My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 538

After leaving Bar Street, Karen Daly did not go home immediately. She asked the driver to pick Little Karen up from Chatterton Town Military Kindergarten. Little Karen had been very sensible recently. She would go to kindergarten and go home obediently. All this while, she wasn’t looking for Brother Lionel either. Maybe she had forgotten about her Brother Lionel after all. When Karen arrived at the kindergarten, their classes were ending. Many parents were waiting outside, eagerly watching out for their children. It had been a while since little Karen started school. The nannies and bodyguards would come and pick her up every day. Yet Karen, as a mother, had never picked her up once. Watching all these parents and grandparents that came to pick up the kids at the kindergarten, Karen instantly felt that she was an unqualified mom. She had been trying to find ways to care for Little Karen more, but she did not even bring her to school once. No wonder daddy was still little Karen’s favorite. Watching her schoolmates being brought home by their family members, Little Karen must have been very jealous, yet she’s never tried to mention it. Karen was saddened as she thought of this. Her Little Karen was so thoughtful and sensible at such a young age, just like her father. The safety of the Chatterton Town Military Kindergarten was done excellently. Not anyone was allowed to enter the premise. The parents must acquire a pickup card and only those who were authorized was allowed to pick the kids up. However, Little Karen’s was a special case. She would not line up with other kids. Her nanny and bodyguard would pick her up and leave through a special passage. From a distance, Karen could already see Little Karen. Little Karen was carrying a small backpack, and she was walking like an adult in front of the nanny and the bodyguard. Her petite little body was so cute and adorable. “Little Karen…” Karen called out her name. As Little Karen heard the familiar voice, she turned her head around and looked over. When she saw her mother from the distance, she smiled happily and ran over to Karen. “Mommy!” Karen caught her little body that was rushing towards her, then she gave her a big embrace and kissed her. She patted her head and said, “Baby Karen, I missed you so much. Did you miss me?” “Of course I miss you, and I miss daddy too.” Even if her daddy was not around, Little Karen still did not miss out on her confession to her daddy. “Good girl!” Karen kissed Little Karen on the face again. “You’re the cutest and the most thoughtful girl. You are our precious treasure.” So far, Karen did not tell anyone about her pregnancy. So, Little Karen did not know about it either. Karen wanted to take this opportunity to show Little Karen that she would always be special to them. “Karen Joy, is this your mother?” There was a child’s voice that came from behind. Karen held Little Karen in her arms and turned around. There was a little boy that was staring at them with his big round eyes, as if he just saw the most unbelievable thing. “Of course it’s my mother, I’ve told you that have a mother.” Little Karen raised her head and looked very proud. Karen was disheartened by the fact that Little Karen was teased for not having a mother when she was not around. She kissed Little Karen and smiled politely at the child next to her. “Hello, little one! I’m Karen Joy’s mother.” Karen then looked at Little Karen and said, “Baby, I will pick you up every day from now on, okay?” From Little Karen’s reaction earlier, Karen knew very well that she was truly happy from her sudden appearance. Moreover, other children had parents or other family members to pick them up. She did not want Little Karen to feel left out “Are you and daddy coming to get me together?” Mommy came to pick Little Karen up. If Dad could come too, that would be excellent. Then she would be like other children who were accompanied by their daddies and mommies to school. When she had Brother Lionel’s company last time, she didn’t really feel bad about not having her parents sending her to school. Since Brother Lionel left, she started to get jealous of how other children had their parents to pick them up, but she didn’t. “Dad is very busy with work. I’ll come to pick you up in the future, do you like that?” “Sure.” Of course. She also loved her mother. “Okay, my baby, then it’s a deal. I will send you to school every day.” Karen held Little Karen tightly in her arms. She was her baby, her treasure and the most precious person ever in her life. She promised to show her more love to her and raise her healthily. Whatever other families could give their children, she would not give anything less to Little Karen. Looking at the chubby face of Little Karen, Karen kissed her once again. Karen took Little Karen home with her. The Taekwondo coach had been waiting for a long time. Karen gave Little Karen a small bowl of strawberries as an energy booster. And then she would accompany her in her Taekwondo class. In the past few months, Karen had been accompanying Little Karen in her classes. Since she couldn’t do anymore strenuous exercise due to her pregnancy, she was watching Little Karen during her class. Karen realized that Little Karen was very similar to Kevin in many aspects For example, Karen wasn’t good at any kind of sports, but Little Karen had completely inherited the athletic genes from Kevin. The coach had praised her quite often. Karen was very satisfied as she watched how Little Karen did her fists and kicks. Although she went through so much while giving birth to Little Karen, those things were in the past now. As she watched how adorable Little Karen was, all she felt was absolute bliss. When Kevin took Jayden home, Little Karen had just finished her Taekwondo class, and Karen was bathing her. Little Karen liked playing with water. She flopped in her bathtub and splashed water all over Karen’s body. “Little Karen, stop playing. You will catch a cold if you keep on doing this.” The weather was turning cold, and it would be too easy to catch a cold if she was in the shower for too long. Karen did not want her to fall sick. “Mommy, but I really want to play,” Little Karen said as she stayed in the water, still unwilling to get out. “Little Karen…” “Daddy!” As she heard her father’s voice, Little Karen left the bathtub immediately and jumped into her father’s embrace. Kevin took the bath towel from Karen’s hand and wrapped it around Little Karen’s chubby, little body. “You can’t play with water any longer.” Holding her father’s head, Little Karen kissed him on the cheeks and said softly, “Daddy, but I like to play with water.” “How much do you like playing with water?” “I like it very much. I like it as much as I like you.” “Well, you are already four years old, and you’re a big girl now. I will teach you swimming someday.” “I love you, daddy!” Little Karen felt that her daddy was the best daddy in the world. She could play in the water more often in the future.

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