My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 536

Kristine picked up the sparkling bank card and raised it up. Then, she looked at it over and over again. “It’s a platinum card! Greatest thanks to you, Director Wilis. Thank you for the handsome reward.” Mr. Wilis looked at Kristine, his eyes were fuming furiously He clenched his fist and shouted, “Bitch, get out!” “But I’m so tired, and my legs are weak. How can I get out?” Kristine did not care that she was naked in front of Mr. Wilis and tried to make herself smile even more. After all, since she was taking money from her benefactor, she had to make sure he received the end of his deal too. As a “prostitute”, she should perform her professional obligations. Mr. Wilis tightened and then loosened his clenched fists. He repeated that a few more times, until he was able to calm down from all his tumbling emotions, His eyes swept over her in an instant and then he walked away swiftly. When he walked to the door, he stopped for a moment. There was something he wanted to say, but he didn’t know what to say. He was very worried if he looked at her again, he would be reluctant to let her leave, and he would drag her into the disaster with him again. Bang The door of the office was slammed, and Kristine’s body shook for a bit. She was so shocked that her heart skipped a beat. Kristine held the card that Mr. Wilis threw at her so tightly like she was worried it was going to be taken away. The money for my body! “Haha–” Yes, he was right. This was the reward for selling her body to him She told him personally that a “prostitute” would only talk about money and never discuss feelings, so this time, he made a “transaction” with her in the most direct way It was a fair deal for one to spend their money and the other one to sell her body. However, for some reason, there seemed to be a hole left somewhere in her heart. She felt so weak and empty deep down. Kristine gritted her teeth and pushed herself up from the table. She raised her eyes slightly and saw herself through the mirror that was right in front of her. Her hair was messy, she was almost naked, and her body was covered with marks left by Mr. Willis… She looked so pathetic that even she could not recognise herself. In her entire life, there was not a single day when she was able to live freely… So perhaps she could finally have a good life in the future. As long as Mr. Willis was dead, she would be free and no one would be able to control her anymore. While thinking about it, Kristine suddenly burst out laughing Yet, as she laughed, those large syrupy tears came streaming down her face. She did not know whether she should be happy or sad. She could leave with the bank card given to her by Mr. Willis… However, although the world was so huge, where could she go? She didn’t know what to do, and her mind was absolutely blank. After sitting there for a long time, Kristine dragged her soft, weak legs and staggered to the bathroom to clean herself up. Her undergarments were all torn into pieces by Mr. Wilis. The pieces were hanging loosely on her body as if it was showcasing his brutal behavior earlier. The undergarments could no longer be worn. Fortunately, she wore a long coat today, which could still cover her body parts. She wrapped herself tightly under her coat and walked out slowly. She remembered something as she walked away, so she walked back again and picked up the platinum card that she had left behind. What she got mostly for selling her body was heart wrenching pain and injury. This card was exactly what she deserved… So why would she not take it? Outside Mr. Wilis’s personal office used to be crowded with employees and the ambience was also lively. Now, the building had already been emptied out. There was no one left in this huge and spacious office. All she could hear was the sound of her high heels against the floor as she walked. When she reached the elevator, she stopped. She looked back and had a good look around… She raised the corners of her lips and smiled gently… Goodbye! Never to see each other again! Kristine did not realize, but when she came out of the office, someone was staring at her. Those two eyes moved along with her until she entered the elevator. Seeing the elevator door slowly closed, the man came out from the dark. Yet his vision was still focusing on the closed door. After a long time, Mr. Wilis was still staring at the elevator door. Still thinking about Kristine’s back as she walked away from him, he was reluctant to look away. They wouldn’t see each other again in the future. Never again. That’s still good, at least she would be alive! “Young master!” A gray-haired old man appeared in the empty cubicle area. He wiped his tears and looked at Mr. Wilis who was absolutely silent. “Uncle Cornelius, she never lived a good life. Please keep an eye on her in future, and let her go somewhere as far as possible. The woman that Mr. Wilis was referring to was Kristine “Young Master, come with us.” Uncle Cornelius wiped his tears and said. “Uncle Cornelius..” He wanted to, but he really couldn’t. If he left, none of them would be able to leave. If he stayed, at least the people he cared about in this world would still be alive. Mr. Wilis took a deep breath and continued. “Uncle Cornelius, you have taken care of my mother for so many years, and you have taken care of me for a really long time too, yet I can’t even let you enjoy your senior years.” Looking at the old man, the shrewd and bright eyes that Mr. Wilis always had gradually revealed a hint of sadness, as if he had become another person in the blink of an eye. He was no longer that scheming and calculative man he always was, but at this moment, he was a man who was vulnerable and displayed his true feelings. His mother’s family name was Wilis, and she was born in the noble and famous Willis family from Bradford City. His mother was born in a good family, and she lived a proper life. After 18 years of carefree life, she happened to meet Mr. Gook. Bernard Gook hid away the fact that he was already engaged to another woman. He made a promise to his mother and even had sex with her. Later on, his mother was pregnant before getting married. At that time, for someone who was born in such a noble family, it was absolutely intolerable to be pregnant before marriage. His grandfather forced his mother to abort the baby. Uncle Cornelius escaped with his mother and went to look for Bernard His mother was full of hope when he went to look for Bernard. She had thought that as long as she could find him, she could marry him and give birth to their child. Yet, she did not expect that on the day she found Bernard, was the exact day he was having a wedding ceremony. Only then did his mother find out that she had been cheated. Not only had her feelings been deceived, but also her body. Her world was over, as she thought. She was betrayed by her lover and abandoned by her family… but his mother didn’t give up on him. She had endured tremendous pressure just to give birth to him. Because she didn’t have money to go to the hospital back then, Uncle Cornelius was actually the one who delivered him when he was born There was no one to take care of her after the delivery and she did not receive proper treatments. His mother fell ill at a young age and left the world when he was still a teen. Before his mother died, the person that she was still thinking of, was exactly the man who had betrayed her – Bernard Gook!

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