My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 537

How could Bernard Gook not be hated? So that moment onwards, he planned on bringing him down. After years of hard work… he finally did it and got Bernard to pay for his sins. But… even after his revenge and Bernard was brought down, what was the use of that? He could not even get the heart of his beloved woman, nor could he protect her. Mr. Wilis stared at the elevator again, as if Kristine was still standing there, looking back and smiling gorgeously at him. At the end of the day, he was similar to Bernard. They were the kind of people who would do anything just to achieve their goals. Or perhaps, Bernard was slightly better than him. Bernard had at least made up some beautiful lies to charm his mother. Yet, what about him? He had wanted to keep that woman by his side, but he had been insulting and treated her violently over and over again. Even when they were being intimate, he had never treated her with tenderness The memories he gave her were all about violence and insults… He knew that she hated him and wished that he could die. Heheh… He knew he would die soon. She would probably be very happy to find out that he was dead. He thought. Kristine would be so happy. His plan was to get Kristine have their baby so that she would not be thinking about running away. And she could remember him for the rest of her life. It was just like how her mother remembered the man who had betrayed her. However, she was no longer able to carry a child. She could not give birth to their children. The reason she was infertile could only be blamed on him. Back then, when he found out that a woman was pregnant with Charlie Cook’s baby, in order to make sure that there were no descendants for the Gook family, he caused an accident that led to Kristine’s miscarriage. It had even caused permanent damage to her womb. He was the one who destroyed Kristine’s baby. It was his fault that Kristine could not have another child for the rest of her life. The world was always so cruel. Karma would always hit back In the end, he was attracted by this woman. Maybe it was also a good thing to not have a baby. Otherwise, the child would think of taking revenge on him in the future, and he might die in his own child’s hands… But he still hoped that they could have a child, even if the child hated him. “Young Master..” “Uncle Cornelius, leave now. Please take good care of her for me.” Mr. Wilis waved his hand and interrupted the old man. He entered the office and closed the door. Everything will now be in the past! “Director Kevin, we heard news that Mr. Wilis committed suicide in his office with sleeping pills.” The assistant, York Tanner passed on the document to Kevin Kyle, then he took two steps back and looked at him quietly. “Suicide?” Kevin tapped his slender fingers on the desk habitually. He squinted slightly without showing what he was thinking “Yes.” York nodded and said, “His body was just discovered. The news hasn’t spread out t.” Kevin did not respond. The room became a little quiet and depressing. York felt a little uncomfortable as he stood there. He always felt that he had done something wrong and made his boss unhappy. York said tentatively, “Director Kevin, then we…” “Let’s confirm the death first. We can’t make any mistakes.” Kevin had never been a kind man. If Wilis had the intention to kill him, then he would never ever leave a way out for him. If Wilis had planned to kill him, there would always be a second time. Kevin would never allow any room for mistakes. He didn’t expect Mr. Wilis to be so weak. He had just started to go against him, yet that Wilis already committed suicide. He still couldn’t imagine who worked with Wilis behind the scenes to plot his murder plan. “Yes, I’ll inform them right away.” York acknowledged his order and added, “Director Kevin, I found the person you asked me to find.” “Who is it?” Since there were too many things happening recently, Kevin couldn’t remember who he had asked York to find. York said, “You asked us to look out for a boy around 10 years old. Two days ago, when I was out for work, I came across a couple who died in a car accident and left their little boy behind. The little boy has no other family members, and we couldn’t find more information about him. I have brought him back.” “If his background is clean, bring him here and let me have a look.” To find a brother for little Karen, Kevin had to pay attention to every single detail. He would be growing up with Little Karen after all. Before returning home, Kevin saw the little boy York mentioned The little boy was very thin, not very tall, and had tan skin, which emphasized his big eyes. He looked like he was around ten years old. “What’s your name? How old are you?” It was rare for Kevin to speak so gently to a stranger. “My name is.” The little boy hid behind York before he could say anything, and his small hands were holding the corner of York’s clothes tightly. Kevin’s aura was too strong. Even though he had tried to make himself as gentle as possible, he still couldn’t pull out the gentleness he naturally had when he was with Little Karen. The little boy looked at him, his bright eyes shining with fear. Yes, he was afraid, afraid of the tall man in front of him. “Jayden, don’t be afraid. He’s a good man.” York stroked the little boy’s head and tried to push him to the front. The little boy did not want to get close, and Kevin did not have much patience either. York hurriedly explained the situation of the little boy. “Director Kevin, Jayden witnessed his parents’ car accident that day. He was terrified so he is now afraid of strangers.” The little boy didn’t want to get close to him, and Kevin didn’t want to force him either. He waved his hand and said, “Find a good family and settle him down.” “Dad-” Jayden suddenly called that out. Only Little Karen had called him that. When he suddenly heard someone else calling him that, Kevin’s brows furrowed slightly. “Dad, I don’t want to leave!” Hearing Kevin’s instructions earlier, the little boy suddenly stood up straight and spoke loud and clear His body was shaking from fear, but he straightened his back and stared at Kevin with his clear, big eyes. As he looked at the little boy’s stubborn and tenacious little eyes, Kevin thought of Little Karen. The last time they encountered Lionel who was injured, little Karen requested for him to save her Brother Lionel. If Little Karen was here, she would probably ask her father to keep this young boy too. Kevin squatted down in front of him and said in a soft voice, “Tell me, what’s your name and how old are you?” “My name is Jayden. I’m eleven years old. M…” The little boy bit his lips and said boldly, “You will be my dad from now on.” As he heard Jayden’s self-introduction, he thought of his Little Karen at home. Kevin’s eyes softened up without him realizing so. And then he added, “Well, then come home with me today to meet your mommy and your younger sister.” Kevin didn’t have to adopt this child. But once he made up his mind to adopt this boy, they would raise him up well, just like how the Kyle family raised Mia Kyle.

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