My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 522

York Tanner had been waiting for Kevin Kyle at the gate. When he saw Kevin, York walked up to him immediately, “Director Kevin, I’ve gotten the information you’ve asked for.” Kevin said coldly, “Go on.” York started reporting, “Henry returned to the country on the 18th this month, on the invitation of Hector Cheng, to work with your wife on the “Romance of the Wind” series, a new series of designer gowns launched by PM Corporation.” Kevin raised his eyebrows and asked, “That’s it?” Did he think too much? He couldn’t help but feel that the way Henry looked at Karen was special, like they weren’t just colleagues Kevin had always been rather slow when it came to relationships. The reason why he noticed the difference on Henry’s looking at Karen was because he felt like someone was eyeing on his wife. York sneaked a look at him, and replied, “That’s all we were able to find out as of now.” Kevin didn’t reply. He got into the car and asked the chauffeur to start driving. Compared to Henry, the more important matter at hand was to find out Old Mr. Ken’s murderer. He couldn’t let his guard down until he found the murderer. There weren’t any good news from Nick Black too. He had indeed suppressed the discussions on the homicide online, but there was also a lot of discussions offline. With many people discussing it, the matter could blow out of proportion at any time. Then someone would definitely dig out the identity of the victim. That’s why he asked George to cooperate with him, to keep the secret for now. As long as George didn’t leak the information, the only person that could leak the information about the victim would be the murderer. This time, he wanted to get rid of the masterminds behind all these once and for all. After sending Kevin off, Karen Daly returned to her room to rest. She was indeed tired after few hours of running around. She changed into her pajamas and lay in bed. Although she was physically tired, her mind was still thinking about many things, so she didn’t fall asleep right away. She thought about many things. Her late parents, Papa and Mama Kyle who now stayed on Rana Mountain, and Mia Kyle, who had moved out. She thought about everyone in the family, including her brother who was grumpy today. Since she decided to stop going to work, she should probably look for a girlfriend for him. Their parents in heaven could only be content if he were to start his own family, Ah- Karen realized that she had been worrying about more and more things recently. She felt like a little old granny. Kevin would always remind her to not worry unnecessarily, because worrying could make one aged. She understood it perfectly, but she just couldn’t control herself from worrying. Although Kevin had just left not long ago, the thought of him made Karen miss him again. She wanted to send him a text message, to ask him to take some rest between works, and not work all day long like a robot. That’s when she realized she couldn’t find her phone. Where did her phone go? After some thoughts, she finally remembered. She had dropped her phone in the restaurant’s washroom during the episode with Henry this afternoon. She was startled at that time, and hearing Kevin’s name made her brain go blank. She didn’t even know how she got out of the washroom, let alone retrieve her phone. Karen took the spare phone at home and tried calling her own number. If the phone was broken, she would just go apply for another card. She didn’t want the phone anymore. However, she had saved many sexy photos of her Mr. Kyle in it, and it would be terrible if they were to be seen by others. Karen punched in her phone number and the call came through quite quickly. From the other end of the phone came the pleasant voice which sent chills down her spine, “Karen, it’s me!” Henry was smiling. Karen could hear it in his voice. Karen subconsciously bit her lips, “You took my phone?” “I have kindly picked up your mobile phone for you. You should thank me,” Henry said lightly, as if they had been good friends for many years. “I should thank you?” Had it not for him, would she even drop her phone in the first place? She shouldn’t be the one thanking him “I heard that you weren’t feeling well and went home to rest. I’ll hold on to your phone and pass it to you tomorrow at work. If you need it urgently, I can send it over to your house as well.” “No need!” She got goosebumps all over when she heard that Henry wanted to come to her house. It would be best to stay as far away from that man as possible. Karen added, “You can pass the phone to Lori, she’ll give it to me Henry ignored her, and continued on his own, “Or maybe, can pass the phone to Leo.” “Just hold on to it, I’ll pick it up from you at the office tomorrow.” Karen didn’t want Kevin to know of her conflicts with this man. She didn’t want him to misunderstand her, or cause him any trouble. “Okay then, I’ll wait for you tomorrow.” “Can’t you just leave it with Lori?” Karen didn’t even plan to go back to the office anymore. She had planned to just send Hector Cheng her resignation letter by email. “It’s your phone, of course you must be the one to take it. If not, I’ll give it to Matthew.” He chuckled and continued, “I think my figure is quite well built as well, so I’ve changed Matthew’s photo in your phone to mine instead.” “I’m telling you Henry, don’t overdo this,” Karen believed she had really encountered a pervert. How could Kevin and her brother make a friend like this? At the thought of George, Karen couldn’t just lay there anymore. She could ask George about Henry, and see whether she had offended him before. After being disturbed by Henry, Karen lost her sleepiness. She got up, went upstairs, and started knocking on George’s bedroom door “Brother, it’s me.” There was no answer. Karen continued knocking, still no answer. “Brother, open the door. I have something to talk to you about.” There was still no movement in the room. Karen got anxious, so she asked Sarabelle to open the door using the spare key. When the door was opened, she looked in and found the room in pitch dark. The windows were closed, and the lights were switched off. Karen switched on the lights, she found George curled up on the sofa. He was a big man. But he looked helpless, curling up like a child on the sofa. “Brother, what’s wrong? What happened?” Karen walked to George and hugged him. George did not respond. It was like he was stoned, his gaze was fixed ahead. He didn’t speak nor respond to Karen. Karen had heard before that those who studied psychology would get mental illness themselves. Normally, they could control themselves, but once they lost control, it could be very bad. She wasn’t sure if that was the case with her brother. “Brother?” Karen called him softly again, but he still did not respond.

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