My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 531

Although she said she was fine, how could someone be absolutely fine knowing their father got murdered? Fortunately, Karen had Kevin with her. When she was sad, Kevin stayed by her side, being the strong man she could fall back to Karen was sad, but she managed to stay rational, Because she knew that Kevin would worry about her if she was sad. Her father in heaven wouldn’t want to see her sad too, so she told herself to stay strong. On the way home, Karen cried in Kevin’s arms until she fell asleep She did not sleep well, and her body twitched from time to time. Kevin could tell that the revelation shocked her so much that it affected her subconsciously too. Kevin patted on her back gently, trying to comfort her like a child. He tried his best to hide it from her, but he didn’t expect that she would hear the news from himself. She had never visited his office to wait for him to get off work before, so he did not expect her to be there today. And because of that, the news about Herbert’s murder was disclosed to her without any warning. Karen was not prepared at all. The news that her father survived all those years ago just to get murdered now hit her so hard. At that moment, Kevin could understand how much pain she felt. But it didn’t matter if he understood it, he couldn’t shift her pain on onto himself. He said that he would protect her well and never let her get hurt, but it still happened. Thinking about that, Kevin’s grip around Karen tightened. How he wished that he could resurrect Herbert to let them reconcile with each other. When they got home, Karen had not woken up yet. Kevin got out of the car first and gently picked her up. After a few steps, George stopped them. “What did you do to her?” George glanced at Karen, who was in Kevin’s arms with her eyes all red and sore from crying. “She already knows.” Kevin calmly replied. He turned sideways to avoid George then continued walking. “What does she know?” George turned around, grabbed Kevin’s shoulder and said gloomily, “Kevin, make yourself clear first.” It would have been very easy for Kevin to shake off George’s grip, but he was holding Karen in his arms, and he didn’t want to disturb her. “Get your hands off me!” Kevin glared at him, his eyes cold and frightening “If you dare hurt her in any way. I’ll kill you.” George clenched his fists and did not want to let go of him. George was blinded by his suspicion towards Kevin, so no matter how he saw it, Kevin was not a good man. In the past two days, he had been thinking about the disguise Kevin wore. If he exposed his mask, how terrifying could his real being be? “George!” Kevin bellowed. “Kevin, give her to me.” George did not back down. George didn’t know why Karen was crying, but as her brother, he must protect her. He also remembered his father’s last words, asking him to save her from Kevin. Now that he identified Kevin as a bad guy, he naturally thought he bullied Karen. Their quarrel made Karen frown, and she blinked her eyes open, “What’s wrong with you two? Are you going to fight?” Seeing George reminded her of her father, and she also understood why George was crying about their father when he was sick the day before. Their father was at his home, yet he got kidnapped and murdered. Karen could only imagine how guilty he must have felt. Thinking about that, Karen’s eyes started to swell again, “Brother..” “Karen, are you okay? Did Kevin do anything to you?” Seeing Karen’s eyes swell, George got anxious and he reached over to snatch her from Kevin. Kevin was faster. He dodged to the side and put Karen down firmly on the ground. “Brother, I’m fine.” Karen shook her head, “I know everything about our father.” “You know everything?” George looked at Karen, then at Kevin, then back to Karen, “What did he tell you?” He was certain that Kevin must have come up with some fake story to tell her. That liar. He told him not to tell her first, and yet he told her by himself. In that case, he must have done it so he would have the upper hand. He probably wanted Karen to believe whatever he said so that she wouldn’t believe the truth. That was a good move, Kevin. Karen walked to George and held his hand, “Brother, you must tell me if there’s anything in the future and not hide it from me. You can’t endure the pain by yourself. I am your sister. If you don’t tell me, who’s there for you to talk to?” George hugged her, “When he was around, he worried about you the most. Let’s go visit him tomorrow.” “I just visited him.” Karen blinked her eyes, “Brother, no matter what, let’s give him a proper send off first.” George loved his sister very much, so he listened to whatever she said. He agreed to her suggestion. Herbert told George before that he wanted to visit Beaford City again, so the two of them brought his urn there. George then proposed to bury Herbert next to Karen’s mother. If they weren’t able to be together while they were alive, they should spend their time together in the afterlife. As for George’s own mother, they had already buried a body next to her grave, the stranger whom they thought was Herbert’s body all those years ago. They stood there looking at the new tombstone, with their father’s name engraved – Herbert Ken. Karen’s heart still ached. It wasn’t very painful, but it was like an ant biting on her heart, causing pain and discomfort, little by little. “Dad, mom..” Karen held herself together for a long time, but couldn’t resist crying as she called out for her parents. The man whom her mother missed throughout her life but could never be with, finally arrived by her side. But no one had expected it to be in this scenario They were childhood sweethearts, but that monster, Samuel Daly, ruined everything for them, changing their lives forever After finding out her real identity, Karen thought a lot. If Samuel did not do those terrible things to her mother, their lives would have been completely different. Her mother would have married the man she loved, given birth to her children with the man she loved, and enjoyed the rest of her life happily, instead of being abused by her own husband. But all of that was in the past now. Her father and mother were finally reunited in heaven. Now they would be together forever, and no one could possibly separate them again.

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