My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 542

Today, the members of the Kyle family, Neil Brown, as well as some of their close acquaintances were here, but George Ken did not turn up. George drank heavily two days ago. He would get drunk, sleep, wake up, and then drink again. He had spent a good three days at the bars. George transformed into another person after those few days. His gorgeous and handsome look turned extremely sullen. People who knew him might not even recognize him at their first glance. “Mr. Ken, you can’t drink anymore. You will die if you drink some more. This was probably the 999th time Chace Yaleman had said so. Yet, he only advised out of courtesy. He did not really stop George from drinking. He was even refilling George’s glass as he spoke. “Chace, you have your own shit to take care of. Just mind your own business. Don’t fucking mind my business.” George downed another glass. Chace filled George’s glass up again. “George, what on earth are you worrying about? You really aren’t the George that I know, now that you’re looking like this.” George sneered and said, “Have you heard of the murder case that caused a sensation in Chatterton Town recently?” Chace said indifferently, “Are you talking about the murder at Kingston Wharf? It would be hard to not know anything about it.” George drank up the alcohol in his glass once again. He even stopped using the glass and drank straight from the bottle, “Do you think that person died miserably?” “I’ve seen the photos of the case. He was covered in wounds and his face was completely destroyed… The murderer must have hated him so much to do this so mercilessly.” Chace shook his head and sighed. “If I were a relative of the victim, I would definitely tear the murderer into pieces.” “Hehe… tearing the murderer into pieces?” George laughed then he continued drinking from the bottle. “Fuck, I know who the murderer is, but I can’t do anything to the murderer.” “You know who the murderer is?” Chace looked surprised, but then he said, “That’s someone else’s business. If you know it, you will know to keep it a secret. Let’s not meddle in other people’s business these days. It’s better to avoid trouble.” “If it’s someone else’s business, I won’t care… But that’s my father. The victim is my father,” George said furiously while thumping his chest and stomping his feet. “I know who the murderer is, but I can’t do anything.” “What? Are you kidding?” Chace looked surprised and spent a long time digesting his sentence. “Didn’t Uncle Ken die of a car accident 20 years ago? How could the victim be him?” George took out the mobile phone in his pocket and put it on the table. “I have evidence! I have evidence of Matthew being the murderer! The video and recording on my phone can prove that the murderer is Kevin Kyle. That Kevin, that beast, that devil. He’s such a two-faced… I know very well that he killed my father, but I can’t do anything to him. My sister and my niece are still with him… Ah…” George stretched out his long arm and swept the alcohol glasses to the ground. The glasses broke and shattered into pieces. There was loud music in the bar and people were busy talking and drinking. No one noticed them at first. But with that sweep that George did, people would think that he was going to cause some trouble. In an instant, the music stopped, and the security guards approached him. Without waiting for Chace’s order, some guys who were waiting from not far away immediately came forward to stop the public from approaching them. They resolved the situation. Within a few short minutes, the scene was sorted ot. After the men left, the waiter brought another dozen of mugs of beers to George and said with a smile, “You two can drink and smash whatever you want. The man over there has already paid for you.” The Yaleman family’s LAY Corp was a famous, international company. They came in second to that of Rovio Corp. LAY Corp was also well-known in the country. The leaders of LAY Corp had also often appeared in the news so everyone would recognize them. Chace was the eldest son of the Yaleman Family. However, because he had always been abroad, he rarely participated in the family business and almost never appeared in front of the media, so very few people knew him. However, the assistant that came with him was the spokesperson for the Yaleman family. He ten spoke on behalf of the corporation. He was very well-known and everyone who knew him was kind to him. “My old George, you’re really drunk. You can’t drink anymore. Why don’t I find a place for you to stay for a night first?” While speaking so, Chace sneakily took another bottle of alcohol and pushed it towards George’s hand. George had long been intoxicated. He had already lost sense of what he was doing. He only knew that if he had alcohol in his hand, he would continue drinking. As long as he was drunk, he could forget everything, and he wouldn’t see those people he didn’t want to see when he was drunk George held the beer bottle and drank it fast. On the other hand, Chace was putting on a pair of single-use gloves and picked up George’s cell phone on the table. The phone was locked. Chace then grabbed George’s hand and unlocked it with his fingerprint. He quickly found the video and recording that George had mentioned. He opened it and looked at it. The more he watched, the wider the smile on his face. His smile was like that of a soul-reaper from hell. He had prepared for this battle for a really long time. It was time to watch everything unfold. After dinner, Papa and Mama Kyle returned to their mansion in Rana Mountain. Neil Brown said that he was welcoming a VIP from Country A in the next few days. So he had gone back to the military region in Chatterton Town after lunch to prepare for the arrival. Mia’s filming schedule had been postponed. So she still had time to stay at home for a few more days. Little Karen decided to stick with her aunt. She did not sleep with her parents that night. She crawled into her aunt’s bed quite early in the evening and pestered her aunt to tell her stories before bed. Kevin was still busy as usual. He had been busy since morning and went straight back to work again after dinner. His busy schedule got in the way of him exercising these days. After the hustle and bustle, the house suddenly became quiet again. It was so quiet that Karen couldn’t get used to it. Her energetic Little Karen had gone to sleep with her aunt, so she was alone. Karen was too bored so she walked around the room. She wanted to find something to do yet there was literally nothing she could help out with in the house. She thought of Faye Reed, who was still in America. She then thought of calling Faye immediately to catch up with her. Last month, when she was having a chat with Faye, Faye said that she was coming home soon but she still hadn’t returned yet. She didn’t know when she would come back either. As Karen took out the phone, she received a message that came from George. There was a video attached.

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