My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 526

Karen Daly purposely stayed in the bathroom for a longer time tonight, hoping that Kevin Kyle would already be asleep when she comes out. But he wasn’t He was leaning against his pillow, focused on a book in his hands. “If he hasn’t slept then it’s best he focuses on the book, as long as he isn’t focused on me, it’s fine.” She thought. Karen took her gaze off of him, and pretended as if he couldn’t see her as well. She sneaked over the bed lightly and crawled onto the bed on the other side of Little Karen, so Kevin wouldn’t notice her. Seeing her act, Kevin wanted to laugh but he tried to keep it in, which made his chest shake visibly. When Karen finally thought that Kevin didn’t notice her and she was lying safe on Little Karen’s left, she let out a breath she was holding, then she realized that Kevin had been staring at her. This man. He was quiet throughout her entire “act”, in fact he was watching her put on a comedy show. Karen rolled her eyes. Suddenly, she felt like scolding him. “Hmmm? Where’s the massage?” Kevin acted as if he was going through the book, but his attention had been on Karen for some time. “Another day maybe. Today, I’m going to take care of Little Karen.” Karen lay beside her daughter, using her as a shield. Kevin was such a straight-forward man. How has his EQ not improved throughout the years? He clearly knew that she was very embarrassed now. Why couldn’t he give in to her a little? It’s not like someone is going to joke about him for that. “It’s time for our baby Karen to learn how to sleep alone then.” Little Karen was already four years old, and Kevin thought it was about time she learnt to be independent, and stopped being their third-wheel. “No can do. I’l be worried if she isn’t sleeping beside me.” Karen couldn’t bear letting her daughter sleep alone. If Kevin really insisted on asking Little Karen to sleep in another room, Karen would definitely follow her. Kevin didn’t say anything. He always thought actions spoke louder than words anyway Karen lowered her head and kissed her daughter’s forehead, Kevin, do you know any woman who’s pretty, loving and smart?” Kevin set his book on the nightstand, “Yeah, I do.” “Where?” Karen’s face lit up at that, “You should introduce some good women to me if you know any.” Kevin pulled both Karens into his arms, “I only know one though. “One is fine, it’s better than nothing.” Karen held his hand, “Quick, tell me about her. How pretty is she? How loving? How kind?” Kevin carried Little Karen away and placed her on another side, and he hugged Karen in his arms, “She’s in my arms now. As for how pretty and how kind she is, you should know very well.” This man finally learnt to say all these sweet things to make her happy. Although she felt absolutely warm in her heart, she didn’t want to give in so easily. She pinched his waist, “Kevin, I’m serious, can you not joke around?” Kevin replied seriously, “I’m serious too.” Maybe someone else would think that Karen had many flaws, but he could only see her strengths. In his eyes, she has always been the brightest star. “Then, can you help me find a suitable sister-in-law?” Karen sighed softly, “George got sick today, and he kept on muttering about our father.” “What?” Kevin’s body stiffened. Karen did not notice his odd nervousness and continued, “I think that he must have lived alone for too long. He is too lonely, so he got sick. If a person gets sick, he will turn weak. When he is weak, he will miss his family naturally. I think he needs someone to accompany him.” Karen fully understood that feeling. When she first came to Chatterton Town, she would miss her mother every time she got sick. When she was at home, her mother would nurse her well whenever she fell sick… When she was out alone, she had to pull through by herself. Kevin relaxed a little after hearing Karen’s explanation. As long as George didn’t accidentally let the matter slip out, things would be fine. He rubbed Karen’s head, “You can’t force things in a relationship. If he hasn’t met the person he wants to marry yet, there’s no use for you to introduce someone to him.” Karen didn’t agree with that. “If we don’t introduce someone to him, he wouldn’t even meet her. How would he know that he doesn’t want to marry her? Sometimes you need some help with fate, you know. If there’s any suitable person you know, just set them up. Who knows, they might like each other.” Karen suddenly laughed a little and continued, “Mr. Kyle, when you first proposed to me, you too, fell for me at first sight, right?” If he hadn’t fell for her at first sight, Karen wouldn’t believe that someone as meticulous as Kevin would just get engaged with any woman. “Mhmm.” Kevin nodded. He initially didn’t marry Karen because of love, but he just really enjoyed seeing Karen and having her around. He couldn’t bear seeing her get bullied. He wanted to protect her from harm, which led to whatever happened afterwards. Karen nestled into his embrace, “Mr. Kyle, don’t forget that our marriage started with a blind date. “Well then. I’ll ask York to look out for a suitable woman. If there are any, I’ll ask him to contact George.” Kevin would try to please his wife. Although he did do something behind her back for the blind date, he couldn’t deny that their marriage started with a blind date. Therefore, he had to admit that blind dates were not all bad. It was possible to find someone to spend the rest of your life with through a blind date. Karen asked, “Kevin, you must meet many women at work, aren’t there any suitable ladies?” “There are.” Anyone who was not fine wouldn’t be working for him in the first place. “There are?” Karen pinched him immediately and said, “How dare you say that there are?” “Why can’t I say that?” He was just telling the truth. Why was Karen angry at him? Women’s thoughts were indeed unfathomable to men. You could never guess what they were thinking. “If I say you can’t say it, then you can’t. There’s no reason needed.” Karen said indignantly. “Okay, i’ll take your word for it.” Kevin complied. As they spoke, Karen gradually fell asleep in Kevin’s arms. Looking at her cute sleeping face, Kevin didn’t feel sleepy at all. He was thinking about how Herbert got murdered. -Karen! No matter what, he must keep her safe this time!

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