to think of this woman. He was unsure if she was his blessing or misfortune. “Director Wilis, don’t pretend to be affectionate with me. You should know that in the world of being a prostitute, only money is the most practical thing. Never play the damn love relationship card with a prostitute.” Kristine stated with a faint smile. Having gone through so much, Kristine had already seen through everything. She wouldn’t expect a man to care or love her, nor would she expect to get the love that she had wanted from a man. She just wanted to enjoy life, love herself, and live her own life. Let those who looked down on her said whatever they wanted. “What if I want to have a relationship with you?” Mr. Wilis squinted his eyes and stared at Kristine. He focused all his attention on her every little expression. He was very nervous. His fingers were trembling. He was even more nervous than when he heard the mission to kill Kevin Kyle had failed. He was worried he would hear an undesirable answer. “Director Wilis, please let me go!” Kristine smiled, her eyebrows curved as she replied casually. “I am still hoping innocently that you just want to have sex with me, and not for me to fall in love with you. Love is a poison. Once you touch it, you will most likely be trapped forever.” Therefore, she would never fall for any man anymore. She would not stupidly invest her feelings on anyone anymore. Because it was not worth it! No one was worthy of her love. “Bitch, I really want to kill you!” Mr. Wilis wrapped his arms around Kristine’s waist and pulled her close to him. He was forceful, so when Kristine was pulled to him, she could not move at all. The two of them were so close on each other it was as if they had merged into one. Kristine could clearly feel Mr. Willis’ racing pulses Kristine put her tender hand on Mr. Wilis’ shoulder and slowly slid down, until his tight chest. She caressed his chest while smiling enchantingly, “Director Wilis, I really didn’t expect you to have such unique appetite. Why do you fancy a prostitute?” “Shut up!” Mr. Wilis pinched her mouth and stopped her from talking further. Every time she said something that was self-insulting, and faked a smile when she was with him, he would wish he could just break her neck. “Director Wilis, even you don’t like to hear the truth, do you?” Kristine laughed lightly, her voice was crisp and sweet, but there were tears in her eyes. She no longer used her delicate appearance to get others’ pity. No matter what happened, she would rough it through Because she knew that no one in this world would truly care about her except herself. She only had herself. If she wanted to live a better life, she could only rely on herself. No one else could do it for her. “B*tch, I told you to shut up, why can’t you fucking listen to me!” Mr. Wilis lowered his head and kissed Kristine, His kisses were wild, overbearing, and fierce, as if he wanted to suck Kristine’s soul away. “Mmm..” Kristine tried to pull away, but she was constrained by him so firmly that there was no chance for her to free herself. Mr. Willis hands slipped through the lower hem of Kristine’s clothes and wandered around her back. He lowered his head and whispered in her ears, “Kristine, give yourself to me. Then I will adore you and promise not to let anyone hurt you.” Kristine pursed her lips, and the tears in her eyes became more obvious, yet she was still smiling. She clenched her fists and put up the most charming smile on her face. “Kristine, listen to me, then I will love your tenderly!” Mr. Wilis kissed her on the face. Her disheveled look gave him the urge to press against her body and torture her fiercely. Kristine smiled and responded, “Director Wilis, I’m already being submissive. Are you still not satisfied with this? How do you want me to be for you to be truly satisfied?” As soon as she said that, Mr. Wilis pulled up her mini skirt and invaded her dominantly, as he had done so many times in the past. Every time, he would use up all his strength. Every time, he would ram into her so hard as if to smash her into pieces. And every time, he would bite her really hard… It seemed that he wouldn’t be satisfied if he hadn’t bruised her, or made her cry and beg for mercy. However, he was once again disappointed. Even though Kristine’s whole body was covered in bruises, she still clenched her teeth, endured the pain, and did not once say anything nice to him. She held her fists tightly. Her nails had sunk into the flesh of her palms. She bit her lips until they bled while tears welled up in her eyes. But she was not willing to give in. Wasn’t it painful? Could she even feel the pain?

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