My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 517

“I’m sorry! I can’t help it when I see a gorgeous girl.” Henry apologized sincerely. He said guiltily, as if he really couldn’t control his behavior. “You can’t control yourself? Do you think you are an animal? You can’t control your desire when you see a female?” This kind of men liked to use their charm to seduce people. Karen didn’t buy this, so she did not say it nicely. When Karen returned to the office, everyone was still talking about the homicide at Kingston Wharf. It was never-ending “Karen, this case is really mysterious and it has hyped up everyone’s curiosity. You know a lot of things. Can you perhaps enquire about it, so as to satisfy our curious minds?” Lori, her assistant suddenly came over and said, “Haven’t you heard the saying that curiosity kills the cat?” Everyone is curious, but Karen believed that it was better not to overdo it. If they went too far, they might get into trouble without realizing it. All she wanted to do now was to give birth to her second child with Kevin Kyle and then to live a simple family life with Kevin, Little Karen, and their new baby. Karen’s intention had always been as simple as that. “Well, I know that you have a good mindset. I admit I’m not quite like you. So I’m going to find someone else to gossip with then!” Lori waved at Karen and joint the crowd to continue the gossip. As Lori ran away, Karen withdrew her gaze. She was still holding the design draft that was handed to her by Henry just now. It was almost the exact same design draft. If this was not a copy, it couldn’t possibly be just a coincidence?” “Karen, let’s have lunch together later.” Again, Henry was standing by the door of her office with his professional attitude. Karen raised her eyebrows and was about to refuse when she heard Henry said, “Director Cheng is not free in the morning nor the late afternoon. He will have some free time at noon. If we don’t settle our case with him today, he will be going abroad for a business trip soon.” It was about work again… Damn! Karen who wouldn’t usually swear couldn’t help herself. But she still managed to hold it in. She had to bear with it because of work… Hector Cheng was there anyway, and Henry had always been decent when Hector was around, so he wouldn’t dare do anything irrational. Karen took a hard look at him and said, “Okay.” “Then I’ll see you at noon.” Henry smiled and left. “You’d better stay away, and don’t let me see you again. Bloody bad luck!” Karen quickly took out her mobile phone and searched for her Mr. Kyle’s photo for some relief. Her Mr. Kyle was still the best and an absolute eye-candy. As she was indulging herself in the photo, Karen inadvertently touched Kevin’s face on the photo. This photo was taken by her when Kevin was asleep. Her Mr. Kyle was very sexy when he was naked. Thank goodness she was the only one who could enjoy his sexiness. He certainly wouldn’t act like Henry, using his gorgeous eyes to flirt with all the female employees every time. [Twinkle twinkle little star…] Karen’s mobile suddenly rang. It was still the nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” that Little Karen liked. The ringtone was exclusive to Kevin’s calls. She knew it was him from the ringtone without looking at the caller ID. Karen was adoring Mr. Kyle’s sexy body when he suddenly called her, she felt as if she had been caught red-handed. She was blushing when she answered the call. Her voice softened, “Mr. Kyle, you’re calling me before noon. Are you missing me?” “Yes.” She was so enthusiastic, yet Kevin who was on the other end of the phone only replied with a “yes”, awkward, wasn’t it? Kevin did not speak. Karen pouted her lips and said grumpily, “I have something to discuss with my supervisors at noon, so I won’t have lunch with you today.” “Okay.” Kevin only uttered a simple word. He sounded like the time when they just got married. He was like this during that time. Karen was even more annoyed. What was this man trying to do? She added, “I’m going to have lunch with another man at noon!” “Okay.” Kevin uttered simply again. She couldn’t tell if he listened to her words properly or not. Karen added, “What the hell is this? Your wife is going out to have lunch with other men. Don’t you care about that?” “Okay, you take care and be safe, call me if you need anything. I still have some things to deal with here. I have to hang up now.” As soon as he said that, Kevin hung up the phone. As she listened to the beeping sound in the mobile phone, Karen couldn’t describe her feelings. It had to be a long time already. When they finished their calls, Kevin would always let her hang up first. He didn’t explain his intention, but Karen understood very well that he didn’t want her to feel lost and unhappy when she heard the beeping sound. Slowly, Karen got used to how Kevin would spoil her, take care of her, give in to her every time, and let her have her ways in everything. All he did this time was to hang up the phone first, but she was upset already. Karen patted her face to stop her imagination from running wild. Her Mr. Kyle was the best. If he said he was busy, he had to be busy. She should be more considerate of him. However, Karen was still a little disappointed. She had told him so clearly that she would be going out for lunch with other men, but he didn’t even try to stop her. If Kevin were to stop her, she would find an excuse to tell Henry that her husband didn’t like her having lunch with other men, so she would only do anything related to work during the working hours. However, the ever jealous Kevin didn’t even say anything. Instead, he asked her to go ahead. This was something her Mr. Kyle would never do in the past. However, in order not to let her Mr. Kyle worry, Karen still took out her mobile phone and sent a Whatsapp message to Kevin, “Mr. Kyle, actually, I am not going out to have lunch will be fine.” with other men. I am just discussing work stuffs with my colleague and supervisor. Don’t worry about me. Baby and I After she had typed out her message, she looked at it over and over again. She was happy just looking at the message. The thought that someone would worry about her, care about her, and only think about her when she was away, made her felt extremely blessed. Karen thought that since Kevin was busy, he probably wouldn’t reply to her. Who would have thought, as soon as her message was sent out, Kevin quickly replied with a voice message. “Okay. Be careful. I’ll pick you up when you finish work tonight.” Kevin had to be really busy. He sounded anxious when he spoke, as if he was worried about something Karen texted him again, “Mr. Kyle, I’m no longer a child. Just do your job, and don’t worry about me. I will also work hard, eat well, and take good care of our baby.” Without realizing it, Karen stroked her belly again. Their child had been growing in her belly every day. In a few months’ time, they would be able to feel the baby moving By then, their Little Karen would have an elder brother and a younger brother. She was so happy just thinking about it.

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