My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 523

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Karen Daly anxiously patted George’s face, only to realize that he was having a high fever. George’s forehead, face and whole body were scalding hot. “Dad, it’s all my fault.. It’s all my fault… I couldn’t save Karen..” George cried softly in his subconscious state, “Brother, what are you talking about?” Karen lifted his legs so that he was lying down flat. “Brother, don’t be afraid. Ill ask the doctor to check on you right away.” People always said that illness could come like a landslide. No matter how healthy you normally were, once you got sick, you would suffer. Karen quickly called for the family physician to come and check on George. After the doctor arrived, he tested George’s temperature with the back of his hand, and immediately decided to give him an injection Because George’s condition came suddenly and was very serious, the injection could only temporarily relief his condition. After the injection, the doctor put him on drip. “Doctor, how is my brother?” Karen asked anxiously. The doctor explained, “Mr. Ken might have some troubles in his heart that he couldn’t vent out, and the stress probably caused his sudden breakdown.” Karen asked, “Will it be a big problem?” The doctor comforted her, “Don’t worry madam, this is not a serious problem. I’ll give him two bottles of IV drip first. When he wakes up, he will feel much better. As for his troubles, you will have to talk to him more and try to help him de-stress. Karen wanted to ask the doctor what was troubling George, but on second thought, she guessed the doctor couldn’t read his mind also. Her brother was a famous psychologist. Unfortunately, he could only treat others, but not himself. Karen didn’t know what had happened to her brother? While George was on the drip, Karen stayed by his side, watching him with her big, watery eyes. “Brother, what on earth is wrong with you? If there’s anything troubling you, you should say it out. Even if you can’t tell anyone else, can’t you tell your own sister?” She was his younger sister, his only kin in the world. He should look for her if there was anything troubling him. “Dad, I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry..” George continued calling for his father while tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes. Men don’t tear up easily. Karen had never seen him in distress before, let alone tearing up like this. In front of her, George had always maintained his image as the cool older brother. He had always said that he had to maintain his image as her older brother, so she would not have a bad impression of him. That’s why every time Karen saw George, he was always so spirited, as if he had everything under control. Today, George failed to maintain his usual image, he was even crying subconsciously. This saddened Karen. George remained in this state, and continued to repeat the phrase over and over again. Karen grabbed his hand, “Brother, what’s wrong?” Their father had passed away many years ago, and they had already moved on. She didn’t understand why he suddenly missed their father so much. “Dad, I’m sorry… I couldn’t save you… I couldn’t save Karen.” George lamented in sorrow. “Brother..” Karen wanted to give him a slap to wake him up. “Dad, run quickly… Karen, run quickly… Kevin.. go away..” George’s voice got softer and softer, Karen couldn’t hear those last words properly. She guessed that he was probably having a nightmare. Perhaps he had dreamed of their father, whom he hadn’t seen for many years. Perhaps he remembered how father had left and never returned, leaving him to survive on his own. All these years, he could only soldier on all by himself. Karen didn’t say anything further. She held his hand tightly. to tell him through her action that he would always have her by his side. No matter what happened, she would always be there for him whenever he needed her, just like today. At five o’clock in the evening, when Little Karen came back from the kindergarten, she heard from Sarabelle that her uncle was at home again. She skipped up the stairs excitedly. “Uncle!” She pushed open the guest room door and poked her little head in. She immediately noticed that her uncle had a needle poked into his arm. “Baby, you’re back.” Karen turned and smiled at her. “Mom, is uncle sick?” Little Karen ran into her mother’s arms, and pouted sadly. “Uncle is sick, but he will get better soon.” Karen picked up Little Karen and pinched her face. “He will get better quickly if you stay here with him.” “Mom, I’ll blow gently where the needle is so he won’t feel the pain anymore.” In Little Karen’s world, blowing the wound would help pain go away. No matter what problem it was, gentle blowing would cure it instantly. “Sure! You should do that so he can wake up faster.” Karen put Little Karen down beside George carefully, so as not to knock into the IV needle. Little Karen bent down, and blew gently on George’s hand where the needle was. After that she looked at her uncle expectantly “Little Karen.” George opened his eyes and smiled weakly at her. “Baby, i’m weak now so I can’t carry you today. I’ll carry you another day, okay?” Little Karen asked softly, “Uncle, does it hurt still?” George shook his head, “Since you blew on it, I don’t feel any pain anymore.” George had already woken up during the second bottle of the IV drip, but he was unsettled. He didn’t know whether he should tell Karen about their father or not, so he pretended to sleep. When Little Karen blew at his hand gently, he was going to continue acting, but he couldn’t bear letting her down, so he decided to wake up. Karen had actually noticed that her brother had woken up, but since he didn’t want to talk, she remained silent as well, and continued to accompany him by his side. “I’ll do it again!” When her Uncle said that she had helped to relieve the pain, Little Karen felt like she had contributed a lot. She was very happy. George lifted his other hand and rubbed Little Karen’s head gently. He grew even more restless. If he insisted on avenging his father, then Little Karen would come to learn that her father, whom she had looked up to, was a murderer.

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