My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 540

Neil Brown parked his car and strode into the house. When he walked past the drawing room, he saw Little Karen sitting alone in the room. The little girl sat in front of a large painting easel. She was holding a brush, and put in her best effort to paint something Neil hadn’t seen Little Karen for a few days and he wanted to give her a hug. So, he walked into the painting room. “Baby Karen!” “Woo…” It wasn’t Little Karen who answered him, but instead it was Momo, who was lying on the ground with an extremely unhappy look. “Hey buddy, are you sad to see me?” When he came to visit all this while, the little fellow would definitely run and jump around him. What happened today? “Woo woo.” Momo continued to sob. She must have felt mistreated, but no one could understand her language. Neil turned her focus to Little Karen. He watched her draw, “Baby Karen, what are you doing?” “Uncle.” Little Karen raised her head and smiled sweetly at Neil. She lowered her head and continued with her drawing, “I’m drawing my sister.” No wonder she did not move at all and looked so unhappy. It turned out that she was being a living model for Little Karen. “Hmm?” Neil came up to her painting frame and looked at it over and over again, but he couldn’t quite tell that Little Karen’s was drawing Momo. “What’s so fun about drawing? Come with me, i’ll show you something more fun. Neil thought drawing was too boring. If he had a child, whether it was a girl or boy, he would teach them more exciting games. “Uncle, I will give this to Jayden as a present when I finish this drawing.” Little Karen was not really keen on having Jayden as her brother deep down, but she was still preparing a gift for him. There were a lot of toys in her toy room. She could choose any of it as a gift. However, Little Karen wasn’t able to give any of them up. Those were all the treasures that she cherished very much, Therefore, she decided to prepare a gift on her own. She had been learning how to draw recently, so it’s the perfect time to use her skills. Though, her poor puppy-sister, Momo, had to pay the price. Momo was very unhappy to be used by little Karen. She was the youngest in the family so Little Karen was able to bully her. Momo was a Pomeranian. Little Karen tried her best to draw Momo, yet no one could really recognize that the animal in the painting was actually Momo. If Neil had to tell what the painting looked like, he would have thought it was a cat. “Oh wow, you’re going to draw something for your new brother.” Neil patted her little head and sat down beside her. “Okay, Little Karen, when you’re done with this, let’s do something fun.” “I’m done drawing.” Little Karen put down the brush and looked at the painting she just drew. The more she looked at it, the more satisfied she was. This painting was one of her most satisfying pieces. “You’re done?” Neil thought to himself. Thank goodness Little Karen had gotten Momo to be the model. If she’d asked her father to be her model, it would probably turn out looking like a kitten too. “Uncle, isn’t my drawing skill amazing?” Little Karen was quite confident over her painting skills. “Of course, you are good.” How could the painting that Little Karen be ugly? Anyone in the Kyle family would praise it regardless, if they were asked about this painting Everyone in the Kyle family would spoil Little Karen no matter what. Whatever Little Karen drew, it would be the best in the world. “Uncle, you’re the best, I like you.” Little Karen turned to look at Momo that was still lying on the ground. “Okay, sister, you can go now.” “Woof woof woof… She was finally free. Momo jumped up quickly and ran away instantly. She certainly didn’t want to stay any longer, for she was worried that Little Karen would want her to model again. “Let’s go. Let me carry you.” Neil lifted Little Karen up and got her to sit on his shoulder. Considering that he was the commanding officer of the Chatterton Town military region, Little Karen was the ever first person who had the honor to ride on top of him. Everyone in the family had arrived shortly after, and everyone was paying attention to the star of the day, Jayden. Little Karen handed the gift to the boy in person. “Jayden, this is a gift from me and Momo. You must like it.” Because she had not fully accepted this boy deep down, Little Karen sounded somewhat dominating and arrogant. “Thank you, sister. I like it very much!” Jayden took the painting from Little Karen and replied happily. “Jayden, you will be a member of our family from now on We really hope that you will be healthy and happy.” Mama Kyle gave Jayden a pendant, which was a charm for him so he could grow up healthy and well. Papa Kyle bought this expensive pendant when he was on a trip to Asia a few years ago. He thought it would look good with his other collections but Mama Kyle made some tweaks and they decided to give it to Jayden. The fact that they could give their precious pendant to Jayden meant that they welcomed Jayden into the family with open arms Papa Kyle had only abided by one principle all these years. As long as his wife was happy, everything will be fine. “Thank you, grandpa! Thank you, grandma! I like it very much!” Jayden put on the gift given by his grandparents and said sweetly. “Jayden, this is a gift that I have prepared for you.” The gift Mia gave Jayden was the detective comic book series that every boy fancied. She thought Jayden would like it too. “Thank you, Little Aunt!” Jayden didn’t know the price of these presents. He only knew that he’d always wished for this gift but his parents had never managed to buy it for him. His mother always told him that the comic series was worth a few thousand dollars. It would cost both his parents paychecks. So all he could do back then was to daydream about his favorite comic series by the windows of bookshops. Neil did not prepare anything at all. Since he was dating Mia, Mia would have represented him too. Kevin and Karen had also prepared gifts for Jayden. They had redesigned Jayden’s room into the design he liked. They also prepared a lot of new clothes for him. Whatever a parent would do for their children, they tried their best to do for him. During this time, Jayden managed to meet everyone in the family. Karen handed Little Karen to Jayden and then rubbed their little heads. “Jayden, Little Karen, you two will be siblings from now on. You must learn to love each other, and always have each other’s back.” Jayden answered maturely, “Don’t worry, mommy and daddy. I will take good care of my little sister.” Little Karen did not want to talk, because she only cared about her Brother Lionel, and she had not fully accepted Jayden as her brother yet. “Little Karen, what about you?” Karen asked. Little Karen blinked her big beautiful eyes. She wasn’t happy with the situation. However, she still nodded sensibly.

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