My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 528

Since George Ken was unwilling to say anything, Karen Daly could only leave the room. Just as she left, she received a call from Hector Cheng. She emailed Hector her resignation letter just before coming to George’s room, so the call must be related to her resignation. Karen picked up, “Director Cheng?” “Karen, you were doing just fine. Why did you suddenly resign?” Hector was quite young, but he sure sounded old, he spoke to her like an elder advising his disciple. Karen had already thought of a reason for her resignation, “Director, it’s because my health is not doing so well. I hope you can understand.” “Karen, it’s not that I don’t want to approve your resignation, but we’re short of designers now. Spring is coming soon, and we can’t just find a suitable designer at the last minute.” Hector heaved a long sigh and added, “If we can’t deliver the “Romance of the Wind” collection in time, I’m afraid I can’t keep my paycheck.” Karen did not answer. PM Corporation was a large, international company. There were dozens of designers in their office. To be honest, Karen really didn’t make much of a difference. Even after she left, they would be able to find a designer to take over the “Romance” collection immediately. Hector continued convincing her. “How about you hang on for a bit more? You can resign once you’re done with the “Romance collection. Then you can come back whenever you feel better.” There wasn’t actually any problem with her health, but she just didn’t want to see that disgusting Henry. If not for his appearance, she definitely wouldn’t exit at such a critical period of time “Karen, are you listening to me?” Hector hasn’t given up. He insisted on guilt-tripping Karen. “Director Cheng, I’ve made up my mind. If you don’t approve of my resignation, I’ll just forego this month’s salary.” Because in Karen’s heart, Kevin was the most important person. Hector’s future had nothing to do with her. She was not a person with too much compassion. If she could be convinced so easily, she could run a charity organisation already. “What are you talking about..” Hector sighed and said, “If you insist on leaving, I won’t force you to stay. I just need you to come to the office to settle your resignation procedures. I’ll explain to the human resources department.” Karen was the boss of the company. No matter how bold he was, he had to know where to draw the line. If Kevin noticed anything out of line, he would be done for. “Thank you, Director Cheng!” Karen hung up and sighed a sigh of relief. Karen didn’t notice that Hector was calling her spare phone at home. This phone number wasn’t registered in the company’s records, so he shouldn’t know of this number under normal circumstances… Karen went to the office after lunch. First, she had to settle her resignation procedures, then she had to take back her phone from that Henry. Hector probably explained to the human resources department already, so Karen settled her resignation procedures quite easily. But Henry wasn’t in the office. “Karen, why did you quit so suddenly?” Karen was a very nice colleague, Lori couldn’t bear seeing her leave. I have some family matters.” Karen smiled but her eyes were scanning through the office for Henry. “Lori, did Henry pass you anything to give to me?” Although she knew that he wouldn’t be so kind to pass the phone to Lori, Karen asked hopefully. “Nope.” Lori shook her head and added, “Henry left in the morning after receiving a phone call. He didn’t say where he was headed to.” “Oh, then I’ll wait for awhile more.” Karen did not want to come to the company again, so she had to take her mobile phone back today. However, Henry still hadn’t returned to the office after a long time. Growing impatient, Karen dialled her phone that was with Henry. If he left it in the office, that would be great; but if he didn’t, then she would just wait a while more. While she was waiting for the line to go through, Karen scratched her head in frustration. The line got through after a long time, but just as Karen was about to speak, it got cut off. A generic message said that the phone line is occupied. Karen felt annoyed and tried calling again. This time, she heard another generic line, ‘The number you are calling is unavailable. “What on earth does he want to do?” Since she couldn’t get her phone back, Karen had no choice but to use the ‘I Lost My Phone’ function to wipe off all the data and information on her phone that was with Henry. Then she went to apply for another sim card. By the time she was done, it wasn’t very late yet, but the sky was very dark because of the rain. Karen checked the time. There was still awhile more before Kevin got off work. Rovio office was just nearby anyway, so she decided to head to his office to wait for him to get off work. After walking for about ten minutes, Karen arrived at the Rovio office building. The receptionist of the building recognized her, so she did not stop her from going upstairs. Karen went straight to the director’s office floor. Kevin’s secretary was surprised to see her, but immediately put up a big smile. “Mrs. Kyle, the director is in a meeting. Would you like to rest in the lounge first?” “Umm, can I take a look at his office?” Karen smiled politely, She wanted to see how Kevin usually work in his office. “Of course. The secretary hurriedly led the way. What happened in the past two months was still fresh in their memories. Everyone knew how important Karen was to the director. Who would dare to stop her from going anywhere? “Then you can go and get busy. I’ll just take a look around by myself. Since Director Kevin is in a meeting, don’t need to tell him about me.” Karen wanted to give Kevin a surprise. He must be happy to see her suddenly appear in his office. Kevin’s office was furnished in a simplistic manner. Even the color scheme he used was the usual white and grey color scheme which he always used everywhere. If not for the size of the office and its amazing location, where one could see the heart of Chatterton Town from the tall windows, it was quite difficult to tell that this office belonged to the director of Rovio. Karen sat on Kevin’s roller chair comfortably as she crossed her legs and spun around. Although the chair looked normal, it was very sturdy. It was tailor-made to Kevin’s figure, so Karen looked very small sitting on it. She wanted to imitate Kevin sitting in the chair and giving his orders, but the chair didn’t complement her well. She accidentally pressed on something and the chair was moving on its own. It took her a few trials and errors to stop the movements. When the movements stopped, Karen raised her head and saw the photograph on Kevin’s desk. It was their family photograph. The three of them had never gone for a formal photography session before. This photo was a candid photo from Little Karen’s birthday, taken by the hired photographer,

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