My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 518

For the lunch meeting, they chose a famous restaurant near PM Corporation The restaurant was more elegant and quieter than the others around the area. It was a suitable place for work discussion and even dates. They were going to discuss about work, so they requested for a private room. Karen Daly was there for her project, so she brought along her assistant, Lori. When they arrived at the restaurant, Henry and Hector Cheng had already arrived. “Director Cheng.” Karen and Lori greeted Hector. Hector waved his hand and greeted with a smile, “We’re all young people, so don’t be so formal. We’re friends when we’re out for a meal. Don’t call me Director Cheng, it feels distant.” They were there to discuss work, and lunch was just secondary. Karen didn’t intend to have lunch with them. She just wanted to use the lunch meeting as a chance to get Hector to confirm the preliminary idea of the “Romance of The Wind” design series. But now, it seemed that Hector and Henry weren’t planning to talk about work. It wouldn’t be ideal for Karen to stop them from having lunch, so she took a seat. If they weren’t going to start talking about work, she would find an excuse to leave. “Karen, why aren’t you eating? Are the dishes ok for you?” When they were almost done eating, Hector finally noticed that Karen had not eaten much. “I ate a lot earlier in the morning, so I’m not hungry, Karen said. In fact, she didn’t actually fancy the food there. She had become really picky after being with Kevin Kyle. Everything she ate was carefully prepared. Karen didn’t eat, but Lori didn’t care as much. As a young assistant, she would eat whenever she had the chance to Henry who hadn’t said a word nor looked at Karen, finally said, “Director Cheng, Karen and I would like to confirm the proposal for “Romance of the Wind” with you.” “Tll give the both of you full authority in the “Romance of the Wind” series, just follow whatever you guys have decided on. In terms of designs, I have full confidence in both of your taste.” Although Hector said that both of them were in charge, he was still their boss at the end of the day. Therefore, his appraisals and politeness should not be taken too literally This was human nature. If someone said something polite to you, you should reciprocate too. He was the boss here, so one should give him the due respect When they came to discuss the designs with him, it was quite obvious from Hector’s smile that he still hoped to make all the decisions at the end of the day. They didn’t expect Hector to give professional opinions on the designs. After all, Hector was a management person, who knew literally nothing about designs. What they needed was his confirmation, so that they could kick start their work. When they were done eating, whatever that were needed to be discussed were also settled. Henry and Hector were chatting as they walked out of the private room Karen’t stomach had not been feeling well because of the smell of steak during lunch. She was nauseous since a while ago, but thankfully she had managed to hold it back. As soon as she left the private room, Karen rushed to the washroom and started retching. Seeing her pale face in the mirror, Karen started to miss her Mr. Kyle, who was always considerate and caring. Whenever she was eating with her Mr. Kyle, he would always consider about her situation, and would never let her come close to any smell that would stimulate her reactions. “Dear baby, mommy is feeling very uncomfortable. Please don’t be naughty, okay?” Knowing really well that her baby had not formed into a human yet, Karen still felt that the baby could understand her, so she would always try to communicate with the baby, She didn’t know whether it was just psychological, or the baby could really hear her, or maybe she was just done with the retching, Karen felt much more relieved. She cupped a handful of water and washed her face. She took a deep breath and told herself, “I can do this!” Just when she was cheering herself in the mirror, the washroom door was pushed open. A tall figure entered and locked the door behind him. It was Henry again!!! It was him again! He was always showing up! He was at the ladies and he even locked the door. What did he want to do? Karen took a few steps back immediately and stammered, “What, what do you want to do?” Henry approached Karen slowly, and with just a few steps, he had forced Karen to the corner, leaving her no room to escape. Karen reached for her mobile phone, but because she was too nervous, the phone fell to the ground with a loud thud. Just when Karen was distracted, Henry grabbed her hands and bent down to kiss her forehead. Karen could feel a current shot through her body, she was scared. She wanted to push Henry away. Yet, Henry pulled her into his arms tightly, with one of his arms around her waist, he whispered in her ear sinisterly, “Karen, you can’t escape. I will be sure to not let you escape this time.” “You’re crazy! I have already told you very clearly. I don’t know you. I have a husband and I have a child. What the heck do you want?” Karen yelled loudly, she didn’t know how she’d cross path with this psychopath. Henry cupped her face and said, “I’m not playing with you, I’m just trying to find a way to leave a deep impression.” “Let go, you psycho!” Karen tried her best to resist. She kicked and scratched him over and over again, but then she remembered she was carrying a baby. No, no… She could not be emotional. She needed to calm down. She needed to think about how to beat this guy and at the same time protect her child. However, Henry let go of her just in time and said with a smile, “I’m going to see someone.” Karen bit her lips tightly and raised her hand about to slap Henry. After being slapped last time, Henry learned his lesson too. He had expected that Karen would do this, so he quickly grabbed Karen’s arm. He then said, “I’m going to see Director Kevin from Rovio. You can go back to the company first.” Director Kevin from Rovio! The words exploded in Karen’s head like a dynamite, her mind went completely blank. Henry’s words lingered in her ears – Director Kevin from Rovio. “Karen…” Karen only came back to senses when she heard Kevin’s voice. She had even forgotten how she left the washroom. “What’s wrong?” When Kevin saw Karen’s pale face, he swiftly held her in his arms and stroked her back. “Let’s go to see the doctor.” Karen hid in his embrace, feeling mistreated and scared. She nodded obediently, she had no courage to look at the culprit who had made her scared. Kevin looked at Henry and said, “Henry, I’m sorry! I have to take my wife to see the doctor first. I’ll invite you, Jack and out Ivan next time for drinks.” “As you wish!” Henry shrugged and said sportingly. After they had walked quite a distance, Karen was about to ask how Kevin had known Henry, when Kevin interrupted first, “Is Henry the colleague you have mentioned?” Karen nodded. “You knew him already?” Kevin explained, “Him, George, Ivan, and me. We were all classmates and we were close friends in school.” “So, Henry, you, and my brother were all classmates?” Karen suddenly felt a chill running down her spine. Was this a coincidence or an accident?

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