My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 527

Buzz, buzz The phone on the nightstand vibrated, and Kevin immediately picked it up to check There was a notification for a new email. He quickly opened the email application, and checked the latest email. There were a few photos attached. There were a series of still photographs, but when put together, it looked like a running scene. It recorded the process of Herbert Ken’s murder. The photographs were extremely violent. Kevin felt like he could feel the strength the murderer used as he cut Herbert with the knife. Looking at the photos in his phone, Kevin narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists. These sick sadists better hoped that he never finds them. Just as he was done looking through the email, Nick Black’s phone call came in. Kevin glanced at Karen and Little Karen quickly and made sure they were sleeping tight, then he rolled out of bed and went to the balcony to answer the call, “Go ahead.” Nick started speaking: “Director Kevin, for the case of Old Mr. Ken, the apparent murderer is Wilis, from Beaford City However the evidence provided appeared fabricated. Kevin stared ahead into the darkness, and said coldly: “Then continue investigating, until you find the actual murderer. Do whatever it takes, at whatever cost.” At that moment, Kevin didn’t know that the person the murderer wanted to frame wasn’t Mr. Wilis at all, instead the target was him. -Kevin Kyle! The dark night was always the best time to carry out crimes. Late midnight, an old van sped south from the city center of Chatterton Town at extremely high speed. The van finally slowed down at the foot of a mountain after two hours. Mount Oakview was located at the southernmost end of Chatterton Town and it was surrounded by sea. It was also the second highest mountain in Chatterton Town. There were many beautiful peaks on the mountain and they looked very impressive. However, people rarely came here as it hadn’t been developed yet. Even if someone did come, it would be the odd adventurous hiker or so. Even then, they didn’t come very often too. After the old van came to a stop, two large, armed men came down the car. They looked around to make sure that the coast was clear, then they pulled a corpse out of the van. The corpse was completely naked, and it was facing downwards. It was impossible to see the face clearly, but it looked like a male body. In the darkness, the two men did not utter a word, and carried the body into the mountains quietly. After about half an hour of walking, they stopped in the deep forests. They removed a few large branches and plucked the grass away, then a hole appeared in front of them. The hole appeared to be dug out earlier already. From that, you could tell they didn’t come to hide the body impromptu, but they had already made plans for it. After seeing the hole, the two threw the body in. This time, the corpse rolled down and his face faced upwards, so his face could be seen. Although the face looked pale, the features could still be seen. It was one of the two men whom George saw kidnap Herbert Ken through the surveillance cameras. Besides, after Herbert got into trouble, George saw that face right beside Kevin Kyle too, hence George was assured that Kevin was his the mastermind behind his father’s murder. After they threw the body into the pit, they took out two bottles of strong acid they were carrying. They splashed strong acid all over the body’s face. Under the corrosion of the acid, the face dissolved quickly and could not be identified anymore. After doing that, the two men buried the hole calmly, scattered branches and leaves around the area, and removed any evidences of their visit before leaving. In a short period of time, the place looked the same as it originally did. No one would be able to tell that a body was buried here recently. Upon completing their task, the two men drove away. They got on the van and drove onto another path. A few minutes later, they arrived at a cliff. The two men exited the van and surveyed the terrain. After find a suitable spot, they destroyed the brakes in the car and pushed the car down the cliff, into the raging sea. The two did not utter a single word the entire time they were together, but they worked flawlessly well. It was quite obvious that they had been trained professionally. They climbed down the cliff, got on a speedboat that came for them and left quickly. The speedboat zoomed away and leaving behind ripples of waves. Everything returned to normal, as if nothing just happened. It was still raining the next day. Although George’s fever had subsided, he still wasn’t talking to Karen Daly. Whenever she talked to him, he would ignore her, which made her annoyed. At first Karen could tolerate it because he was a sick patient. But the more he acted bossily, the more Karen felt angry. She grabbed George’s cup from him and bellowed, “George, just tell me if you have anything you’re not happy about. Don’t show me that long face all day.” George turned away and remained silent. Karen moved in front of him, “George, I asked you a question, didn’t you hear me?” Being pestered by Karen persistently made George irritated as well, so he shouted back, “Must I tell you something like ‘Our father got murdered’ for you to be happy?” George’s outburst was uncalled for. Match that with his crippled expression, he looked like someone who just came out of hell. Karen felt her heart ache seeing that. George glared at her, “Get out. Let me be alone for a while.” Karen pursed her lips, “Brother, our father passed away for many years already, and the people who caused his death are already dead. You have to move on and look towards the future.” George pointed towards the door, “I said, get out.” Karen got up and started to walk off, but she turned around and added, “I know you’re sick, but I’m worried about you. I am your sister. You should tell me if there’s anything you want to talk about. I can help you…” “You can’t help me.” George smiled helplessly and sadly, then tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes. “You can’t help me. No one can help me..” He could only hide his pain of losing his father in his heart. He couldn’t even seek revenge from the murderer. “Brother.” “Get out, and let me be alone.” He needed to be alone to think properly. Perhaps he could think of a plan next.

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