My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 530

Karen hoped that Kevin would tell her, “Karen, it’s not what you think.” But he didn’t. Kevin looked at her intently. His eyes were shimmering with waves of emotion, as if he had a millions words to say to her, but he didn’t know which one to pick. After a long time, he came to her side, and hugged her with all his might He buried his head in her neck and said in a low and coarse voice, “Karen, you’re pregnant. You must not get agitated. You must not be too worked up… okay?” Karen suddenly smiled helplessly and sadly. “The child is ours. I will protect him… However, Kevin, I am an independent individual. I have my own abilities and my own thoughts. I have the right to know the truth. You have no right to make a decision for me.” Indeed! She should know the truth, but he was worried that she would lose control of her emotions and harm herself and the child once she knows the truth. Did she understand his concern? Karen looked at him and he looked back at her. Their gazes were fixed onto each other, and both of them remained silent. They understood that actions spoke louder than words. After a long time, Kevin broke the silence, “I’ll tell you everything, but you have to promise me that you can’t get agitated… The baby in your belly is still young, I don’t want anything to go wrong.” Compared to the child in Karen’s belly, Kevin was more worried about Karen, but he only mentioned the child because she cared about the child more. He believed that for the sake of the child, Karen could be strong and pull through “I know.” Karen nodded, but she subconsciously clenched her hands at her sides, showing her nervousness. Although she was nervous, she wasn’t so weak that hearing the truth could make her lose her child. Seeing Karen’s calm expression, Kevin held her shoulder and said, “Yes, Old Mr. Ken didn’t die 20 years ago. He managed to survive then, but on the night before yesterday, someone kidnapped him from George’s house and killed him.” “He was still alive? He was at George’s house? When did he stay at his house? Why didn’t you tell me?” Karen bit her lips and tried to hold back the tears that were about to burst out of her eyes. Her father was in George’s house… The other day, she even went to George’s house to have a meal, and she also ate the special meat dish, which could only be made by her mother. Only her mother could make that kind of delicious dish… A thought suddenly came to her mind. The dish that was brought to her by George the other day… was that made by her father, Herbert? So, when she was at George’s house, her father was there as well? The father and daughter were in the same room with only a wall between them, but he was killed before she could see him. Why? Why did it turn out this way? What kind of people had her father offended, that after so many years, these people still wanted to kill him? In the past, it was the Gook family, Samuel Daly, and Warren Silas who wanted to get rid of her father, but they had already passed away. They couldn’t do anything to her father at all. Apart from them, who else could not tolerate her father living in this world? “Because he didn’t want you to see how terrible he looked. Because he loved you, he wanted to maintain the perfect image of a father in your heart. As long as he could see you and look at you from afar, he was satisfied.” Kevin was nearly shouting at her. It was the first time that he had talked to Karen so loudly since they got married. “You didn’t tell me anything because you loved me… But you never asked me, so how would you know what was the best for me?” They didn’t know that no matter what kind of person her father became, her father would always be a great hero in her eyes. However, none of them asked her and they made a decision for her. She was so close to her biological father, but she did not have any chance to meet him. He couldn’t even hear his own daughter calling him – Dad! Twenty years ago, he survived the car accident and didn’t die. And for so many years, he didn’t show up. He must have been in such a bad situation all these years. He lived such a hard life, and yet he had to encounter more problems when he hadn’t even been able to meet up with his daughter, whom he missed a lot. The more Karen thought about it, the more anxious her heart became. “Why? Why didn’t you ask for my opinion?” Karen didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing out. It was like a flood that couldn’t be contained. Kevin tightened his grip on her shoulder and said, “Karen, calm down!” Karen shook her head and wiped her tears. “I’m fine. Continue, tell me everything I don’t know.” “Calm down first, what do you want to know? ‘ll tell you some other day.” Kevin could see that Karen was on the verge of a breakdown, so he didn’t want to agitate her further “Tell me what I should and must know.” Karen took a deep breath and tried to calm down. After Karen insisted, Kevin generally told her everything he knew about Herbert. Of course, he deliberately left out the fact that he had kidnapped Mia. In Karen’s heart, her father had always been a hero. He was a man of righteous spirit. He would never do anything that would hurt others, especially innocent ones. Karen got to see Herbert’s body. It felt like the same scene as when she saw her mother’s dead body in Beaford City many years ago. She didn’t know what kind of horrible things she had done in her past life that her parents would leave her so tragically in this life. The last times she saw both of them were both in the funeral parlour, and their bodies were lying in the freezer. There were burnt marks on her father’s face, as well as some cuts. It was impossible to see his face properly. As she looked at him, Karen broke down and she fell onto her knees, crying out the word she couldn’t call him before – Dad! After knowing her real identity, she was always eager to meet her father one day and call him ‘Dad’. Now the opportunity had come, but she didn’t expect it to be in this setting. Her father had truly left this world. No matter how she called out for him now, he would not hear her. “Karen-” Kevin was worried. “I’m fine, and I will be fine.” How can she not be? When her father was alive, she didn’t take good care of him. Now that her father had passed away, she couldn’t let him worry about her anymore. She knew that father must be in heaven looking over her, hoping to see her live well. Therefore, she would live properly, together with her brother, so that they wouldn’t make their father worried anymore, in his afterlife.

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