My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 529

In the photo, Kevin wore the pair of gold-rimmed glasses that he often wore and also his signature white shirt. He looked classy as usual. Although there was still HDR toxin in his body then and he couldn’t see anything at that time, he looked normal and no one would have noticed it. Little Karen was tugging on the necklace her Brother Lionel had given to her, and had a cute smile. Of course Karen was also there. Because she was worried about Kevin’s sight, her gaze didn’t leave him the whole day. Naturally, in the photo, she was looking at Kevin. When they first saw the photo, Mia Kyle had jokingly said, “If anyone didn’t know better, they would think that my sister-in law has a crush on my cold brother.” At that time, Karen wanted to hide the photo because of the joke, but Kevin snatched it away. Eventually it ended up in his office desk. Hmph! Kevin seemed to be a warm person beneath his cold front. Karen couldn’t stop poking Kevin’s face in the photo, “Hehe… I knew you liked me. Yet you never told me.” To be honest, Mr. Kyle had never said that he liked or loved her before. Fortunately she was not a fan of sweet talk. She was happy just by knowing that she was important in his heart. Karen held up the photo and planted a kiss on Kevin’s face, “Mr. Kyle, let me tell you a secret. I actually like you very much.” She liked him so much that she couldn’t hide her loving gaze, and it got photographed by someone else. Did he know how much she liked him? He probably didn’t Karen blushed and thought about their relationship. Kevin had very low EQ, so he probably couldn’t tell how much she likes him. She must find a time to tell him one day Time ticked away as Karen thought about how she was going to profess her love to her husband. She was already falling asleep, and yet Kevin hasn’t returned from his meeting. Perhaps it was because of her pregnancy, Karen was sleeping a lot lately. She fell asleep early at night, and found it hard to wake up in the morning. Not only was she sleeping a lot, she was eating a lot as well. Just last night, Kevin held her stomach and called her a little fat piggy Hmph- He called her a little fat piggy, so he must be judging her. But it wasn’t entirely her fault she got fatter. It was because Kevin took too good care of her. She got to eat well and sleep well, without any worries in her life. Of course she would turn into a little fat piggy But Kevin probably didn’t mind. If she turned into a little fat piggy then so be it, she just wanted to sleep now. Since the weather was getting colder, she was afraid she would catch a cold if she slept at the table. The office had a huge resting lounge, so Karen went in and lay down there. Karen lay down on the bed and covered herself with the blanket The blanket smelled like Kevin, so Karen breathed his scent in, imagining Kevin was right beside her. Just as she closed her eyes and before she fell asleep, she heard noises from the office room. Kevin seemed to be done with his meeting. Karen got up immediately and sneaked to the door. She peeked into the office room to see the situation. From the crack of the door, Karen saw Kevin walk to his desk and slammed the files down heavily. Then, he pulled his tie loose with frustration, He was frowning so hard. What happened to him? Had he encountered something bad at work? Seeing him like this made Karen’s heart ache. He was always so busy and tired, and yet she could do nothing to help him. Not only that, he even had to take care of her. She always told him that she can take care of herself, and he didn’t have to worry about home, but Kevin was always worried nonetheless. He often told her that being able to take care of the two of them was a very happy thing for him, and he never felt tired from it. Karen was so sad for him that she bit her lips, but as she was about to enter the office room to comfort him, Nick Black knocked on the door and entered. Nick handed over a document to Kevin and said carefully: “Director Kevin, George’s house had surveillance cameras installed. The night Old Mr. Ken was murdered, the cameras should have recorded the process of him getting kidnapped. Kevin glanced at him coldly. Nick immediately added: “George holds the most important evidence of Old Mr. Ken’s abduction, but he didn’t hand it over.” “George holds the most important evidence of Old Mr. Ken’s abduction, but he didn’t hand it over?” Kevin repeated Nick’s words. He adjusted his spectacles. He couldn’t understand why George would hide such important evidence. Nick continued, “Director Kevin, the news that Old Mr. Ken was murdered hasn’t been suppressed yet. There seems to be someone who’s leaking explicit information about it. Like today, they were talking about how the body was cut up and the head and body were found at different places. “Go get busy, I’ll ask George to hand over the recordings. Go find the root of the rumors and stop it from spreading.” While Kevin gave the orders, he noticed that there was someone in the lounge He turned around and saw Karen standing by the door. Her eyes were wide open as she looked at him intensely. “Ka..” Kevin opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say a word. He didn’t know how much Karen heard, or what she would think.. Thinking about how Karen would feel sad about Herbert’s death, Kevin got anxious. Her eyes were getting bigger and redder, and she looked scary Damn it! When did Karen come, and why didn’t the secretary say anything? Nick could sense something wrong, so he left the office immediately, leaving the husband and wife to themselves. At the same time, he was approaching the secretary who didn’t report Karen’s arrival. “Kevin, what were you guys talking about? From the moment she heard the conversation, Karen was in a panic. She just managed to regain her voice. It must be fake. The news she just heard must be false. Her father, Herbert Ken, had passed away for more than 20 years. The recent murder incident must have nothing to do with her father. Yes, it must have nothing to do with him. Karen kept trying to convince herself like that. But she knew, she was just lying to herself. If what they just said had nothing to do with her, Kevin wouldn’t have had that expression when he saw her. But she still asked him with a sliver of hope.

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