My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 521

 As soon as George Ken reached the guest room, Kevin Kyle also arrived. He stood at the door and stared at George with a deep gaze, then he said, “During this period of time, it’s not suitable for you to stay here.” “You want to drive me away? Why?” George jumped into the bed and lay down with his arms spread wide, I am your brother-in-law after all, and my father…” “Shut up!” Before George could finish his words, Kevin scolded, “I don’t want you to talk about Old Mr. Ken here.” “Matthew, what are you afraid of?” George suddenly sat up. “Did you do something bad?” “Karen is pregnant, it’s only the first trimester, which is the most risky period. She can’t be too emotionally affected.” Kevin didn’t want to say this, but if he didn’t warn him first, he was afraid that George would disclose the news to Karen out of desperation “Karen is pregnant again? Is this true?” George was shocked. He felt surprised and somewhat disappointed and worried. Karen was pregnant again. With the child of Kevin, her own father’s murderer If all this did not happen, if their father did not die, then when he returned from his surgery, he could see his younger grandchild as well. However, all that had changed. And Kevin was the mastermind behind everything. Why? Why wouldn’t he let an old man off the hook? “How could it be fake?” Kevin had no intention to say more about this matter. He added, “I will investigate what happened to Old Mr. Ken. I’ll make sure he didn’t die in vain.” “I see.” George took a pillow and put it on his face. Without looking at Kevin, he said, “Go and busy yourself. I won’t let her know the news of father’s passing.” Kevin said angrily, “I’m asking you to go home.” “I have just moved in. If I were to move out right after you talked to me, my overly sensitive sister would definitely be suspicious.” George lay down again, he had no intention to leave. “Since you insist on staying here, you must be careful on how you talk and act,” Kevin narrowed his eyes. It wasn’t because he didn’t trust George. But when it came to anything related to Karen, he would be more serious in handling it. He had once lost Karen and learnt his lesson. Those three years were the toughest years he ever had. He was afraid that when he woke up one day, Karen would be gone again, and he wouldn’t be able to find her anywhere. He had lived fearlessly for so many years. If there was anything he was afraid of, it would be losing Karen. Throughout the three years, he had been terrified, but he had never told anyone about it. He kept all his grief to himself. No matter how unsettled he felt, he had to hang on. Rovio needed him, the Kyle family needed him, and his Little Karen needed him. “I know. You go ahead with your own stuff,” George waved his hand impatiently. “Remember that. If you do anything wrong, I will definitely teach you a lesson” Kevin warned again. “Are you two quarreling? Why?” Without their knowledge, Karen had walked over and was looking at them, confused. “Your husband isn’t happy that I’m staying here. He’s trying to drive me away,” George said smugly. Karen looked up at Kevin, she hooked on his arm and said cheekily, “My Mr. Kyle is not a petty man. I don’t believe you.” Mhmm. If her brother were to quarrel with Kevin, of course, she would stand on her Mr. Kyle’s side, Kevin rubbed her head, “Why didn’t you rest? What are you doing here?” Karen explained, “My brother is our guest here. As the hostess, I have to come to check on him, right?.” “You two, I’m not here to watch you guys showing your love to each other!” George rushed to the door and slammed it close. He looked furious. Karen looked at Kevin with confusion, “Mr. Kyle, is something wrong with my brother today?” Karen couldn’t say that she understood her brother entirely, but she knew a little too. She remembered that George was very good at acting. He had studied psychology, and knew what others were thinking. He wouldn’t talk to someone like that. However, it was not impossible too. Perhaps because she was his family, so he could show his true emotions in front of her. Kevin said softly, “Everyone has their bad days. You can try talking to him, but don’t let him affect your mood.” “Kevin, what’s wrong with you two?” She had already found them weird yesterday, and the feeling intensified today. They used to say anything in front of her and would not hide things from her. What secrets were they talking about for the past two days? Kevin raised his eyebrows, “Are you worried that there’s something between us?” Karen glared at him, “You know that I was not what I meant.” “Then don’t ask any more. Go back to your room and take a nap. Get up after you’ve rested well. I have to go out to do something.” Kevin held her hand as they walked down the stairs. Every time she saw Kevin busy, Karen felt like having more children. In the future when the children grew up, they could share the work equally, and not be as exhausted as Kevin was now, holding up Rovio all by himself. “Then you go ahead and work. Just focus on your work, and don’t worry about the matters at home. I’m here.” “Okay.” “I’ll send you to the door.” “I’ll accompany you back to the room.” The two of them spoke almost at the same time, and then looked at each other, smiling. Kevin gave Karen a hug. Karen spoke again first, “I’ll send you out” Kevin nodded. “Okay.”…. In the guest room on the third floor. George stood behind the curtains. He peeked through the curtains to see Kevin and Karen walking to the main gate. One was handsome, while the other beautiful. They looked good together wherever they went. When the two of them walked side by side, they attracted so much attention and awe, that even George felt that they were made for each other. But why? Why did Kevin harm their father? If not for his father’s last words, he would really question whether Kevin was really the murderer. Especially when he saw Kevin take such good care of Karen. Was Kevin really the murderer? Could he tell this to Karen, who had just gotten pregnant? For a moment, George had no idea. He had no idea what to do next. He wanted to seek revenge for his father, but he didn’t want Karen to be hurt.

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