My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 534

 As he heard that voice, George Ken was slightly stunned. He quickly figured out who it was and responded, “So it’s you. I haven’t seen you for so many years. What are you doing now?” The person on the other end of the phone replied, “I just returned from the States last week. I heard from our classmates that you were also in Chatterton Town, soI called to check on you, do you want to come out for some drinks?” “You are in Chatterton Town?” George was very surprised. “Is it that strange that I’m in Chatterton Town? Come out then, we’ll meet at Bar Street.” “That’s great!” George agreed immediately. He needed to avoid Karen’s questioning anyway, and he also needed to think about what to do next carefully. Alcohol was useful sometimes. It could numb feelings and make people forget any terrible things temporarily. “Stop the car.” He asked the driver to let him out. “Where are you going?” Karen had not received the recording yet, so she did not want him to leave, but she knew that he couldn’t be controlled. “I have an appointment with an old classmate. I may not go back in the evening. Don’t wait for me.” George didn’t even look at Karen. He got out of the car, slammed the door, and left. Karen turned around and saw George getting into a taxi. She thought for a while and said, “Uncle Watson, please turn around. Let’s go and have a look.” George was behaving oddly in the past few days. She must know the reason and could not just let him go like this. George was going to meet that person at the famous Bar Street in Chatterton Town. There were all kinds of bars and pubs there. The bars and pubs there weren’t big, but they were operated well by people from all over the world. Many locals and foreigners frequented the street and you could meet all kinds of gorgeous ladies as much as the eyes could adore. George had studied abroad for many years, so he was used to all kinds of nightlife activities. George often visited places like nightclubs and bars when he was studying abroad. He would get a few mates out for some drinks and flirted with the girls he liked. If the girl was willing, it was quite common to have one-night-stands too. As he used to say, life is short, and carpe diem! There were so many beautiful girls in the world, the more the merrier of course. But gradually, he found that no matter how joyful those times were, the experiences were still superficial. After every night out, he would feel extremely empty. He had spent too much time in bars and nightclubs. Maybe he was getting older, so he was starting to get bored with his carefree life He was also hoping that there was a special someone by his side who would care about how he was and someone who could really understand him. Then, the two of them would have each other’s back and spend the rest of their lives together. However, after so many years, he still did not meet the woman he would spend his forever with. Every time when he met a woman, he could see through their thoughts straight away When a woman’s intention did not align with his, he would lose his interest to pursue her. Time always passed quickly when he was lost in thoughts. George thought that the taxi only drove for a short while, but the driver informed that they had already arrived at Bar Street After paying and getting off the taxi, he took a deep breath and looked at the waiters who were already be with business. He couldn’t quite tell how he was feeling. “Here, George!” A tall and handsome man waved at George from the corner. “Master Yaleman, it’s been a while!” George saw him and walked over with a smile. The two of them gave each other a high-five. It was the way they had greeted each other for many years. George smiled and said, “I didn’t expect that after so many years, you are still the same as before, and you are still so handsome. I supposed there will be another dedicated fan group who are fascinated by you.” Master Yaleman said, “Oh, how embarrassing, Maybe I have too many fans, but I’ve been single for so many years.” “You don’t need to hurry. I’m with you on that page.” “But when it comes to being handsome, I can never be compete with Matthew. When it came to Kevin Kyle, even Master Yaleman would be jealous of his face. “When we were together back then, tell me, when do girls ever have their sights off him? He was just too cold and too quiet. The girls had to come to us for comfort because he was so cold to them.” When he mentioned Kevin, George’s face sank and he did not respond to the conversation. “What’s wrong? Did you have an argument with Matthew?” “How dare 1? George snorted and said, “As the head of the Rovio Corporation Inc, if I had a conflict with him, he can crush me to death any minute.” “What happened?” Master Yaleman slapped George on the shoulder. “Stop denying that there’s no bad blood between you two. We have been classmates for so many years. If there really is nothing, would you still be using this tone?” “You’ve asked me out. So stop talking about him.” George walked forward and said, “We haven’t seen each other for a good few years. Let’s get some drinks.” “Let’s go. No one’s allowed to leave unless they’re drunk.” Master Yaleman did not push his buttons any further. Because he knew that if George did not mention it now, he would definitely say it after a few drinks. “But why did you suddenly return?” George looked back at him and asked, “I remembered that you said that you would never return to take over your father’s business.” “In a family like mine, there are many things that are inevitable. If I don’t come back, the second wife’s son will take over the company. I can leave this toxic family, but my mother can’t. She would always be part of the Yalemans. Even if my father had betrayed her so much, she was still loyal.” When it came to the complicated family affairs, Master Yaleman did not display any hint of sadness as if he had already gotten used to it. “That’s right. Every family has its own problems.” George once again let out a long sigh. “Everyone’s hoping for a different life.” Humans would always be like this. They always thought that the grass would be greener on the other side. What they rarely realized was how other people were adoring their lives too. “Although your parents died early, you have had so much freedom these years. You can do whatever you want. No one can control you.” “Let’s not talk about family matters. Let’s just drink.” George did not want others to know about his father. He stepped into a bar, followed closely by Master Yaleman. However, just as he entered the bar, he stopped for a while and looked back on the street. His eyes collided with Karen’s, who was sitting in the car and staring at them. Karen was not sure whether he had seen her or not. Anyway. when he looked at her, she felt very uncomfortable. He went straight into the bar with George after taking a glance at her. Karen patted her chest to calm herself down. The man George was meeting, was Henry from PM Corporation! Henry was really a jinx, why did he always appear by the side of those dearest to her?

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