My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 541

“Little Karen, come with me, I’ll show you something fun.” Neil came over and carried Little Karen away. Neil had never been interested in these adult gatherings so he thought it was better to spend time with the kid. “I’m going with them too.” Mia followed behind Neil too. Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle were talking with Jayden. They haven’t really connected with Jayden yet, so they wanted to bond with the child. After a while, Kevin went back to the study room to work. Karen was told that he was going to have a video conference. Karen had nothing to do, so she helped Sarabelle serve desserts and fruits to everyone. As the hostess of the household, she needed to make sure that everyone had an amazing experience at the gathering. “You’re not listening to me again. When Kevin saw Karen enter his study room with fruits, he frowned. “Look, I’m fine. Carrying this baby wasn’t as much hassle as carrying Little Karen. Karen was able to stay active and her health condition was very good. Kevin pulled Karen to sit on his lap, “Why don’t we tell our parents about the baby while everyone is here today?” “No, we agreed that we will tell after the first trimester.” Karen was a little worried. She was afraid that if others knew about it, someone would cause something harmful. It was probably a fear she developed when she was pregnant with Little Karen. Her experience last time was too horrible. She could still remember very clearly how upset and devastating she felt that time. “Ok, we will tell our parents when you’re ready.” Kevin has always listened to Karen on things like these. “Mr. Kyle, thank you for being so considerate.” Karen stood up and massaged him. “Alright, back to work now, just ignore me.” How could Kevin ignore her when she was in the room? He had somehow mastered his self-control so that he wouldn’t show how much she affected him. Whenever these two were together, they would always be super lovey-dovey. There probably did not argue much. The situation between Neil and Mia was quite the opposite. Their relationship was similar to a bomb and its fuse. They could cause an explosion anytime. “Neil, you’re walking so fast. Where are you going exactly?” Mia was walking in a quick pace too but Neil was still much quicker than her. His speed didn’t seem to slow down even when he was carrying Little Karen on his shoulders. Neil Brown might be doing it on purpose. He ignored her since they met up. He would definitely need to pay for this. “Mia, why are you following me when I want to spend time with Little Karen?” Neil could tell that Little Karen didn’t like her new brother and he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable, so he took her out. He also expected that Mia would follow him. Although they were away from the family, Little Karen was acting as a third wheel. He couldn’t possibly do whatever he wanted, so it was better for Mia to return indoors. “Neil, since you like children so much, why don’t we have our own?” Mia was becoming more direct lately. They had been together for a while now, and hadn’t been using any contraception methods. Under normal circumstances, they could get pregnant soon. Yet, there were no signs or symptoms. As Mia thought of this, she looked at Neil and said, “Hey Neil, do you possibly have any health problems?” Neil raised his eyebrows, “What?” Mia stared at Neil and then looked back at her belly, “I’ve been thinking about this. The days we spent together were during my ovulation period, but I didn’t get pregnant… I’m sure the problem is not me so where do you think the problem was?” Mia thought that she was fine. She stayed active as usual and was super healthy. Maybe Neil was getting older and his sperm count was low, hence she couldn’t be impregnated. At such a young age, she had fallen in love with this aging, old Neil who’s not likely to impregnate her. Why did she fall for him in the beginning? Neil’s ancestors must have prayed so hard for him to have a gorgeous young girl to fall for him. “Mia, are you crazy?” Neil couldn’t wait to open up her head up and search for her brain. “What?” Mia shouted angrily, “Neil, don’t you dare change the topic just like this.” “Little Karen, come with me. Let’s ignore your Little Aunt.” This was an absolute insult for a man and he totally wanted to ignore Mia. “Are you two going to have a beautiful baby together?” Little Karen asked while blinking her eyes. It would be wonderful if her uncle and auntie could give birth to a sister like Momo. Then, she would have two sisters to play with in the future. “You know what, it’s not that we don’t want a baby, but your Little Aunt is really useless.” Neil was still speaking when Mia gave him a hard kick on his butt.” Neil, let’s see a doctor and we’ll know where the problem lies exactly.” “If it’s your problem.” Mia glanced at him and teased playfully, “I won’t tell anyone about it.” Neil responded discontentedly, “Who said that there was something wrong with me?” “If you have no problem, why can’t I have a baby?” Mia was quite certain that there was something wrong with Neil. After all, he was already an old man in his thirties. He was not as young as her, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he faced health issues. Little Karen widened her eyes. She looked at Neil for a moment and then turned to look at Mia. She was shifting her focus between the two of them. It was strange. She could not understand what her uncle and aunt were talking about at all. They were talking about someone being sick, but when she saw how her uncle and aunt were arguing so loudly, they didn’t seem to be sick at all. Her daddy and mommy were the best. Her parents never argued with each other, and they hugged and kissed a lot. When she thought of her daddy and mommy hugging and kissing a lot, Little Karen suddenly had an idea, “Uncle, Little Aunt, you know what. You can only have babies when you don’t quarrel with each other.” She was a lovely and cute baby all because her daddy and mommy had never quarrelled before. They were always acting lovingly. Neil laughed and replied, “Who told you that? Little Karen said very seriously, “My daddy and mommy had a lot of kisses first, and then they had me.” “You’re a smart child. I love you so much!” Mia rubbed Little Karen’s head and said, “In that case, from now on, I will not quarrel with your uncle anymore and I will try my best to give birth to a child as cute as you.” “Little Karen, you’re the cutest!” Her aunt and uncle could have a child, but their child could never be cuter than her. If the child was cuter than her, then no one would like her anymore. Therefore, Little Karen sincerely hoped that her aunt and uncle would have a child just like her puppy-sister, Momo, now, because all she could do was bark.

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