My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 532

Just as Karen was feeling upset again, a firm and warm hand hugged her waist, pulling her into his embrace, Just cry your heart out if you want to.” Karen didn’t want to hold it in as well, so she cried out into Kevin’s chest. She wanted to cry for this once, and then get over it. Kevin obviously underestimated how much a woman can cry. He never knew his woman could cry that much. She cried for at least half an hour without moving. While Karen cried all her sadness out, she wouldn’t listen to anything, so Kevin just looked at her cry silently. After crying enough, Karen wiped her tears on Kevin’s shirt, raised her eyes and looked at him embarrassed with her red and swollen eyes. ‘If I caught our father’s murderer, what would you do?” Just when she was about to say something to Kevin, George Interrupted her. She turned her head slightly to see his gloomy expression. “Of course I must avenge my father.” It was perfectly justified for someone to pay for a murder with their own life. “No matter who the murderer is?” George added. “Of course!” Karen did not think that there should be any double standards. “I’ve already sent my people to find the murderer, and we will hear about it soon. Just leave that to me.” Kevin didn’t want Karen getting involved in that bloody business. “Then we must praise the lords and thank you for that, Director Kevin.” George said in a strange tone, as he gave him a cold glare and turned away. “Don’t take it to heart. He must be feeling bad since our father just passed.” Karen could tell that George was picking on Kevin “I won’t.” Kevin wouldn’t get offended by him since he was Karen’s brother. Besides, no one else would have the courage to speak to him in that tone. Kevin rubbed her head, “The wind is strong out here, let’s go.” The weather in Beaford City was worse compared to Chatterton Town. Chatterton Town’s weather in October would be rather comfortable, but it was already cold in Beaford city “Are you cold?” Karen just noticed that Kevin was only wearing a thin white shirt despite the cold, like he didn’t mind the weather “A little,” he said. Karen wanted to take off her own jacket to give it to him immediately, but Kevin stopped her. He led her to her parent’s tombstone, and spoke seriously, “Father-in-law, mother-in-law, I’ll be taking care of Karen now, please rest in peace.” Kevin had never made such a promise before. This was his first time, and possibly his only time. Leaving Karen in his hands, the two of them can rest in peace. They came to Beaford City without any prior notice, so they went back to Chatterton Town as soon as they buried Herbert. It was about 4.00 pm when they reached the airport in Chatterton Town. It was still office hours. Nick Black came to pick them up, along with some other men, and they had a lot of work for Kevin as soon as they met, so Kevin was surrounded by his men as they reported his work progress on the go. Naturally, Karen and George were left out of this discussion circle. George immediately noticed the man walking behind Nick Black. He grabbed Karen and pointed at the man, “Karen, have you seen that guy before?” Karen nodded, “I see him quite often.” Karen seldom got in touch with the people who worked for Kevin, but she would observe them as well. She knew the people she saw frequently around Kevin. Karen had seen the man George was pointing at a few times before. Although they never talked, she remembered his face. George added, “If that man is one of Kevin’s men, that means he would be doing things for Kevin, is that right?” “Of course!” Karen answered with absolute certainty. Many of Kevin’s men had followed him for many years. They were loyal to him and would never betray him. Of course there was also the case of Amelia Gray, but she was a rare one. Given Kevin’s principles, getting betrayed once would be enough. He definitely wouldn’t allow anyone disloyal to work for him. “Brother, what on earth do you want to ask?” “Nothing.” He did not want to say anything else, so he started walking away. Karen watched his back and wondered, “What’s wrong with George? He’s been acting weird recently.” “Karen, there are some things that needs to be done in the office. I’ll ask the driver to send you guys home first.” He had to get busy with Rovio’s matters, then he had to get busy finding the murderer. Kevin really couldn’t spare any time to accompany Karen for now. “You go and do your work. Don’t worry about me.” Karen could understand Kevin’s situation, so she didn’t want to cause him any trouble. On the way back, George did not say a word. He turned his head and looked out of the window sullenly. No one knew what he was thinking about Karen tugged on his sleeve, “Brother, father has already passed, so don’t get too sad about it. We will work hard together to find the murderer and bring him to justice.” George sighed helplessly, “So what if we find the murderer?” The murderer was right by their sides. He was the man who slept beside Karen every single night, but what could they do to Kevin? Seeing George so pessimistic made Karen angry, “What do you mean ‘So what’, of course we’ll make him pay with his life!” “If only it could be that simple.” If only he could make Kevin pay with his life so easily, he wouldn’t be struggling so much about what to do. “Brother, you know who the murderer is, don’t you? You have surveillance cameras in your house. You saw who kidnapped father, didn’t you?” Karen remembered Nick’s words about how he had surveillance cameras in his house. “Who told you that my house had surveillance cameras?” George was shocked, was Kevin trying to use Karen to obtain information from him? “I accidentally overheard Kevin’s conversation.” Karen didn’t know what George was thinking, so she just told him the truth as it is. I knew it! It was Kevin! George snorted, and Karen added, “Brother, you should give the recording for Kevin’s men to see, then we can all find the murderer together.” Although she didn’t want to trouble Kevin for every single matter, Karen knew very well that his men would have a better chance finding the murderer. “Did Kevin persuade you to ask me for the recording?” George clenched his fists silently. He knew it. Kevin told Karen about their father for a reason Kevin knew that he had evidences, that’s why he told Karen about it and wanted Karen to retrieve the evidences from him. Once Kevin had obtained the evidence, then even if George accused him of being the murderer, Karen wouldn’t believe him. Nobody would That sly fox. He was indeed very smart, planning out every detail perfectly.

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