My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 524

Their loving family would be crushed by his vengeance, and Little Karen would lose her beloved father. And the person who would cause her to lose all of that would be, her own uncle! But if he doesn’t seek revenge for his father, how would he honor his father’s last words? That would be unfair to him. What should he do? “Uncle!” Little Karen’s soft voice brought George Ken back from his thoughts. He saw her blinking her big eyes, staring at him intently. George forced a smile, “Yes dear?” “If you’re hurting, I can help you!” Little Karen moved towards him and blew into his hands. Then she raised her head and asked softly, “Uncle, does it still hurt?” “Since you helped blow away the pain, it’s not pain anymore.” George pressed his lips together and smiled gently Little Karen’s smile was innocent lively, and cute. She also trusted her uncle so much. But her uncle’s thoughts were all about how to kill her father. George couldn’t imagine how she would be like if she lost her father. “Well if it doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ll stay here to entertain you. Mommy, you can go and see if daddy is back.” Seeing Little Karen be so considerate and obedient made Karen feel happy. “I’ll stay here with Uncle now, then when Daddy comes back, I’l accompany him.” Although she loved her uncle, her father was still the priority in her heart. “Okay, I will tell Daddy. Treat your uncle well, alright?” Karen glanced back to George, “I’ll go get busy first. Call me whenever you’re ready to talk.” “Baby Karen, can you tell me what happened at your kindergarten today?” George asked the little girl, ignoring Karen as he was afraid he would tell her everything by accident. Karen understood what he wanted, so she left, leaving the uncle and her niece to themselves. Little Karen reportedly seriously. “The children at the kindergarten were not good, and they were ugly. I don’t like them, so I don’t play with them.” “What? You didn’t want to play with them just because they were ugly?” George asked with an exaggerated expression. Little Karen nodded obediently, “Mhmm. I don’t like ugly people!” “You playful girl!” George laughed as he pinched her cheek, “You must have learnt to judge other people’s looks from your Little Aunt!” Although judging someone by their looks was a bad habit, it wasn’t really Little Karen’s fault. Everyone in their family was very good-looking, so it was natural for her to have high standards. “Uncle, it hurts! Little Karen slapped her uncle’s hand away and pouted. Her uncle wasn’t being nice. He pinched her so hard that it hurts. George then touched her face gently, “Then which man do you think is handsome?” Without any hesitation, Little Karen answered, “My daddy and my Brother Lionel are the most handsome people on earth!” She even emphasized on the most handsome, so she was quite clear George felt hurt that he wasn’t on her list, “Baby Karen, am I not handsome?” “Daddy and Brother Lionel are the most handsome. You came in second..” George was embarrassed. He shouldn’t have asked as he knew that Little Karen already had two important men in her heart. One being her father, and one more her Brother Lionel This list was definitely ranked based on their importance in her life.. Her father and her Brother Lionel were the more important people in her heart, so naturally they came first in the list. Thinking about her Brother Lionel, George felt quite bad for her. Such a good young boy, who always put her first… Little Karen probably still believed that her Brother Lionel will come for her when she grows up. She had already lost one of the most important person in her heart. If she had to lose her father as well… At that thought, George took a sharp breath He couldn’t imagine how Little Karen would be if she lost her father. He didn’t want to see her cry as he really liked seeing her smile. He also hoped that Little Karen would still call him ‘Uncle’ in the future, and not see him as her father’s murderer. George sat up, then he held Little Karen in his arms and asked softly, “Karen, one day, if Daddy goes to a far, far place, will you miss him?” “Of course I will miss him. I don’t want him to go to a far, far place. I want him to be by my side forever.” Little Karen was now afraid of hearing the words ‘a far, far place” When she didn’t have her mother with her, everyone said that mother went to a far, far place, so she couldn’t see her. When she woke up one day and couldn’t find Brother Lionel, everyone told her that he went to a far, far place as well. So, she definitely did not want her father to go to a far, far place. She wanted him to be with her forever She wanted her father to prepare her milk every night, to tie her hair up in braids in the morning, to practice Taekwondo with her… There were so many things that she needed her father to accompany her for. Little Karen tugged on the braid on her head, “Uncle, daddy tied my hair today, is it nice?” “It’s very nice!” George smiled, “Anything looks nice on you.” She hugged George’s head and planted a kiss on his cheek, “I look nice, and you look nice too.” Her sweet kiss struck deep into his heart. He couldn’t help hugging her in his arms again, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. For Little Karen, for Karen, he decided to give Kevin another chance. He would observe how he treated them. If Kevin really cared for and loved them, then George could act like he didn’t know anything, and let him go. He could walk away from all this. As long as he didn’t see Kevin, he wouldn’t think about revenge. As for his father, he can explain to him when they meet in heaven. After all, he trusted that his father, who loved Karen so much, would definitely want his daughter and granddaughter to be happy forever.

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