My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 533

“Why would Kevin ask you for the recording? If you have clues about father’s murderer, shouldn’t you hand it over already?” Karen couldn’t understand what George was thinking. George majored in psychology, so he was good at analyzing people’s thoughts. In the past, no matter how much he hated the person he was facing, he could always put up a smile. To quote what he said, “No one would hate a smiling face.” Smiling more wouldn’t cost anything, and it would bring so much benefit, his principle was to face everyone with a smile. However, in the past few days, Karen could obviously feel George’s hostility towards Kevin. When they went to bury their father, George didn’t even want to let Kevin follow them, and only gave in when Karen insisted. George looked out the window, “I don’t have the recording you’re talking about.” “Brother, what are you hiding?” Karen pulled George over and scolded him, “I am your sister. Your father is my father as well. Why can’t you tell me what you know? Besides, I know Kevin’s men were definitely sure that you have the recordings, if not he wouldn’t have told Kevin about it!” George bellowed, “Kevin this, Kevin that! You only talk about him. Do you even know, that he…” George was about to tell her that Kevin was their father’s murderer, but seeing Karen’s anxious expression, he stopped himself just in time. If he revealed that, all the happiness and good memories between her and Kevin would be gone. And he would be the criminal who caused the destruction! Karen asked anxiously, “What about Kevin?” George took a deep breath in, and asked gloomily, “You really want to see the recording?” Karen felt a little flustered after hearing George’s tone like that, but she nodded anyway. “I want to see it.” “Okay, then I’ll let you see it.” George took out his phone, selected a video and passed the phone to Karen, “See for yourself.” Karen took over the phone and pressed ‘play’ on the video. The video showed a man covering his face. He sat up straight facing the camera, as if he was in a formal interview. George responded, “Dad, relax. There’s only the two of us here. Don’t worry.” Herbert relaxed, but soon his body tensed up again, “George, don’t record first. Let me get prepared.” Because he was going to record a video for his daughter, Herbert felt more anxious than meeting the president. He didn’t want anything to go wrong. He got ready after awhile and sat straight in front of the camera, and said with a kind voice, “Karen, it’s dad here. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you as you were born and as you grew up. I had wanted to go pick you and your mother up but I met with an accident.” At this point, Herbert sighed, and continued, “I managed to survive, but I suffered severe injuries that almost took my life. You, my children, were the reason I pulled through all of it. That’s why I managed to live until now and find George.” “Karen, I can’t meet you yet. I’m going to get a plastic surgery first. When my appearance is restored, I’ll definitely meet you.” “Karen..” Herbert took a pause before he continued, “Karen, I love you very much!” His tone was harsh and deep, and every word hit Karen deeply. Tears streamed down her face as she watched the video. “Dad, I love you too. Although I have never seen you, I know that you were always a hero. You are always my hero.” No matter what her happened to her father, he would always be her father, and her hero. George wiped her tears with a tissue, “Stop crying. Dad hates to see you cry, he just wants to see you happy every day” “You. Why didn’t you tell me after you found him? You could’ve at least let me look at him while he was in hiding.” Karen punched George twice, “Both of you are the same, making decisions for me without asking me.” “I thought… I thought I was going to take father abroad for plastic surgery first. I thought he could come back and reconcile with you.” George took out Herbert’s passport and ID card from his bag with trembling hands. “Look, all these documents are already available. If there was no accident, our family would have soon reunited. At this thought, George felt like killing Kevin instantly. If not for him, their family could have reunited. “Brother, show me the video from the day father was kidnapped.” Karen wiped away her tears and gritted her teeth. “We must find the murderer. I want to kill him!” “My house was indeed equipped with surveillance cameras, but that day, the electricity for my housing area was down. It didn’t record the person who kidnapped him.” That was not all lies. The surveillance cameras in the area George lived in were destroyed on that night, so the nearby cameras did not manage to record footage of the kidnapper The real estate developed by Rovio was located in the richer part of town. The people who lived there were financially stable. The security was tight, and everyone who entered the area needed to register first at the gates. However, on that fateful night, the people who broke in did not register themselves, and the cameras were broken too. Apart from Kevin, George couldn’t think of anyone else that could carry out such a perfect plan. Fortunately, Kevin’s men didn’t expect his house to have surveillance cameras as well. He originally installed them for his father to see Karen when she came over, but he didn’t expect it to be of such good use. Since Kevin’s men didn’t know about that he had time to hide the evidence. “George, are you trying to make me angry? Did you really think I would believe you just like that?” Karen wanted to slap him. What happened to her smart, rational brother who could read others’ mind. Did the pain of losing their father hit him so hard he turned into a fool? If he didn’t show her the video, how was she going to look for the murderer with no clues? Buzz, buzz The phone in George’s pocket suddenly rang. He took out the phone and saw that it was from an unknown number. He answered the call, “Hello!” A light and pleasant voice came from the phone, “George, it’s me!”

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