My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 525

It was drizzling in the evening, and the temperature in Chatterton Town dropped significantly. Autumn was ending, and winter was approaching. According to the weather forecast, the weather was going to be cold for the next seven days due to strong winds. Karen Daly was not prepared for the sudden temperature drop. She was standing outside in her thin dress while it was drizzling, as she observed a beautiful sight and enjoyed the cold air that could send shivers down her spine. Usually, if he wasn’t working overtime or having a meeting, Kevin Kyle would be back at 6.30 pm sharp. But today Karen had been waiting at the gate for some time, and yet she hadn’t seen him. She could have went back in to grab a jacket, but she didn’t want to miss him coming back. She wanted to be the first thing he saw when he came home… or she just wanted to see him sooner. Karen rubbed her hands together for warmth, as she stood at the security post with her alerted eyes. After some time, Kevin’s car finally appeared in her sight. As she saw his car, Karen’s frustration from waiting for so long had vanished, and a smile formed on her face. It was already dark, and the car’s headlight shone through the drizzle brightly Kevin was resting with his eyes closed in the back of the car until the car drove into the house. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw through the windscreen was Karen standing in the rain. Her long hair draped over her shoulders and she wore a nude-coloured dress. She must have been standing there for some time as her hair and dress were soaked. She looked exceptional. Delicate yet strong, which was undeniably attractive. For a split second, Kevin was enthralled, and forgot that Karen was standing in the cold rain despite her pregnancy. Because of that, he didn’t get off the car after the chauffeur parked the car It wasn’t until Karen ran towards him, that he realized how he looked like a teenage boy admiring the girl he liked innocently from afar. Karen stood beside the car, tapping on his window. She greeted him happily, “Mr. Kyle, you’re home. Are you still daydreaming?” Kevin immediately got off the car and pulled Karen into a hug. Her body was ice-cold. As their bodies touched, the coldness went to his body as well. He hugged her tighter as he nagged, “You should stay inside with this weather. Why did you come out?” I was waiting for you to come back!” Karen rested her head on his chest and looked up. “Welcome home, Mr. Kyle.” “Look at you, you didn’t even wear something thicker although it’s so cold.” Kevin rubbed her head. Although he was scolding her, he sounded concerned. “I’ll be more careful next time.” Karen grabbed his hand and led him inside, “You must be tired. I’ll give you a massage later after dinner.” Kevin chuckled, “When did you learn to give massages?” Karen gave him a glare, “You don’t have to learn how to massage. I promise you’ll like it.” “Alright then, I shall test your skills tonight.” “Daddy!” As soon as they reached the door, Little Karen scampered over to them. Kevin held Karen’s hand with one hand, and picked Little Karen up with the other. He gave her a sweet kiss on her cheeks, “Did you grow taller dear?” “I did! I grew this much taller!” Little Karen gestured with her tiny hands, which made both her parents laugh. “Karen, where’s your uncle?” Karen asked as she held Little Karen’s face. “Uncle went to sleep, and he didn’t let me accompany him.” She actually ran away because uncle kept pinching her face and she didn’t like it. Karen didn’t know that, and just thought George went back to sleep after his treatment. She asked Sarabelle to prepare something light so she could serve that to him later For some reason, he seemed to be in a bad mood, and forced her out of the room as soon as she served his food. When Karen went back to her room, Little Karen was already asleep. Kevin came out from the bathroom after his shower, with nothing but a towel around his hips, showcasing his solid, attractive, “delicious” abs. Such a beautiful sight of a man could make one suffer from severe nosebleed, and Karen was heavily attracted as she kept staring at him, unable to pull her gaze away. If not for her current state, she would have claimed him there and then Kevin noticed her scorching gaze and asked teasingly, “What are you thinking about?” “I’m thinking about how should I claim you as mine!” Karen didn’t want to say that out loud, but she couldn’t control herself After saying that, she immediately realized what she just said and she blushed. “Not now, the first stage of pregnancy is very dangerous.” Kevin was smiling evilly, but his tone was serious Karen felt so ashamed she couldn’t look him in the eye. She pretended as if nothing happened and walked to the bathroom, but after one step, Kevin grabbed her and asked, “Do you want it really badly?” “What do you mean?” Karen swore that she actually didn’t understand what he said, and she wasn’t acting dumb. As her eyes locked onto his seductive gaze, Karen immediately understood what he meant and blushed even more. Just as she was contemplating how can she hide her embarrassment, Kevin’s deep and seductive voice came beside her ears. “No matter how badly you want it now, you’ll just have to bear with it. I’ll service you well after this high-risk time!” Ahhh! She didn’t want it! She was just attracted by his sexiness for that one second, and didn’t want anything further! What to do now? She felt like beating him up. Beating him up severely should be enough for him to forget what just happened. Kevin hugged her and patted her back, “Mmmm, go shower quickly. I’m still waiting for that massage you know.” Karen pouted and complained silently, “No one’s giving you that damn massage.”

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