My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 535

Beaford City. Headquarters of Willis Corporation. The assistant rushed to the Chief’s office of Willis Corporation. He was in such a rush that he slammed the door when he entered, “Director Wilis..” As soon as these two words came out of his mouth, he collapsed onto the ground. He still wanted to say something, but he was so nervous he couldn’t even utter anything He did not finish his sentence, but Mr. Wilis already knew what he wanted to say. Looking at the panic-stricken assistant, Mr. Wilis sat on the chair feebly. After a long time, he finally said, “Is it over just like that?” He had spent a great deal of effort to get in touch with many people, and used so many methods to close Gook Corporation down for his own benefits. However, he had never expected that… the man who had helped him the most was also the one who pulled him down now. Rovio! Kevin Kyle! These words hit him real hard in the mind. In a trance, it seemed like Kevin was standing in front of him. He stood so high up as he was looking down at him. “It’s over? It’s over just like that?” “No! No! No!” He didn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe that the Wilis Corporation that he had worked so hard to manage all these years would be over so easily But the fact was right in front of his eyes, forcing him to believe it no matter what Yes, the Wilis Corporation that he had painstakingly established and managed, was so easily brought down by Kevin. Kevin had only made one tiny move. No, maybe he didn’t even have to do it on his own. He just had to give an order, and upon execution by his subordinates, Wilis Corp was beaten down The moment when he had to accept that Wilis Corp could no longer recover from its fall, Mr. Wilis finally realized that he was never a match for Kevin. Back then, Kevin backed him to take down Gook Corporation so effortlessly, and helped lift Wilis Corporation up. A few years later, today, it would also be a piece of cake for Kelvin to destroy Willis Cop. He had zero chance to fight back. All this while, Rovio had never mentioned that they would do anything to Wilis Corp. He couldn’t even fathom how did it happen Mr. Wilis only knew that when the stock markets opened every day, Wilis Corp’s stock price would plummet. The stock got suspended in less than two hours after the market opened. That happened for a few days already. And then slowly, Wilis Corp stock price has fallen to the point of bankruptcy… All he could do was to sit helplessly aside as he watched the stock price of Wilis Corp plummet. He had witnessed this kind of situation a few years ago. At that time, Gook family members also had to witness the stock prices of Gook Corp drop wildly every day. They could not do anything A few years later, all the bad things that had happened to the Gook Corp then happened to him now too. Back then, the reason why Gook family could be defeated so quickly was because of Bernard Gook. He did so many shameful things behind the scenes, in addition to the fact that Rovio had made it clear that they would never work with Gook Corp again. Upon hearing the news, those businesses that cooperated with Gook Corp turned their businesses away too. They would rather take a loss than be involved with Gook Corp, because they wanted to remain on good terms with Rovio. However, this time, Rovio did not openly announce that they were against Wilis Corp. They did it so secretly, which was also the reason why Wilis Corp could fail in such a short period of time Kevin, oh, Kevin! What kind of person could he be? Or perhaps he was not even a human being! After he took over Rovio, its growth happened so rapidly that it was almost unbelievable. No other companies could compare their growth to Rovio in all these years. Or maybe, he foolishly underestimated Kevin’s ability and wanted to take him down naively. In the past few months, he didn’t know what had happened to himself, or did he know what he had heard. He was so confident that he would be able to get rid of Kevin In the end, not only did he fail to get rid of Kevin, but he also pulled himself into a disaster. “Director Willis… What are we going to do?” The secretary who fell to the ground, didn’t get up for a long time and asked with trepidation. “What should we do? What should we do? You asked me what to do? If I knew what to do, would here?” still be sitting If he knew what to do, he would have done it a long time ago. He wouldn’t just sit in his office and receive bad news every day. “Director Wilis, are we possibly…” Mr. Willis suddenly laughed with tears, “It’s over. Everything is over. Wilis Corp is over. I’m also over. Leave. You guys should leave. Just leave.” Willis Corps closed down, just like Gook Corp a few years ago. In just a few short days, their reputation had been destroyed completely. They’ve been left with nothing. Willis Corp was over, but Mr. Willis knew that his business was not over yet. How could Kevin let go of a man who wanted to kill him? Therefore, when he learned that Kevin had left the deserted island alive, Mr. Willis also realized that he had no other way ot. He was desperated and trusted the phone call. He thought that man was Chace Yale Men’s subordinate and trusted that he could help to get rid of Kevin… Oh my, he was so foolish. Not only did Kevin survive, but he had also been used by someone else Willis Group was taken down by Rovio so mercilessly. He knew that Kevin must have thought that he had killed Herbert Ken. “Who on earth was the murderer?” “Why did he blame it all on me?” “You guys should leave. I’ll stay here with Director Wilis.” Kristine came in and asked his assistant to leave. Then, she slowly walked up to Mr. Wilis’s desk and stood still by his side. “What are you doing here?” Mr. Wilis tried to pull himself together and raised his eyebrows, looking at Kristine coldly. Although his attitude was cold, his eyes weren’t. There were too many unspeakable emotions in his eyes, but he hid them quietly “I’m here to see you.” Kristine chuckled. “To see me?” Mr. Wilis looked at her. Kristine smiled gently, and there was an invisible hint of empathy in her smile. “I’m here to see your jokes. Otherwise, what have I come to see you for?” Mr. Wilis suddenly stood up and grabbed Kristine. “Don’t forget, we are on the same boat. If the boat sinks, then no one can f*cking escape.” “Escape?” She shook her head and smiled. “Escape, I’ve never considered that. Although it’s a big world out there, there seems to be no place for me.” Before she finished her words, Mr. Wilis grabbed her to the desk. Without giving Kristine any chance to react, he began to plunder her aggressively. He held her tightly. Every time he went deep into her, he was letting her feel his anger. “Kristine-” It was different from those times in the past. This time, he kept calling her name, as if he wanted her to remember his voice deeply To let her remember, that there was once a man who had gone so crazy with her. After a long time, when Kristine was covered with bruises again, he pushed her away. Looking at her semi-naked body and her bruises, Mr. Wilis’s eyes flashed a trace of pain. However, he turned his back to not let her find out. He fixed his slightly messy suit, pulled out a bank card from the drawer of his desk and threw it at her. “This is the money for your body. The farther you go, the better. Don’t ever appear in front of me again in future.”

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