My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 519

Henry used to be classmates with Kevin Kyle and George Ken, and they were pretty close to each other. Having said so, Henry was very likely to know her relationship with Kevin and George. Even though he knew that, Henry still acted outrageously. At the thought of this, Karen Daly felt she could kill Henry at that moment. As the saying goes, a friend’s wife can never touched. The kind of person who did this would not be a good person. Her Mr. Kyle would never have known such an impetuous person. Immediately, Karen recalled the design draft that Henry gave her. Since he knew Kevin and Ivan, the design sketches from Henry was definitely not done by him, he had to have gotten it from Kevin or Ivan. If he had wanted to steal a design, he should have stolen Ivan’s work. Any work from Ivan could be sold at a sky rocket price. He would only make big money if he sold those designs But her wedding dress was something she specially designed for herself. It did not have any branding value. It wouldn’t be sold at a good price too. So why did Henry take it? Was he a pervert? Karen stopped in her track, she looked up at Kevin and said, “Kevin, you said you have something to do at noon, were you seeing Henry?” “I wasn’t going to see him. I just happened to meet him after my business meeting. He said that he was waiting for a female colleague of his… I didn’t expect that the female colleague was you.” He rubbed Karen’s head and said. If Kevin had known that Karen was the colleague that Henry was looking for, Henry wouldn’t even have the chance. Kevin would have rushed there immediately already “We’re really just colleagues.” She was perhaps afraid that Kevin would find out what Henry had done to her. She purposely tilted her head away to avoid meeting Kevin’s eyes. “If you guys are not colleagues, then what other kinds of relationship can it be?” Kevin pinched her nose and lovingly cuddled her in his arms. “Karen, promise me that you’ll stay with me forever.” “Of course I will stay with you forever. Even if you allow me to leave, I’m sure our Little Karen and the baby in my belly will not let me leave.” Karen placed Kevin’s big hand over her belly and then chuckled. “I’m really, really happy to be carrying our child again. “Silly!” As he said so, Kevin bowed down his head and kissed Karen’s forehead. Karen pouted and responded, “You are the silly one!” Kevin didn’t refute her. After he helped her get into the car, he followed into the car and held her closely in his arms. “Take a nap first. I’ll wake you up when we arrive at the hospital.” “Kevin… I don’t want to work at PM anymore.” Although work was important to Karen, but deep down, Kevin and her family were the most important. There was clearly a time bomb beside her at work. Karen was certainly not a fool to willingly allow herself to be the target. What if something happened? What would happen to little Karen? What would happen to Kevin? And what would happen to the baby in her belly? Now she had to remind herself all the time that she was not alone. No matter what kind of decisions she had to make, she had to think about them first. She should not be capricious! It was certainly a bummer to leave PM Corporation. But she could always find another job. However, the family she had with Kevin was irreplaceable. Kevin kissed her forehead and said, “Well then, from now on just stay at home and take care of yourself and the baby. I’ll accompany you wherever you want to go.” It was a good thing that Karen decided not to go to work. But for a workaholic to propose a break from work, Kevin inadvertently suspected that she had find out about something. So far, it seemed that not many people knew the news that Old Mr. Ken had not died 20 years ago, and that George Ken had found him again, but he was then, murdered brutally. Only Kevin and George knew about it, and then there was Nick Black. It was unlikely for Karen to know about it. Although the chances were low, but it wasn’t 100% guaranteed. Karen jokes, “You won’t mind that I do nothing and just depended on you, will you?” “I like that..” Kevin’s words were interrupted by a sudden phone call. He smiled apologetically at Karen and quickly answered the phone. “How is it?” Nick’s voice responded from the other end of the phone. “Director Kevin, I found the man who posted the photos on the Internet yesterday. He lives near Kingston Wharf and often spends time there. He was returning home last night and unintentionally took those photos when he passed by.” Kevin pondered for a moment and asked, “Are there any other news?” Nick continued, “I will also send someone to find out more information of this person and see if he was bribed. Maybe the murderer has bought important clues from him in advance .” “Sure, Kevin uttered the single syllable word again. After he hung up the phone, Kevin pushed the glasses on his nose bridge, and Karen immediately massaged his back,” don’t feel unwell anymore. Let’s forget about the hospital. Let’s go home and you rest for a while.” Kevin was always busy with work. Managing Rovio was already a huge responsibility for him, yet he still had to spend time taking care of her. Karen felt guilty. “No, you must get a check-up at the hospital. If the baby makes you suffer again, I will spank the baby in the future.” Kevin really didn’t want to have another child because he didn’t want to see Karen suffer. “Are you sure about that?” Seeing how Kevin spoilt their daughter, she knew very well that he was a good father, so he wouldn’t have the heart to beat their baby. “If the baby dares to make you suffer, we shall see” Kevin held Karen in his arms. He was very worried. He had been having a bad feeling, he worried that Karen would found out about the incident on Herbert Ken sooner or later. Because of the worries, he had been fidgeting the whole morning. And when his mind wasn’t occupied with work, the first thing he would think about would definitely be Karen. If she found out the things about Herbert, what should he do to minimize the impact on her? Of course, the condition would be to do everything possible to stop the news from reaching Karen. There would be no harm caused if she didn’t know about it. Karen did a thorough pregnancy checkup at the hospital. The doctor announced that the mommy and baby were both in good health. They would only need to come for regular pregnancy checks every fortnight. Karen thanked the doctor and looked at the nervous Mr. Kyle. She smiled and said, “Look at how nervous you are. This is not my first pregnancy. I’m very experienced. Don’t worry.” “I’m worried about my wife. Does anyone have a problem with that?” Kevin helped Karen into the passenger seat. He planned to drive her home himself. “I heard that there was a murder at the Kingston Wharf last night. The head of the victim was cut off. It must be horrible “Oh my god, it’s scary from just thinking about it!” The two men passing by their car were discussing the homicide at Kingston Wharf, which Karen had been hearing the whole morning. What she heard this time was even more horrible compared to this morning’s news. They only said the victim was covered with injuries in the morning, but now they said the victim was beheaded. This was what they called a false rumour. When a message was passed on from one to another, the end story would end up quite unimaginable.

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