My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 520

Hearing what the two passers-by had said, Kevin Kyle’s hand stopped short on the door handle. He immediately looked towards Karen who was seated in the passenger seat. When he noticed that Karen Daly did not have any significant reaction, he slowly calmed down. “Kevin, what’s wrong?” Karen asked worriedly. Today, Kevin was a little different from his usual self. She could feel it, but she couldn’t pinpoint the difference. Perhaps it was Kevin’s lack of focus today. When he was with her earlier, she could feel that he was thinking about something else. Usually, when Kevin was with her, he would give his full attention to her. But today, it didn’t feel like that. Kevin was easily distracted today. Perhaps it was because of the work pressure at Rovio. Had he encountered some problems that he couldn’t solve? Karen wanted to help, but she didn’t know how. “I’m fine.” Kevin helped Karen fasten the seat belt, closed the door, and walked around the front of the car to his driver’s seat. “Kevin-” Karen called him, “If you are too tired, you should take a break from work and just rest for a few days.” Karen hadn’t seen Kevin having any rest day for a good few months. He was either busy with this or that. She was worried to see him so tired. Kevin responded, “I’m not tired!” this was always the case! He was not tired again! Karen had no idea how many times he had said that. Ahh this man! He was not a robot, how could he not be tired? Karen looked at him, feeling both angry and distressed. “I am not going to let you say that you’re not tired anymore.” Kevin reached out to pat her head and chuckled. “As long as you and our daughter stay by my side, I will be fine and will never be tired.” Kevin was telling the truth. Karen attempted to say something, but Kevin pulled her head over and kissed her gently. He had always liked to shut her up with this method. It took them half an hour or so to return to Secret Garden. Kevin turned off the car engine and got off… All of a sudden, a black Mercedes-Benz sped towards where Kevin was standing. The security guards rushed over and tried to stop it, but they were too slow… The black Mercedes-Benz suddenly braked and stopped in front of Kevin. If it was stopped just slightly later, the black Mercedes-Benz would have knocked Kevin out. It was just inches away from Kevin. However, even at this distance, Kevin’s expression remained unchanged. He stood straight and still, and did not even move his feet at all. It seemed that he knew the man would not hit him. He raised his vision slightly to look at George Ken, who was in the car. He did not speak, and his expression was as cold as usual. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking. George opened the car door and got off. His eyes under the sunglasses were cold and fierce… If he had not seen Karen here earlier, he would not have stepped on the brake. He wanted to send this evil murderer to meet his father, “George, are you crazy? Don’t you know where this is? Don’t you know you need to slow down? What if something happens?” It was Karen who yelled furiously as she rushed out of the car. Witnessing the dangerous move that George had just done, she was scared out of her wits and her heart certainly skipped a beat. She roared, tears rolled down from her eyes. She wiped her tears and continued. “George, let me tell you, if you harm Kevin in any way, you will regret for the rest of your life!” “He’s fine, isn’t he?” George’s heart softened at the sight of Karen crying. He was at a loss. “If something did happen, you would be finished. And our family would be done for.” Karen was terrified. She thought that the car would actually hit Kevin. “I am here and completely fine, am I not? I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.” Kevin held Karen in his arms, and let her wipe her tears and snot on his shirt. It was hard to imagine that this man used to have OCD. Now, none of the white shirts in his wardrobe had escaped the snot from his wife and Little Karen “If he knew what he’s doing, then he wouldn’t be driving like mad.” Karen rubbed her face in Kevin’s embrace, and finally wiped away her tears and snots. “Instead, you must listen to the doctor’s advice and don’t be so emotional.” Kevin was worried that Karen would find out the incident about Herbert Ken. He was afraid that she would be emotionally affected. George couldn’t bear to see Kevin, the murderer in the dark, being so affectionate with Karen, so he purposely slide himself between them. “Karen, I don’t have much going on at the moment. I’m planning to live with you guys for the time being. Am I welcome?” George was asking Karen, but his eyes under those sunglasses were actually directed at Kevin. He believed that he would be able to detect some sort of clues from Kevin’s expression. This time, George found something. Kevin frowned slightly. that subtle reaction certainly did not escape George’s scrutiny Humph- George snorted coldly to himself. Kevin did not want him to stay in Secret Garden. Thankfully he did not need Kevin’s consent, as long as Karen agreed. “Of course you’re welcomed to stay here. But you are not allowed to play those dangerous tricks in the future.” Karen said with a lingering fear. Secret Garden was enormous, and there were many rooms. The Kyle family did not usually live here, so it’s usually very quiet. Now that her brother wanted to stay here, of course Karen was happy. “That’s settled then. I’ll stay at your house.” George threw the car keys to a guard and said as he walked, “Please park the car for me.” He wanted to stay in Secret Garden for a few purposes. First of all, it would be more convenient for him to monitor Kevin; secondly, it was also convenient for him to protect himself, and last of all, it would be convenient for him to do what he intended to do. George was certain, that if Kevin had found out what his father had told him before he passed away, Kevin would definitely not go easy on him. And therefore, Secret Garden was the best place for him to stay He was pretty sure that Kevin would not kill him in front of Karen and Little Karen. Karen followed him and said, “I’ll ask someone to clean up the room. Just tell Sarabelle if you need anything, she will sort it out for you.” “I’ve come here to stay so I’ll make myself at home. You don’t have to be so polite to me. I’ll sure look for Sarabelle if I need anything.” As expected, George acted as if he was the master. Karen decided not to be bothered by her brother who seemed a bit crazy today. After all, George was her own brother. Their parents had died early, leaving only the two siblings behind. He would take care of her, and she wanted to take good care of him as well. Moreover, George was already in his thirties, yet he still hadn’t found a partner. For all the lonely and long nights that he had to endure alone, it had to somehow affect his psychology too. As his sister, how could she be so calculative with him?

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