My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 516

“Karen..” Henry suddenly called out to her. Karen was stunned and she looked at him, then Henry said in his pleasant voice, “Do you have any suggestions or proposals for the case we have just discussed?” Karen was shocked again. “Damn it,” she thought. She was distracted and had completely lost focus on the proposals Henry and the team were discussing. “If you have no objection, we’ll settle with this for now.” Henry clapped his hands and then added, “Alright, let’s get back to work. If there are any problems moving forward, feel free to bring them up at any time.” Karen was in a daze so Henry spoke just in time to help Karen avoid the awkwardness. However, she wasn’t sure if he was actually helping her out sincerely. No matter what his intentions were, Karen had never considered thanking him since she held quite a grudge against him. “Henry, can I come to you anytime if there’s something! don’t understand in future?” A female colleague asked him adoringly. Whatever she wanted to express was shown in her eyes. Henry had good looks, an exceptional body, and a pair of attractive eyes. Outstanding capabilities aside, the reason why he was accepted by the colleagues so quickly had to do with his appearance. In the age of aesthetics-over-everything, regardless of man or woman, having good looks would always give one extra advantage. Henry nodded and put up his signature smile. “Of course, anyone who has any questions can come to me for discussion.” Henry’s words were very appropriate. He not only indirectly refused the advances of the female colleague, but successfully maintained his demeanor as a chief designer. The female colleague replied with a “yes” and left the meeting room with everyone else. While she was leaving, she turned and looked at him bitterly. Karen also packed up her paperwork to leave with the team However, as soon as she got up. Henry handed another document to her and said, “Karen, take a look at this.” Karen had to stop and accept the document he handed over. She opened the document and glanced at it carefully. When she saw the design draft, Karen looked up and stared at Henry. She was utterly shocked! The design draft that Henry handed to her was the wedding dress that she had designed for herself. How did he get a hold of her sketches? Did he know Ivan too? It wasn’t entirely impossible. Henry did return from Milan after all. They were in the same city and in the same industry. The chance for him to know Ivan was certainly there. As a renowned designer, Ivan emphasized a lot on original creations way more than anyone else. It was very unlikely for him to pass on her work to someone else. Looking at Karen’s surprised and confused look, Henry smiled gently and said, “Karen, I want to hear your opinion.” Karen calmed herself down and said, “Did you really draw this draft? Henry shrugged, “If it wasn’t me, then who else?” “You drew this draft?” Karen couldn’t believe it. She instinctively tightened her grip on the drawing and pursed her lips tightly. “What do you want to say?” Henry approached Karen and then reached out to sweep the hair off Karen’s forehead. Karen was startled, she stepped back at once, distancing herself from him. She glared at him angrily and asked, “What do you want to do?” Henry laughed and said, “I am a Virgo and I can’t tolerate anything messy. Your hair was really messy, so instinctively I helped you tidy it.” “Henry, I did not know you as a friend before, and I don’t intend to know you in future. If it’s necessary for us to have any kind of relationship, then we will only remain as colleagues. I am married and my child is also a toddler now I care about my husband very much, and I love my child a lot too. I don’t wish to have anyone disturbing our lives.” Karen was eager to draw a clear line with this person, so for someone who had never liked to discuss personal affairs publicly, she disclosed everything about herself in one shot. “You’re married. You have a child…” Henry squinted his attractive eyes. He shrugged and then said, “Does it have anything to do with me?” She was married and had a child… so what? It had nothing to do with him at all, and it would certainly not affect his determination to achieve what he set his eyes on. However, as the saying goes, haste makes waste. He had to carry out his plan slowly, one step at a time. What did it have to do with him? This statement was ambiguous, Karen couldn’t quite figure out his intention. So was he saying that her private life had nothing to do with him? And they were just colleagues and business partners? Or did he mean that it didn’t matter if she was married. He would do whatever he pleased? Karen was not in the mood to argue with him. She turned around and made a move. However, Henry stepped forward and blocked her way. He then said, “I was just asking you to give me some advice. I don’t want to know your private life.” Karen blushed immediately. Embarrassed and helpless, she said again, “Can you tell me clearly where did you get this design draft from?” “Hmm?” Henry put on a confused look. “This design draft is a wedding dress manuscript that I have designed for myself. How can it be with you?” Henry had pretended to be ignorant, so Karen decided to stop beating around the bush “Karen, is there a mistake? This is the manuscript I have designed, how can it be yours?” Henry looked extremely surprised, but his bright crystal eyes reflected his teasing smile. Karen had only shown the draft to Kevin Kyle and the Ivan. They would certainly not give away her draft. But how could Henry possibly have her design draft? Was it really just a coincidence? Both of their design concept and ideas were almost identical, so they had both designed something that was incredibly similar. Karen refused to believe that there could be a coincidence as such in the world. Perhaps she did know him in the past, but she had forgotten about him? There was quite a long period of time when she lost her memory completely. She couldn’t recognize Kevin even when he was by her side. During that period of time, she had forgotten many whom she had very close relationships with. She had lost a big part of her memory, but she had gradually pieced them back. She had recalled everything from the past. Were there missing parts that she hadn’t remembered? Karen tried really hard to recall, but she still couldn’t remember any man called Henry. Was it possible that when she recalled her past memories, she had inadvertently left out the part when she was living in Milan? If she had really forgotten about that part of the memories, then she shouldn’t have remembered living with Samuel Daly for three years, and that she had won the new designer award. “Karen..” Karen, who was still deep in thoughts, suddenly heard a pleasant voice. As she looked up, she was met with Henry’s approaching face He held her head and bowed his head to kiss her, but this time, Karen was quick to react. She reached out her hand in time to cover her mouth and then she thundered, “Henry, do this again and I won’t be easy on you.”

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