My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 539

“I called you earlier. Why didn’t you answer?” Kevin Kyle asked Karen Daly, who was standing beside him while he was blowing Little Karen’s hair. “I was bathing Little Karen. I left my phone in the living room, so I couldn’t hear anything.” Karen approached Kevin and then asked, “What’s up?” “I’ve brought back the person you’re looking for. Do you want to see if you’re satisfied with him later?” Adopting a child was still, after all, something to be decided between a couple. Kevin wanted to discuss with Karen before bringing Jayden home but Karen did not answer her phone. Karen continued to ask, “A brother for Little Karen?” Upon hearing the word “brother”, little Karen’s eyes suddenly lit up. She stared at her parents with her big gorgeous eyes. “Yes.” Kevin nodded and patted Little Karen’s tiny head. “Do you want a brother? “Brother? Yes, I want a brother.” In Little Karen’s mind, the brother she thought of was Brother Lionel. She had been looking forward to Brother Lionel’s return every single day. How could she say no to Brother Lionel? “Our baby Karen is such a good girl. You must treat your brother well from now on, okay?” As long as she could make her daughter happy, whatever Little Karen wished for, Kevin would always go out of his way to get it for her. “Daddy, I want to see the big brother.” Little Karen couldn’t wait to see Brother Lionel, so she didn’t even mind that her hair was wet. However, when she saw the “brother”, Little Karen burst into tears of disappointment, and the loud cry echoed in every corner of the room. The person standing in front of her was a thin little boy. The boy was staring at her curiously with his big eyes. This person was not her Brother Lionel. Her Brother Lionel was very tall and good looking. Brother Lionel would hug her and let her ride on his shoulders. Brother Lionel would protect her. She didn’t want anyone else to be her brother. She only wanted her Brother Lionel. “Baby Karen, what’s wrong?” Little Karen was sobbing all of a sudden and it shocked Kevin. “I don’t want this brother. I only want Brother Lionel.” Little Karen was crying so devastatingly in his father’s embrace, as if her world was going to end. When she heard her father talk about a brother earlier, she thought that Brother Lionel had returned. Yet, the person she saw was not Lionel. As she did not see Brother Lionel, the young Little Karen did not hold her tears back. This was the most hurtful thing she had ever experienced. She felt that this world was just full of malice. As he saw how Little Karen was disappointed in his presence, the little boy’s eyes turned red too, but he was trying his best not to cry He had a petite build, but he was already eleven years old. He understood a lot of things. He knew very well that his parents passed away in a car accident, which left him all alone. He had become an orphan overnight, a child that no one would love or care for, so he did not have the right to cry. “Baby Karen, look at Brother Jayden. If you don’t accept him, he will be very sad.” Karen wiped away Little Karen’s tears and asked her to look at Jayden. Little Karen looked up at the little boy again, only to see that the little boy’s eyes were red too, and he looked very sad. She couldn’t bear it anymore. She didn’t want the little boy to be sad because of her. Karen persuaded patiently. “Baby Karen, brother Jayden will love you like how we love you, and Brother Jayden will go to school with you every day. Isn’t that amazing?” “But.. but.. what about Brother Lionel?” Little Karen rubbed her eyes and sobbed. In Little Karen’s mind, if she had another brother, then she would lose Brother Lionel. She was still waiting to grow up. She still believed that when she grew up, Brother Lionel would return to her side one day. Now that there was a Brother Jayden, would Brother Lionel still come back to her in the future? Little Karen plunged into her daddy’s embrace again. She cried out sadly as she really didn’t know what she should do. She was not very willing to accept this boy as her brother, but she did not want to see this boy sad either. “Don’t cry, baby Karen. I will ask Uncle Tanner to bring Brother Jayden away. If you don’t want him here, then it’s okay.” Kevin could never ever let his daughter down. The reason why he wanted to save Lionel when he was injured was also because of what Little Karen had said. She wanted Lionel to stay around her and she liked him very much. Whatever Little Karen liked, Kevin would never refuse her request. And if Little Karen’s unhappy with anything, Kevin would never force her to accept it either. No matter what, Kevin would always place his daughter’s desire in the first place. Karen had the exact same idea as Kevin. She looked at the little boy and did not know what to say. The atmosphere suddenly seemed tensed. “Hey, dear sister, I will take care of you and protect you.” Right at that critical moment, Jayden raised his hand and patted his chest as he made a solemn promise with his soft but firm voice. If Jayden was sent away just like that especially after losing his parents, it will certainly affect him psychologically. As a mother, Karen empathize with the young boy dearly. She still hoped that Little Karen could allow Jayden to stay Karen was about to say something when Little Karen escaped from Kevin’s embrace. She rubbed her swollen eyes, and then spoke in her soft voice, “Daddy, let him stay.” With those simple words, she showed a shred of acceptance towards Jayden, and his life would change forever. Kevin and Karen officially adopted Jayden, and he was now named Jayden Elias Kyle. His name was also added to the Kyle family tree. It was a significant event for the Kyle family to adopt a child. Although there were no plans for a big party, the Kyle family had organized an intimate gathering and prepared gifts for Jayden Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle always respected their children’s decisions. Kevin had always been independent and wise, so they didn’t have any objections against adopting a new child. After receiving the news, they were busy preparing presents. From then on, Jayden would be the eldest grandson in the Kyle family, so they put some thoughts into the gifts. Mia Kyle had just joined her filming crew two days ago. But as soon as she heard the news, she took time off to go home too. She was also adopted by the Kyle family. In fact, her biological grandfather had actually hurt the real Grandpa Kyle before. However, the Kyle family did not blame her. They treated her the same way just like they always did. Although her temper was terrible and she was aggressive, but she was very grateful for the family. Adopting a child was a big thing in the family, so no matter how busy she was, she would take the time to go home. Neil Brown joined the intimate celebration too. Since he had been with Mia, he couldn’t go to sleep at night without Mia by his side. But now, Mia was off filming a show, and he had to returned to his old life again, it was painful and lonely as hell. But Mia was coming home today, so with an amazing opportunity like this, he would turn up.

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